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01:02<millisa>nuevu: looks like they got the official linode centos8 distribution done -
01:05<Peng>Hey, they added EOL figures, that's neat
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01:10<millisa>interesting. the v4 api has an 'expiry' field in /v4/images but it doesn't appear to be populated
01:11<millisa>guess it's not for that.
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01:46<@mcintosh>millisa: expiry is for auto-generated images
01:46<millisa>thanks. saw the note in the api docs
01:47<@mcintosh>!point millisa
01:47<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (106)
01:47<linbot>mcintosh: 1. millisa (106) 2. eugene (95) 3. dwfreed (87) 4. peng (44) 5. zifnab (41)
01:47<@mcintosh>a wealthy individual indeed
01:49<millisa>i rebuilt my centos8 nanode with the linode version. seems fine. not linode specific - but I guess whois doesn't exist in centos at the moment
01:49<millisa>the fc30 rpms mentioned here seem to work fine -
02:11<@pwoods>Oddly enough, I just happened to try running whois on a centos 7 that I spun up over a year ago, only to find out it wasn't on there.
02:14<millisa>centos7 used the jwhois package i think
02:17<@pwoods>or maybe it was dig
02:17<@pwoods>I had to run sudo yum install bind-utils to get it
02:17<millisa>that is still true with 8
02:18<@pwoods>I could have just exited the Linode I was on, but what's the fun in that?
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02:24<AugustusCaesar24>is linode good for a noob?
02:24<millisa>depends how much you want to learn
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02:25<millisa>They've got a big pile of docs you can dig through at . There's a good series of getting started type guides starting at
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02:33<zifnab>! lick eugene
02:33<linbot>zifnab: Point given to eugene. (96) (Biggest fan: zifnab, total: 34)
02:34<zifnab>Networking shit was the last thing I wanted to do tonight
02:34<zifnab>Edgerouter exploded on me
02:36<zifnab>Thankfully I've got a usg I'm no longer using for reasons I don't remember
02:50<Woet>zifnab: what is "edgerouter" an euphemism for?
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03:24<zifnab>Woet: I'll tell you when you're older.
03:24<zifnab>Ask your parents
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03:44<Guest3415>I have a question., if I have a website and want to forward to Linode ...
03:45<Guest3415>but the existing hosting only already me to add CNAME record (or A record)
03:45<Guest3415>will Linode support this?
03:46<Guest3415>oh thanks
03:46<Woet>what does Linode have to do with your DNS set up?
03:46<Woet>are you sure an unmanaged Linus VPS is the right fit for you?
03:47<Woet>s/set up/setup/
03:47<Guest3415>I did asked other hosting .... they said they only accept 301 forwarding but not CNAME .
03:47<Guest3415>that's why I asked.
03:47<Woet>an unmanaged Linux VPS host?
03:48<Guest3415>.an unmanaged Linux VPS host? <<< sorry ... I don't know .
03:48<Guest3415>I just a newbie user.
03:48<Peng>Linode provides unmanaged Linux VPSes
03:49<@rgerke>Here's a post on our Community Site that I wrote about configuring your DNS through your Linode dashboard:
03:49<Guest3415>!! great and thanks
03:52<Guest3415>by the way, so I also need to buy a new domain new in Linode inorder to "be" forwarded, right?
03:53<Peng>Linode does not force you to buy a new domain
03:55<@rgerke>You can use any current domain that you own with us.
03:56<Guest3415>BUt I don't have
03:56<Guest3415>understand that I need to buy one.... haha.
03:56<@rgerke>If you don't have a domain, then you'll need to buy one. We don't sell them, because we aren't a domain registrar.
03:57<Guest3415>anyway, why some hosting company does not accept CNAME-forwarding but only accept 301-forwarding?
03:58<Peng>You would have to ask them
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03:59<Guest3415>@rgerke ... I found this
03:59<Guest3415>in your blog
03:59<Guest3415><unmanaged Linux VPSes>
04:00<Guest3415>non no no no .. stop
04:00<Guest3415>I found this .. Use One Domain on Multiple Servers
04:01<Guest3415>i have a domain name in my current hosting, can I rent a place in Linode and add A record in current hosting and direct to Linode? so I can save money on new domain.
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04:04<Guest3415>i.e. I create an A-record --> IP in Linode that I will rent
04:05<Peng>That's fine, as far as Linode is concerned
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04:06<Guest3415>I see and thanks
04:08<AugustusCaesar24>how hard is it to get started with linode if youre new
04:08<@pwoods>AugustusCaesar24: that's a hard question to answer, as it depends on your experience with Linux and virtual servers.
04:09<AugustusCaesar24>i only used PAT before and never used linux but am good with terminal
04:09<AugustusCaesar24>python anyhwree
04:09<@pwoods>That said, Support's available 24/7, we have a plethora of guides and docs on our website, plus our Community site is a great resource for any issues that fall outside the scope of Linode Support.
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04:10<@pwoods>AugustusCaesar24: it may be easier to answer if I knew what you're looking to get done.
