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03:00<horiscale>linode reports my account is being reviewed
03:01<horiscale>but 1$ is off from my credit card
03:01<horiscale>anybody can help me? thanks in advance
03:02<erik>probably to verify the credit card
03:02<horiscale>thank you, Erik
03:02<horiscale>I'll keep waiting
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05:46<Jack__>How to cancel your account?
05:47<Jack__>anyone there?
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06:56<r3klaw>hi guys
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07:37<rsdehart>thanks for stopping by
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11:21<primitiv> $sql88 = 'UPDATE ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'users SET subscribed = 1 WHERE email = "' . $email . '"'; this is returning column not found
11:21<primitiv>in where clause
11:22<primitiv>but that doesnt make sense, its email = $email, why is it saying unknwon column?
11:22<nate>I have so many concerns about that simple line of code
11:22<primitiv>not sure what is causing this to happen
11:24<nate>perhaps pasting the actual exact full mysql error as well as some relevant surrounding code (if anything so we can make sure you aren't using horribly insecure code) might be useful, since what you gave was not an exact literal mysql error at least
11:24<primitiv>i had backticks extra
11:24<primitiv>which caused that to happen
11:25<nate>and that's why seeing the code as-is would have been useful since what you pasted didn't even have backticks lol
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11:53<rsdehart>have fun getting pwned
11:54<nate>that's kinda why I wanted to see the surrounding code lol
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11:56<stefan>hi everyone
11:56<stefan>i wanna ask something about CPU spike
11:56<stefan>recently my server been CPU usage high
11:57<stefan>causing cloudfare cant connect my host
11:57<stefan>any idea how i trace
11:57<stefan>it is sudden
11:57<stefan>later on ok
11:58<stefan>any expert here?
11:59<DrJ>stefan: when it is happening see what is using the CPU with top
11:59<stefan>is just happening
11:59<stefan>then i reboot linode
11:59<stefan>then it back normal
11:59<stefan>but once a while it come back
11:59<stefan>no clue what is hitting our server
11:59<DrJ>use the top command to see
11:59<stefan>it looks like some schedule things
11:59<stefan>but i now rebooted
12:00<stefan>use top useless right?
12:00<TaraNT>stefan You can review the cpu usage in detail with the following commands
12:00<stefan>which 1?Tarant
12:00<TaraNT>#Shows the IO and CPU %steal on the Linode and prints the output every second for 10 seconds to capture fluctuations: ' iostat 1 10'
12:00<TaraNT>#Checks for processes in a D state that might either be caused by the steal or may cause steal.: 'for x in `seq 1 1 30`; do ps -eo state,pid,cmd | grep "^D"; echo "-"; sleep 2; done'
12:00<TaraNT>#Shows resource usage as well as any processes that might be using up a large amount of CPU: 'top -bn 1 | head -15'
12:01<TaraNT>stefan those are really helpful to investigate, and we suggest providing the outputs in a ticket or community post for help reviewing them, as it's difficult to parse through here in irc
12:01<DrJ>it could be your server is getting slammed by bots... has happened to me recently
12:02<stefan>u using cloudfare?
12:02<DrJ>oh, no
12:02<stefan>i hit error 522 from cloudfare...then CPU usage spike
12:03<DrJ>but anyway, best thing you can do is wait for it to happen again and use the recommendations you've got so far in here
12:03<DrJ>if it is not occuring at this time there isn't much you can do
12:03<millisa>other than look at logs for the timeframe...
12:04<DrJ>that would be a crapshoot
12:04<stefan>i m thinking can trace back ?
12:04<TaraNT>stefan Two different timeouts cause HTTP error 522 depending on when they occur between Cloudflare and the origin web server:
12:04<TaraNT>Before a connection is established, the origin web server does not return a SYN+ACK to Cloudflare within 15 seconds of Cloudflare sending a SYN.
12:04<TaraNT>After a connection is established, the origin web server doesn’t acknowledge (ACK) Cloudflare’s resource request within 90 seconds.y
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13:12<macahel>i want to reset my passowrd , but not getting email , sorry for my bad english
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13:15<macahel>how do reset my password ,when i dont get email through reset
13:21<millisa>Does the recover username link also not send email?
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16:45<primitiv>Failed to load resource: net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR
16:46<primitiv>POST net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200
16:46<primitiv>I've been receiving these for some odd reason
16:46<primitiv>never seen this before
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17:07<primitiv>how do i disable http2
17:08<millisa>on cloudflare?
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17:10<primitiv>kis cloudflare the issue?
17:10<primitiv>or the server itself
17:10<millisa>i have no idea.
17:10<primitiv>no errors in server logs
17:11<millisa>that domain you had above is pointed at cloudflare
17:11<primitiv>do you have http2 enabled on curl millisa
17:11<primitiv>i do not have an up to date curl
17:11<primitiv>if so you could run curl --http2
17:11<primitiv>and let me know the results
17:12<primitiv>with just --head it gives the same output minus http2
17:12<primitiv>if i recall properly
17:12<millisa>it says it is http2 in the first line
17:14<primitiv>do you know where i would go to disable it
17:14<primitiv>apache2 conf>
17:14<millisa>last I checked cloudflare doesn't use http2 to talk to your web server
17:14<primitiv>which would mean the server is the issue?
17:15<millisa>I don't know what the issue is... you posted an error message that happens at some point, somewhere. no context.
17:16<primitiv>i try to use pear mail to send email
17:16<primitiv>when the page loads it should trigger the php but it loads endlessly and never sends anything
17:16<primitiv>only happens on this specific clients server
17:17<millisa>and if you hit the page directly without using cloudflare?
