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00:23<Woet>remember, the questions asked by "Linode" are inspired by tickets
00:23<Woet>imagine having an unmanaged VPS and opening tickets about application issues
00:24<virtual>I know, it's pretty awesome :)
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00:24<virtual>maybe that person never opened a ticket, let's live in blissful ignorance and pretend that's what happened.
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03:00<linbot>New news from community: .php files not woking <>
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03:04<ram>above url is not working pls help me to resolve
03:04<ram>.php files are not working in my website
03:05<ram>it was working earlier suddenly stopped working above url and .php files
03:05<wraeth>I won't be able to help much as I'm just about to go, but if it was working previously, what changed since then?
03:09<ram>can u help what changes done
03:09<ram>none of the php files are opening
03:10<ram>do need to enable php settings???
03:11<wraeth>I meant were any updates installed on the server? Any changes to the webserver or php engine configuration? Any changes to file permissions in your webroot.
03:11<wraeth>I'm off now, but start with those and maybe someone else will be able to offer some more suggestions. Good luck.
03:12<ram>we have not done any updates
03:12<ram>suddenly stopped working..
03:13<ram>how to access webroop
03:17<wraeth>The directory the web server serves content from. Typically something like /var/www/servername/htdocs.
03:24<@pwoods>ram: I see you're getting a 404 Not Found response. This Community post may be able to help you with investigating the issue:
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06:36<primitiv> how do i force curl to use http1
06:36<primitiv>millisa pasted the command but i didnt save it
06:40<ram>.php files are not supporting how to fix
06:47<@pwoods>primitiv: are you referring to when millisa posted "you can use -k to ignore a cert error if you don't have a valid cert on the backend"
06:49<primitiv>the longer one she posted
06:49<primitiv>same time period tho very close
06:49<@pwoods>I'll ccheck scroll back
06:58<Peng>primitiv: Have you read the curl documentation?
06:59<@pwoods>primitiv: from millisa: "Something like this would work to bypass cloudflare:
06:59<@pwoods> curl --head --resolve
07:02<primitiv>much obliged
07:03<primitiv> curl: (60) Issuer certificate is invalid.
07:03<primitiv>same issue
07:03<primitiv>i tried disabling cloudflare
07:03<primitiv>as per her request
07:16<ram>if u people can resolve my issue or not
07:16<ram>if u people not capable pls leave it
07:16<ram>thanks for great help
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07:23<primitiv>what an ass
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09:34<primitiv>do crons abide by mvc
09:34<primitiv>or no?
09:41<linbot>New news from community: Fail to run installation script, linux, freepbx <>
09:55<primitiv>for example naturally one cannot go to /postcontroller.php
09:56<primitiv>so would my cron be able to trigger that
09:56<rsdehart>curl it
09:57<rsdehart>using the web address
09:57<primitiv>curl would work as well?
09:57<primitiv>even if its MVC
09:57<rsdehart>same as if you navigated to it by web
09:57<primitiv>you cannnot by web
09:57<primitiv>its mvc
09:57<rsdehart>what does that even mean?
09:58<rsdehart>no, I know what mvc is
09:58<primitiv>models view controllers?
09:58<rsdehart>"you cannot by web [because] it's mvc"
09:58<primitiv>curl wont work then
09:59<rsdehart>that's what I'm uncertain about
09:59<primitiv>what if i need to pass form data?
09:59<rsdehart>curl can do that
10:00<rsdehart>it doesn't help that I don't know what it is you're trying to do
10:01<primitiv>difficult stuff
10:01<primitiv>im using a form to submit data to my DB outside the MVC scope
10:01<primitiv>so nothing inside mvc can be used
10:01<primitiv>without them being logged in
10:01<primitiv>so i need a method to run the postcontroller
10:01<primitiv>to execute certain code to update the DB
10:02<rsdehart>what framework are you using?
10:09<primitiv>a weird one
10:09<primitiv>i forget the name
10:09<primitiv>i think cron would work
10:09<primitiv>i could always test
10:12<AlexMax>I might be a nincompoop, but where do you see the in-use kernel that a linode is using on the new linode manager?
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10:39<Mladen>Is this the right room for technical support? Our website is down
10:43<rsdehart>Mladen: this is community chat
10:43<rsdehart>most of us (myself included) are customers who might be able to help point you in the right direction
10:44<rsdehart>for support you'll want to submit a ticket
10:44<@bbigger>Hey Mladen, if your site is down and you'd like our Support team to look into issues on our end, just open up a Support ticket for help:
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11:12<linbot>New news from community: Is linode choking on my webpage 2nd document? <>
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12:54<nuevu>Looks like CentOS 8 is finally out. Begin the calls for Linode to release an image!