04:10<AugustusCaesar24>im thinking of putting up a python and nodejs server website
04:11<AugustusCaesar24>python handels http and nodejs handles socket io
04:11<AugustusCaesar24>and possible and nginx between them
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04:11<AugustusCaesar24>and postgresql as the databse
04:14<@pwoods>All of that sounds possible. We provide you with a fresh, clean virtual server to install software and configure as you want.
04:23<@pwoods>AugustusCaesar24: We think so, too! Like I said, Support is here 24/7, though we'll be limited in what we can provide support for in terms of the internals of your Linode.
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07:15<Amar>What is the Disk IO throughput for Linode servers?
07:15<Amar>I am running some workload on EC2 and I get around 150 to 250Mb/s Disk IO
07:41<abeg>Hi House
07:42<abeg>Have been a Linode customer for over 3 years Now
07:42<abeg>on their $60 Plan
07:42<abeg>Now I have a project I want to host BUT am divided if to host on Linode or elsewhere
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07:43<abeg>issue is the project is not for Linux servers which I know well BUT for ASP 4.0 . AnyOne have a sure guide I can follow
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07:46<sam_>i my websites comibined get around 100K max visitors per month
07:46<sam_>which plan is best for me
07:47<sam_>and how many websites can i host in let's say the $10 per month plan
07:47<sam_>i use wordpress
07:47<wraeth>abeg: may be of interest to you.
07:48<wraeth>sam_: You could host as many websites with as many visitors as your sites size and traffic throughput allow on a given plan.
07:48<sam_>i want to know how many average monthly visitors can the $10/month plan handle
07:49<wraeth>Meaning the metrics aren't how many sites or how many visitors, but how much disk space and how much traffic per month they generate.
07:49<sam_>i have few small websites that use wordpress
07:49<sam_>those are media company website
07:50<sam_>like just 1 page website and some personal websites
07:50<sam_>can the $5 monthly plan handle 30K per month
07:50<sam_>my main website is just like
07:53<wraeth>Let me put it this way: there's a vast difference between 30K visitors viewing 5Kb data each per month versus 30K visitors viewing 300MB data each per month. If you have an idea of how much traffic your visitors generate then you can better gauge your network throughput requirements. As for disk space, you'd need to check how big your sites are (in terms of disk), plus some overhead for OS, logging, growth, etc.
07:54<sam_>so it totally depends on traffic size in gbs
07:54<sam_>not on visitors
07:55<wraeth>Also keep in mind you can start small and upgrade your linode as you need (though upgrading means migrating the host, so likely entails outage). And yes, it's more about how much data per month is needed, not how many people it's spread across (and how much disk space your sites need).
07:56<sam_>very low around 15-20 gb max
07:56<sam_>i don't provide any downloads
07:57<sam_>just some basic webistes for my IG page and for our new company website which is just a contact website
07:58<wraeth>So aim for a plan that fits your requirements. :)
07:59<sam_>'ll start with the $5 plan and then upgrade
07:59<sam_>have a great day my friend:0
08:00<wraeth>You too. o/
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12:35<nuevu>Thanks for the heads up, millisa. And thanks, Linode, for not sitting on the CentOS 8 image for weeks or something.
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13:11<linbot>New news from community: Why am I not seeing all of my plans memory in Centos 8 <>
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15:20<DrJ>for those that use cloudflare... do you need to put an A (IPv4) record there if you want to support v4 and 6? My thinking is I have cloudflare serve up both v4 and 6 but my server only provide v6 to cloudflare
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15:56<tanjadk>sorry to ask I'm from eu ( Denmark ) and need a vps in usa because of work ( need static vpn ip ) and I'm not sure where is best. What datacenter would you guys recommend me?
15:56<millisa>atlanta's the only one I've made an effort to move out of...
15:57<millisa>newark seems to get the most betas.
15:57<millisa> if you want to do some test transfers
15:58<DrJ>same here with atlanta :)
15:58<DrJ>although I think all the woes I experianced there many years ago have been resolved since
15:59<tanjadk>for me its not so much transfer ( most of my things are hosted in london ) It's more that I'm going to start with some work where they only want to whitelist my ip if its usa based and they are located in mid usa
15:59<tanjadk>så its mainly only for the vpn for work to be hournest
16:04<tanjadk>And thanks alot everyone the vps is build now
16:04<tanjadk>and is setting up now
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16:17<Alaa>I have a question
16:18<Alaa>how can i report a website hosted by you copying my content
16:21<Alaa>Thank you
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17:28<Peng>Atlanta had a power outage two years ago during a tropical storm. A data acquisition module in an ATS failed. :/
17:29<Peng>That was less than a year after the previous power outage, which was due to an inexplicable UPS malfunction.
17:30<Peng>But we've been good for 1 year and 363 days, whoo!
17:31<Peng>Atlanta: the data center where everyone runs new kernels.
