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00:00<@rgerke>derp124: 42
00:00<derp124>Man there used to be so many more ops in here
00:00<@rgerke>There's a few of us on tonight.
00:00<derp124>@rgerke, you know that’s what google said too but I’m not buying it
00:01<@rgerke>That's what a supercomputer named Deep Thought said. Google was just passing along the answer.
00:02<derp124>So when’s the Sydney DC opening?
00:03<derp124>And where are you guys going after there?
00:03<millisa> <--- sign up for notification
00:03<derp124>Africa and South America seem under-represented
00:04<derp124>Nice thanks millisa
00:05<@rgerke>We don't have an official date on Sydney yet. But the link millisa posted will allow you to sign up for updates. I'mnot sure where we're going after Sydney, but I'm also interested in finding out.
00:06<millisa>mcmurdo1 - dooooo it.
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00:11<AugustusCaesar24>can you open your own ports on Nanode
00:11<AugustusCaesar24>its my first time setting this up
00:12<millisa>linode doesn't filter ports
00:12<AugustusCaesar24>what do you mean
00:12<AugustusCaesar24>please talk in very simple terms
00:12<AugustusCaesar24>im rookie
00:12<millisa>You can use whatever port you want on your linode.
00:21<DrJ>not true... to this day I still can't get anything to work on port 70000 on linode
00:22<millisa>any valid port?
00:22<DrJ>well you need to be more specific in the future millisa
00:22<millisa>only grape flavored ports
00:26<wraeth>Contrarily, if you can find a way to use port 70000, I don't imagine anyone would particularly object.
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01:44<linbot>New news from community: php files are not woking in my website <>
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09:12<AlexMax>Got a question. It used to be when I had a migration configured in the old admin you got a big banner on the top of your screen. However, I don't see any banner now and support just claimed they configured a migration.
09:12<AlexMax>Am I just blind or something?
09:13<AlexMax>Where should it be appearing
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09:22<@rdaniels> AlexMax: Hi! Did we configure a live migration for you this time? Live migrations will not show on the Linode's dashboard or in the jobs queue.
09:23<@rdaniels>In this case, your ticket will be updated after the migration has completed.
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09:30<AlexMax_>Like I was saying.
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09:30<AlexMax>Can't find the live migration button
09:32<@rdaniels>There won't be a button for a live migration. We configure it for you on our end, and the process will start immediately. Since it is live, there will be no down time required. Do you have a ticket number? I can have a look for you.
09:33<AlexMax>> I have configured a migration for auto-staging16589395 to another host in the same data center. You can initiate this live migration from your Linode Manager; there will be a banner across the top of your screen once you log in. If you do not start the migration within 24 hours, it will start at the 24-hour mark on its own.
09:33<AlexMax>okay I was just a little confused by that wording
09:33<@rdaniels>Hmm. Pass me the ticket number, and I can take a look for you. :)
09:34<AlexMax>watch out, it's a monster
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09:37<@rdaniels>No worries! I'm looking into it now, AlexMax.
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09:46<@rdaniels>AlexMax! You're all set and we will be updating your ticket soon. :)
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09:47<AlexMax>yeah, I'm sorry this has turned into a huge ordeal for you folks
09:48<AlexMax>I bet we've been a thorn in your side for a week now
09:48<@rdaniels>Don't be sorry at all! We're happy to help. That's what we're here for.
09:48<AlexMax>what do you mean all set? the migration is already done?
09:49<@rdaniels>It looks like it just finished! My teammate is also going to update your ticket.
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10:25<DrJ>wow! I just went from 4GB to Dedicated 4GB and page load times for my websites are much faster (dare I say instant?)
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10:51<DrJ>either I was on a noisy server before or this has truly made a significant performance increase
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12:39<nuevu>Atlanta just drop off the map?
12:40<Peng>I'm ok
12:41<nuevu>And I'm back. Complete loss of networking for ~3 minutes.
12:41<Peng>Ah, my IRC client dropped off at least 2 networks
12:42<nuevu>Yeah, something happened, but it was relatively short-lived. Not the end of the world.
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13:17<linbot>New news from blog: Coming Soon: Linode Kubernetes Engine <>
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13:59<Peng>I have an mtr that reported a ~117 second outage at most
14:10<nuevu>Peng: My monitoring ultimately showed something between 60 and 90 seconds. Humans are bad at telling time.
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16:07<linbot>New news from community: Why is my disk reporting as full? I have about 4 GB of data on my disk but my plan has 50GB of storage. <>
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20:42<DrJ>so is it normal to see a significant increase in performance for sites like wordpress/joomla when you switch from non-dedicated to dedicated cpu plans? I'm still in shock at my performance gain
20:43<millisa>I wouldn't expect it unless you were seeing high cpu usage or high steal before.
20:43<DrJ>that's what makes me think maybe I was on a busy server
20:44<DrJ>I really didn't check the steal stats before I migrated
20:44<millisa>did you switch procs, too? most all of my recent spinups or migrations have ended up on epyc 7601's
20:46<DrJ>with no other change but the plan switch, I have one site that has a popular page that went from about 3second load time from no cache to around 600ms
20:46<Peng>I've never used a decidated Linode, but I think your old host must have been highly loaded.
20:47<Peng>"decidated" huh.
20:47<DrJ>I'm thinking that as well
20:47<DrJ>either way... I'm happy and sticking on this plan
20:48<Peng>AIUI, decidated and non-dedicated Linodes use equivalent hardware, so a non-dedicated Linode has lower guaranteed CPU performance, but equivalent burst performance when you're lucky.
20:48<Peng>I also hit Caps Lock while typing "dedicated" once.
20:48<millisa>I wasn't seen huge difference between dedicated/non-dedicated when I was switching between them the last couple days (openvas scanner, not a web server), but it was making 10 min scans go in about 8. It was more about not being the noisy neighbor though rather than the speed improvements
20:48<Peng>Good thing I spelled al lthose commans I just ran as root correctly. As far as I know.
20:49<millisa>I wasn't seeing... me be gotting greatest grammar...
20:53<millisa>the disks in the newer hosts seem to be a whole lot faster than my older ones, too. when fiddling with the centos stuff yesterday, I was dd'ing images from one volume to another and was seeing 425-450MB/s transfer rates.
21:16<Peng>That's cool!
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21:38<linbot>New news from community: WordPress site installed, but blog posts render 'Page not found' <>
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