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13:12<linbot>New news from community: How do I set up VNC with Mac OSX? <>
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17:05<linbot>New news from blog: Feedback Needed: Linode Bare Metal Survey <>
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17:50<nate>Any fremont oddities at the moment?
17:51<nate>(asking other fremont customers that is)
17:52<nate>Hm nevermind, looks like I just had some weird process hangs
17:52<nuevu>Not noticing anything on mine there.
17:53<nate>my dovecot was timing out though nothing was being logged
17:53<millisa>i was getting some odd timeouts between texas and another vegas based provider, starting about 15-20 mins ago. probably not related?
17:54<nate>Nah, not really sure what this was. For a moment I thought maybe that linode got filtered but then I was able to SSH into it, was weird
17:54<nate>was like postfix just stopped listening/responding even though it's process and logs seemed fine
17:54<nate>er dovecot, or maybe postfix, one of the two since they're tied together
17:54<nate>restarted both and things started working
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18:49<nate>Weird it's doing it again, postfix is just like "Derp I'm gonna stop responding"
18:50<millisa>i'm less sure what you are seeing isn't related
18:51<millisa>that weird timeout thing i was seeing between texas and that vegas dc (neither linode) started 5 mins ago
18:51<nate>It shouldn't be, last time as soon as I restarted them it started working again, plus I'm still shelled in
18:51<nate>so this shouldn't be just port-specific
18:51<millisa>too late. already logged 'nate in #linode's fault"
18:51<nate>Okay nevermind now it just came back without a restart of postfix
18:51*nate runs a mtr
18:52<millisa>the thing i'm seeing has some odd loss at a hop where it hands off from '' to ''
19:05<nate>I've had MTR running about 15 minutes now, I've got 90% loss at which is internal to linode and immediately before my linode
19:05<millisa>fine. i've updated my ticket to 'probably not nates fault'
19:06<nate>I miss internetpulse being a thing
19:07<millisa>(my fremont stuff appears to go through which isn't showing loss)
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19:32<millisa>centos8 appears to install fine on a nanode using the custom distribution guide.
19:35<millisa>running back through it now since I forgot to deselect packages and ended up with a gui instance
19:55<linbot>New news from community: How do I access my WordPress web site code? <>
19:57<nuevu>I thought it a little strange that the default install type was "server with GUI"
19:58<millisa>I haven't looked at the -boot.iso yet to see if it has the ability/defaults to a minimal install.
19:58<millisa>using the 'minimal' option with the dvd1.iso left with a / partition using ~1.3gb
19:58<millisa>er, left me with...
20:00<nuevu>That's not too shabby a start
20:00<millisa>running through the linode manager compatibility steps at now. so far so good
20:03<LouWestin>So Linode is looking into bare metal options? I just saw a survey.
20:04<millisa>do the survey, win valuable prizes!
20:07<@rgerke>I think they're pretty cool prizes. Please take the survey!
20:08<nate>do we win a free for life linode if we do?
20:08<millisa>A pine64 board is baremetal...
20:09<nuevu>Bare something, for sure.
20:14<LouWestin>I did do the survey. If I win a prize that would be nice, but I’m more interested to see where they go with it.
20:15<wraeth>Where's this survey?
20:15<wraeth>!point millisa Thanks :)
20:15<linbot>wraeth: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
20:15<LouWestin>I found it via RSS, but ^
20:15<wraeth>!point millisa
20:15<linbot>wraeth: Point given to millisa. (105)
20:15<millisa>it's on, latest post
20:17<wraeth>Yeah, I've been meaning to set up my newsreader for a couple of years now...
20:23<@mcintosh>yeah linbot points system doesn't like comments after the command
20:24<@mcintosh>wraeth: you and caker might be the only two people i've seen attempt that :p
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20:53<wraeth>mcintosh: That makes me feel special, and I'm not sure if I like it. :P
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21:44<millisa>only interesting bit I've hit with the centos8 linode so far is having to set GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true in the /etc/default/grub file so that grub2-mkconfig would run in rescue mode
21:44<millisa>it kept failing on /dev/sdh (the finnix cd?)
21:48<millisa>it's mentioned at but I missed it while following the section at
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22:38<@pwoods>millisa: thanks for the feedback!
22:54<linbot>New news from community: Fits with hostname, /etc/hosts and hostname in the domain section of the linode setup <>
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23:56*derp124 waves
23:58<derp124>Just a quick question...what’s the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?
23:58<kharlan>a 5.00 linode is the box that holds your answer.
23:59<derp124>Figured I’d ask Linode support...if they don’t know then no one does
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