17:31<Peng>Security winner every year Linode doesn't turn up a new data center. ;-)
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19:03<DrJ>so I've finished "hiding" all my sites on one server behind cloudflare... to complete things I need to get new IPs (both v4 and v6). Once in the past I fired up a new linode just to swap IPs with it and then destroyed it. Do I need a ticket though to get a new IPv6 ?
19:04<nuevu>The IPv6 address is tied to the "hardware". They apparently cannot be transferred. (so I've been told)
19:05<DrJ>I doubt that is true... because IPv6 addresses carry with plan level changes... which typically (if not always) land you on new hardware
19:05<nuevu>Specifically, I've been told it's tied to your MAC address.
19:05<nuevu>Which doesn't change as a result of resource changes.
19:05<DrJ>that may be true
19:07<nuevu>In my case, I was building replacement servers for existing ones (updated OS and software stack). I had wanted to just swap the IPs to the new server once I had it ready to go, but was unable to do so. I had to clone the disk/profile from the new over top the old to maintain the IPs I wanted.
19:08<DrJ>maybe a staffer will weight in here
19:08<DrJ>I'd open a ticket but I want to be around when/if the change goes down
19:11<DrJ>I guess one sure fire way is to transfer to a new DC
19:11<DrJ>but that is more downtime than I'd prefer
19:12<nuevu>Yeah. In your situation, since you just want something new, you do have that option. But as noted, that takes time :)
19:17<millisa>I've never noticed the page title of the rebuild tab in the old manager.
19:17<millisa>"Linode - Rebuild - we have the technology // linode-name"
19:18<Peng>The SLAAC IPv6 addresses can't be swapped. Other IPv6 IPs can be.
19:19<Peng>If you wanna be real sneaky, transfer the Linode to a different data center, IMO. Then you'd have to get new IPs. ;-)
19:21<Peng>I just noticed you said that. I skipped a few lines. :(
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20:29<DrJ>Peng: so that is my only option then you think?
20:30<DrJ>sadly to truly achieve what I want I can't have any of my previously assigned IPs (which I had made public) still assigned to my server
20:30<DrJ>even if I remove their configuration the traffic would still hit my server
20:37<Peng>You can clone to a new Linode in the same data center, but there would still be downtime.
20:37<DrJ>actually the quickest way would probably be this: create a new linode, shutdown and snapshot current, restore snapshot to new linode... done
20:37<DrJ>didn't know there was a clone option
20:38<DrJ>pwoods: so it is true I can't just get a staffer to assign new IPv6?
20:39<@pwoods>DrJ: Let me look into this, I'm not familiar with this yet.
20:40<DrJ>that would be ideal... then I'm just looking at a reboot basically
20:41<DrJ>again I'm just trying to hide my previously public server (addresses) behind cloudflare
20:42<DrJ>justification for this action
20:44<DrJ>pretty cool btw how you can use cnames with cloudflare... I have all my sites set so all I need to do is update the proxified cname record to the new IPv6 address and all will be instantly updated with one record change
20:45<DrJ>and from my reading that will take full effect in under 5 minutes
20:45<nuevu>The CNAME flattening feature is nice in some instances.
20:45<DrJ>this being one of them
20:45<nuevu>Plus any usual cache propagation
20:46<DrJ>there really isn't any cache propagation to worry about in this case... the public still sees the same cloudflare addresses
20:46<DrJ>since I'm only updating proxified records
20:47<DrJ>there just might be a couple minutes where not all cloudflare servers are updated
20:47<DrJ>again, from my reading
20:48<DrJ>other thing I find cool is I'm only giving cloudflare my IPv6 address so all traffic on to my linode is IPv6
20:48<DrJ>but cloudflare will accept IPv4 and send it to me IPv6
20:49<@pwoods>DrJ: so, for the IPv6 address, yes they're tied to the MAC address, so it's static, and can't be transferred.
20:49<DrJ>okay, thanks for confirming... I'll do the clone option myself
20:50<@pwoods>No Problem. Something with IPv6 addresses just came up yesterday (or maybe it was earlier this morning), and I wanted to consult with that to get a better idea before answering.
20:51<DrJ>it would probably be wise of me to request an additonal pool then and not use the original static ipv6 address at all that way it should never be compromised... especially if it is never configured on the server itself
20:52<DrJ>that way if I ever have to change again I don't have to clone or anything
20:52<@pwoods>DrJ: We can do that
20:52<@pwoods>Opening a ticket is the best way to get that done.
21:00<Peng>Though it would still require a ticket to change your IPv6 range in the future. It just wouldn't be impossible.
21:11<DrJ> <--- "To farther fine-tune your rules" ... maybe "further"
21:55<@pwoods>DrJ: Thanks for pointing that out. I went ahead and reported it through the "Report an Issue" link at the top of the page.
22:01<wraeth>"Here, let me google that for you." ^.^
22:02<wraeth>!point DrJ
22:02<linbot>wraeth: Point given to drj. (11)
22:02<wraeth>!point pwoods
22:02<linbot>wraeth: Point given to pwoods. (10)
22:02<Woet>DrJ / pwoods: or just submit a pull request ;)
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