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04:57<linbot>New news from community: Install Nginx As Reverse Proxy Alongside Apache2 <>
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05:37*virtual reads the topic and realises it's been a long long time.
05:40<virtual>I know it's in early adopter/beta - but is there public pricing for the object storage? I seem to be incapable of finding it from the link above.
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09:52<ssa>a redis node went unresponsive due to 100% cpu.
09:53<ssa>a restart brought it back, but i don't see any relevant logs in /var/log/kern.log (which only has the last boot) and kern.log.1 is just a single line. .2.gz is a boot from a while ago.
09:53<ssa>what else should I look at?
09:53<ssa>is there a way to scroll back in Lish logview?
09:54<ssa>I'm trying to determine what really caused the Linode to go unresponsive
09:57<chesty>ssa, I've seen similar things when a vps has ran out of memory.
09:59<chesty>is there a way to tell the maximum amount of memory redis could use based on its current config?
10:00<ssa>I don't remember setting a limit.... but i'm not even storing huge amounts of data
10:01<chesty>I would suggest running an agent on it to report stats at regular intervals. there are lots of them, nagios, munim, netdata, etc.
10:01<ssa>my redis data dir is barely 40MB
10:02<chesty>yeah, don't know. if there's nothing in the logs all I can suggest is to set up monitoring so if it happens again you might have a better indication what went wrong.
10:04<chesty>there might be a way to scroll back lish if you haven't rebooted yet
10:05<chesty>when you ssh to lish, it's a screen session, and screen allows you to scroll back with a keyboard shortcut.
10:05<chesty>It might be ctrl+a { but you should google screen docs to confirm
10:09<ssa>it is indeed a screen session and i only seem to be able to scroll back up to where the current boot logs begin
10:14<ssa>when I issue the `linodename logview` command in Lish, I also get a brief view from "Showing last 250 lines from previous boot"
10:14<ssa>is there a way to actually access all of previous boot logs?
10:14<linbot>New news from community: Can't start/connect to Linode <>
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10:27<ssa>aside from this redis instance, I launched 3 new debian9 Linodes earlier today, bootstrapped them with a few basic apt packages, installed backports kernel, issued a restart.
10:27<ssa>all 3 of them are kernel panicking at boot. :/
10:29<ssa>[ 5.811652] VFS: Cannot open root device "root" or unknown-block(0,0): error6 [ 5.840722] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the availa:
10:30<ssa>boot device appears to have been set to "Custom: /dev/root"
10:31*ssa considers upgrading linode terraform provider
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14:39<linbot>New news from community: Account Limit reached. Please open a support ticket <>
15:06<samip537>This is just sad. "We're unable to make individualized changes of this nature to our switches."
15:07<samip537>It is sad as now I need to use Proxy ARP.
15:07<samip537>And not do the tunnel more cleanly.
15:08<samip537>I asked if it was possible to get my 2nd IPv4 address routed towards my first IPv4 address.
15:08<samip537>Similar to how they assign IPv6 prefixises using the current SLAAC address of your instance.
15:23<Zr40>how is it routed now?
15:24<samip537>Technically nowhere, but if I have an interface and it's corresponding default gw, it will work, but that IP address is going to be an a remote site.
15:26<samip537>I mean the IP assigned to an interface and corresponding default gw set, it will work in the Linode instance, but my goal is not to have it on the instance itself, but tunnel it over to remote site.
15:30<Zr40>well, I have to say I haven't dealt with any of this stuff before, but why is this a problem? Can't you just not assign the address to the interface, and tunnel whatever's coming in and out? The remote site would do ARP and the tunnel makes the ARP packets come out
15:32<samip537>Linode's routers will block the traffic if not coming inside the Linode network and how would the Linode routers know where to find it then?
15:32<Zr40>how would the routers know if the address was assigned?
15:33<Zr40>as I said, I'd imagine the remote side does ARP, which gets tunneled to your Linode, which then sends ARP out like any other tunneled traffic
15:34<samip537>Hmm, actually a good point.
15:34<samip537>I need to test it and see how it goes.
16:16<samip537>Does Linode have student offers?
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16:22<karsten_>Hi! Looking for someone who could give me som tips on the way forward to publish Python apps on the Linode VPS
16:22<samip537>Publish as in what exactly?
16:24<karsten_>do you need to install and configure the whole os++ or can it be done in a easier way?
16:25<samip537>There's apperently a community stackscript available.
16:25<samip537>"This script is for people who want to install speedy nginx for python based websites"
16:31<TaraNT>We have a helpful community post on publishing python console app's here
16:31<TaraNT>If you have more details about your goals, we're happy to try and offer more guidance
16:40<karsten_>i would like to deploy a flask based app with postgres db
16:41<karsten_>im a bit new to the cloud, and need some guidance and tips on how security works on these plattforms.
16:42<samip537>So Flask web app, correct?
16:42<karsten_>thank you for helping
16:43<samip537>I think the community stackScript will at least install everything you need, but you would still need to configure them.
16:43<samip537>Like, Nginx, uWSGI + PostgreSQL and Python 3.
16:45<karsten_>then i know some more about what i need to learn before deployment
16:46<samip537>Yeah, you should learn about uWSGI.
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20:31<abouhuolia>Hi, I have payment issue, my account have be cancelled, my credit card has balance and works fine with Facebook, please help.
20:32<virtual>abouhuolia: I think you need to open a support case, this is 'community help'
20:32<virtual>unless you mean you can't do that, because your account has been cancelled.
20:33<virtual>in which case... *shrug* (sorry)
20:47<abouhuolia>yes my account cancelled.
20:48<abouhuolia>please help
20:59<abouhuolia>payment issue
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21:32<Chirag>Hey guys. Is it possible to add another disk live while on cent os is running?
21:32<Chirag>Im not trying to resize but add another disl
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