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17:19<primitiv>how would i do that?
17:19<primitiv>i do not use cloudflare sorry
17:20<millisa>that site is using cloudflare. unless i'm seriously typoing something.
17:22<primitiv>i understood that part
17:24<primitiv>i dont think cloudflare is the issue
17:24<millisa>that would be what you'd be proving by requesting it directly...
17:26<primitiv>how do i do that is what i was asking
17:26<millisa>open the linode's ports to your IP, use a host file pointed at that IP
17:27<Peng>for curl, you can use the --resolve option instead
17:27<millisa>or what peng said
17:27<millisa>!point Peng
17:27<linbot>millisa: Point given to peng. (44) (Biggest fan: millisa, total: 10)
17:27<primitiv>whole site is bweing loaded in http2
17:27<Peng>If something "works" with HTTP/1.1 but returns an HTTP/2 protocol error, that likely means it's invalid both ways but browsers are more forgiving for HTTP/1.1 protocol errors, right?
17:28<primitiv>how do i disable http2 on the server
17:28<primitiv>since clouflare serves http1
17:29<Peng>It's the other way around.
17:30<Peng>You should try to figure out what the problem is and fix it instead of just working around it by disabling h2.
17:30<primitiv>could it be the ssl
17:30<primitiv>there is no problem, my code works fine
17:30<primitiv>my server has no issues
17:31<primitiv>i dont see h2 enabled in the apache conf
17:32<Peng><millisa> last I checked cloudflare doesn't use http2 to talk to your web server
17:32<millisa>it doesn't. that's what I posted the link to earlier.
17:32<primitiv>so the server is the issue...
17:34<millisa>and I really can't read today. I didn't even pickup you were copying/pasting what I wrote just a few minutes ago . . .
17:35<millisa>Something like this would work to bypass cloudflare: curl --head --resolve
17:35<millisa>Assuming your linode has the https port open to your IP
17:36<primitiv> curl --head --resolve
17:36<primitiv>what is thus going to do ?
17:36<millisa>tells curl 'use this IP for'
17:36<primitiv>the page loads fine
17:37<primitiv>its when i trigger the post data and it trys to send the email and go through my php
17:37<primitiv>so that wont help, unless I;m mistaken
17:38<millisa>your code works when you request the page with curl, bypassing cloudflare?
17:38<primitiv>i cannot trigger that code via curl
17:38<millisa>why not?
17:38<primitiv>unless curl can trigger buttons and add data
17:38<primitiv>and submit the form
17:38<primitiv>then sure
17:38<Peng>curl can send POST requests
17:38<millisa>make a simpler test page
17:38<primitiv>but it cannot?
17:38<millisa>if you don't want to send the post data
17:39<Peng>Doesn't Chrome have a network error log?
17:41<primitiv>doesnt show anything
17:41<Peng>From what I saw in the source code, detailed messages go somewhere
17:44<primitiv>OST net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200
17:44<primitiv>network shows nothing
17:44<primitiv>this is the only error i get after it finies loading
17:44<primitiv>blank page'
17:44<primitiv>thats in console log
17:47<primitiv>its mvc curl wont be able to reach it
17:48<Peng>Nonetheless it should be possible to produce log messages somehow that go somewhere.
17:48<Peng>curl can do anything if it's possible to manually write an equivalent request.
17:51<millisa>I use that url to send you spam?
17:51<primitiv>that doesnt work even when trying to load it
17:52<millisa>can you load that php if it just has something like <?PHP echo phpinfo();?> ?
17:52<millisa>or even a helloworld?
17:52<primitiv>like remove all my code
17:52<primitiv>and just echo hgellor worl?
17:52<primitiv>yea, other php files work fine
17:52<primitiv>the site loads
17:52<millisa>does that url work fine
17:53<millisa>(I got a 524 trying that url)
17:53<primitiv>curl --head --resolve curl: (60) Issuer certificate is invalid.
17:54<primitiv>thats what you wanted me torun right
17:54<millisa>you can use -k to ignore a cert error if you don't have a valid cert on the backend
17:54<primitiv>kay tried that
17:55<primitiv>not its taking longer to respond terminal is kinda frozen
17:55<primitiv>waiting for output
17:56<primitiv>curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; Name or service not known
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21:46<jpgeek>howdy! question about linode monitoring.
21:46<jpgeek>does linode have a service for this (alerts for dead boxes and whatnot) or are we on our own there?
21:55<millisa>there's usually a ticket opened when there's a problem on the host hardware, but it isn't like a monitoring solution.
21:59<wraeth>There's also a notification sent out when some metrics are triggered, but it also it's really a monitoring solution.
22:00<@pwoods>jpgeek: We have a guide for monitoring your Linode:
22:01<@pwoods>jpgeek: there's also our Managed Services option, which is $100 per Linode, per month.
22:02<@pwoods>jpgeek: What Managed Services provide, aside from including Backups, is an incident response where we access your server to restart services should something go down internally to your Linode itself.
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22:13<jpgeek>@pwoods thanks!
22:15<jpgeek>milissa:, wraeth:, thanks for the tips.
22:26<wraeth>Huh, I apparently cannot keyboard effectively today either. I meant "it's not really a monitoring solution".
22:26<wraeth>Words are hard.
22:28<jpgeek>notification != montioroing_solution;
22:28<wraeth>... True. Sigh...
22:28<jpgeek>still, thanks!
22:28*wraeth nods
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22:49<linbot>New news from community: Asterisk Server no longer runs after reboot. <>
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23:09<virtual>reboot it again
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