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04:21<linbot>New news from community: Want restore linode <>
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05:11<linbot>New news from community: why the network is so slow for china? <>
05:21<virtual>because China?
05:26<rsdehart>why are they asking linode about China's infrastructure is a better question
05:27<rsdehart>hey Linode, my car's got a funny smell. What have you done?
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07:34<chesty>rsdehart, you should shower before driving.
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08:15<akash2250>I have Linode vps and my website is up and running fine. I want same website to another vps with cloning or make vps image. Is it possible?
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11:33<linbot>New news from community: How do I add a 1MB disk to my Linode? <>
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13:49<caspianlancer>this is support, right?
13:49<caspianlancer>i mean customer support for linode
13:49<millisa>It's a community channel where talk about linodes and all things linodish
13:49<millisa>er, where we talk...
13:49<caspianlancer>so if i face any issue, i can ask here
13:49<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:50<caspianlancer>i didn't bought the linode, i am planning to
13:50<millisa>Sounds like a good plan so far
13:50<caspianlancer>i have around 20k to 40k visitors per month. which vps should i use?
13:51<millisa>that doesn't sound like a lot. best advice is to use the smallest and resize it upwards if you need to. linodes are easy to resize.
13:51<caspianlancer>currently i am using shared hosting with siteground, and they are really great. But cost is way high.
13:52<caspianlancer>is there any guide that i can use if switching to vps, i mean i am used to cpanel hosting...
13:52<millisa>The getting started guide is a good place to start -
13:53<caspianlancer>i have used vps for years, i know basic
13:53<millisa>There are lots of docs at
13:53<caspianlancer>is there any discount code i can get : )
13:53<millisa>there's usually one at the top of most of the docs...
13:53<caspianlancer>ok. Thank you.
13:54<caspianlancer>This community support is available 24/7?
13:54<nate>There are usually other customers in here most of the time yes
13:54<caspianlancer>if some1 ask for username or passwords, should i share it?
13:54<millisa>Er. No? regardless of which provider you are working with...
13:55<caspianlancer>so for technical support, i have to raise ticket in linode dashbarod?
13:55<millisa>mostly. they have a phone line you can call for important issues, but it's usually easier to get a ticket started in the dashboard first, even then
13:56<caspianlancer>So you are helping me because you are staff member at linode?
13:56<millisa>most of us are customers.
13:56<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
13:56<nate>caspianlancer: This is a customer hangout for the most part, we're all just other customers of linode. Actual staff are the ones with +o (@ by the nick), but all official support/account stuff should be done by tickets
13:57<caspianlancer>ah, its really interesting community.
13:57<caspianlancer>am i bound to talk only about linode?
13:58<millisa>conversations have drifted to non-specific linode things in the past
13:59<caspianlancer>why no one except you is replying to my ticket?
13:59<nate>Probably because this isn't a ticket, this is a chatroom, do not treat this as a ticket system :P
14:00<nate>Tickets are done all on the website via your account manager area
14:00<caspianlancer>i know. Yes.
14:00<caspianlancer>so if i wanted to hire any person for my stuff, can't i do that?
14:01<millisa>I'm not sure you need any of our permission to hire anyone you'd like
14:01<nate>That's something you would probably want to do via a service like upwork or such so there's some legal commitment to things rather than just random strangers on IRC, but that's my opinion :P
14:02<caspianlancer>or i should try freelancer..
14:02<caspianlancer>whats your opinion, should i stay with siteground, or move to linode?
14:03<caspianlancer>i mean they take care of everything for you, here on VPS, you have to manage everything..
14:03<millisa>linodes require some technical know-how to get going and manage. if you've got that, they are one of the better services for price, performance, and stability.
14:03<nate>I have no working experience with siteground so I have no idea, but if memory serves correctly they're a shared-hosting kind of environment which is indeed very different than a VPS provider
14:05<caspianlancer>why linode is better than OVH. i mean OVH currently offering VPS with 4 GB RAM 40gb SSD 1 core in 6.87$/Month
14:09<nate>Worth noting that's only if you pay for a year in advance, otherwise it's $8/m, you may also want to read the fine print on OVH's bandwidth, if I recall they have some notable catches that they conviently don't advertise on the main sales pages :P
14:11<caspianlancer>nate i am new in all of this, i really have no idea which is best. If you google, you will find only affiliated links, marketing promotions, nothing more. No one is telling which one is right,
14:15<caspianlancer>anyone here to help :(
14:16<caspianlancer>new kid in town :P (32 by the way)
14:16<nate>Well since you're in a customer support channel for linode you might as well assume you're probably gonna get linode-skewed opinions in here :P
14:17<millisa>it's true. I prefer linode.
14:18<caspianlancer>but why Millisa, i don't understand. Linode is costing me 20$/mo while they are offering in 8$/m. Whats the main difference.
14:18<millisa>the support for one.
14:18<millisa>they are responsive, a human picks up the phone and often they are one that can directly address my issue.
14:19<millisa>i see very few attacks/botnets on my other systems come from linode IP ranges...which means they are being responsive and proactive about filth on their network.
14:19<nate>Any variety of reasons why. Bandwidth is better on linode, hardware (CPU) probably is as well, etc
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14:20<caspianlancer>i am not fluent in english, i prefer ticket system. Cost to call is high for me. I live in Asia.
14:21<caspianlancer>Bandwidth will not be issue as my website traffic is 20 to 40k/month.
14:21<millisa>more to the point, I rarely ever call... they've put most of the tools in front of me that lets me address most issues myself. Outside of specific hardware failure (which you can mitigate by having multiple systems), I'm rarely dealing with downtime.
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14:23<caspianlancer>lets say i face issues in dealing with my site security, or my website get error , will they help me solve it. Or they will be asking it to find on their doc?
14:24<io____[m]>Linode has nothing to do with the software you put on it
14:24<millisa>That situation sounds like it's beyond their support boundary. They have professional services that you can hire if you like.
14:25<caspianlancer>what will be the cost for professional services?
14:25<millisa>You'd have to ask them. It's quote based.
14:27<millisa> might clarify that somewhat for you
14:31<caspianlancer>thank you millisa.
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19:45<primitiv>Unknown column 'np_coupons.package_id' in 'on clause' mysql keeps returning this although the column exists
19:45<primitiv>not sure why?
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19:46<millisa>It probably doesn't exist.
19:47<primitiv>im looking at it
19:47<primitiv>its a secondary key would that be the reason?
19:47<millisa>you'd have to show the query and at least a few describes of the tables for anyone to guess
19:49<primitiv>here is my SQL
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19:49<primitiv>if i remove np_packages.title from the beginning and then the on clause giving issues it retrieves data
19:50<primitiv>but i also need the title based off the package_id which is a column with sec key in np_coupons
19:51<primitiv>this juts ran fine
19:51<primitiv>so what could the issue be
19:53<primitiv>it was the order of my joins
19:53<primitiv>had to select from coupons and it works :)
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23:12<linode-user>Hi o/ I was wondering what Linode's policy is in regards to boxes being used for bug bounty programs?
23:14<wraeth>I'm not an authority but I would guess "so long as it's legal". Hang around for a bit for someone with an @ to give a more authoritative answer.
23:21<linode-user>alright, I'll stay for a bit and if no response then I'll open up a support ticket
23:31<wraeth>Sounds like a plan. :)
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