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00:47<jasmine0222>My Authenticator invailable now. So I cannot log in
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02:01<Woet>silly people
02:01<Woet>1) leaving less than 2 minutes after asking
02:01<Woet>2) not storing the backup code in their password manager
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03:34<linbot>New news from community: I could not access my linode in Japan <>
04:02<AugustusCaesar24>what happens if you have an ssh key on your computer and your computer dies. do you never get to your server again?
04:04<@pwoods>AugustusCaesar24: that's an interesting scenario. Thankfully, there's LISH
04:05<AugustusCaesar24>you guys thought of everything!
04:08<AugustusCaesar24>i think i misconfigured the ufw and now i cant connect to ssh without timing out
04:08<AugustusCaesar24>is there an easy way to fix this?
04:15<@pwoods>AugustusCaesar24: have you reviewed this guide?
04:15<AugustusCaesar24>jsut got it
04:15<AugustusCaesar24>i tried the online console and resetted the ufw
04:15<@pwoods>From LISH, you can get into the Linode and test the firewall settings by turning ufw off to see if it's that
04:16<@pwoods>See, you got this.
04:16<AugustusCaesar24>thank you!
04:16<AugustusCaesar24>you guys are awsome!
04:16<AugustusCaesar24>im glad im on board!
04:16<@pwoods>AugustusCaesar24: glad to have you!
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08:28<LouWestin>Happy Friday
08:28<@bleckemby>Happy Friday indeed!
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09:35<linbot>New news from community: Sendmail when sending via browser says unable to get local issuer certificate <>
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10:59<linbot>New news from community: How do I migrate a server to Linode? <>
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13:00<linbot>New news from community: How do I install PHP and MySQL on CentOS 7 with Node.JS? <>
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14:44<randy_>i have a multi site and I can't change any html, I need to customize the header but the changes I made yesterday are still there even tho those changes were removed
14:46<@bbigger>hey randy_, first thing that comes to mind is clearing browser cache
14:47<randy_>i've done it a dozen times
14:48<randy_>i've looke in all the sites header.php files, the code doesn't exist anywhere but it still shows up
14:48<randy_>i turned off WPRocket too
14:49<randy_>it looks correct on the browser I'm logged into
14:51<@bbigger>might be a 3rd party issue — do you have any other services, like a CDN or CloudFlare, that might have their own caching?
14:54<randy_>Multisite Post Duplicator
14:54<randy_>NS Cloner - Site Copier
14:54<randy_>no CDN stuff
15:10<randy_>there is a notice in Debug:
15:10<randy_>NOTICE: wp-content/themes/MetTrim/header.php:135 - Trying to get property of non-object
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15:16<collins>i want to know if linode has other payment option aside CC?
15:18<@bbigger>collins: Hey there — you need a credit cart to sign up, but can make manual payments with PayPal after that. More details here:
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15:25<bibiki>hi everyone. I just bought a linode and then deleted it. Now when I want to create a linode it asks me for payment. Does this mean my payment has gone down the drain or can I somehow recreate my linode with the payment I just made? any help is highly appreciated
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15:28<@bbigger>Hey bibiki, you might need to make a payment if you have a balance due. You can check for that in Cloud Manager here:
15:29<@bbigger>Otherwise, I'm not quite sure what's blocking you from creating a new Linode. To get help with your account, reach out to Support by opening a ticket here:
15:29<bibiki>here are the step I took:
15:29<bibiki>1. I created a node
15:29<bibiki>2. and made a payment
15:29<bibiki>3. I deleted my node
15:29<bibiki>4. now when I want to create a node again, asks me for payment
15:30<@bbigger>can you post the exact message you're seeing regarding asking for payment?
15:34<bibiki>it lets me chose the actual plan, and the rights-side column holds the sum to be paid in green color
15:35<bibiki>now, what I did is actually create another node and I am guessing my CC data in their database will be used
15:36<@bbigger>we invoice at the end of each month, so unless your account has been suspended for nonpayment or has reached some other limitation, you should still be able to create new Linodes
15:37<bibiki>thing is I made my first payment just one hour ago
15:37<bibiki>I am a new customer, not an existing one
15:38<bibiki>when I created my first node, I was taking through the checkout process
15:38<bibiki>the second time, I was not taken through that process
15:38<bibiki>maybe my confusion can be clarified if you tell me if linode charges per month or per linode
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15:40<@bbigger>Sure thing — we charge at the end of each month for services provided during that month. Charges generate by the hour, so if you delete a Linode mid-month you'll only get charged for the hours it was active. You can find complete details on our billing here:
15:42<@bbigger>I'm not sure what the initial process you're describing is. Generally, you'd sign up for an account, and once it's active, you can start creating Linodes under it.
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15:43<@bbigger>If you're having any issues, opening a Support ticket is the way to go — we have a 24/7 team that will be able to review the details of your account and help you with a solution.
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16:17<KeyboardDestroyer>hello there
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16:20<nuevu>Must've destroyed his keyboard too soon.
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17:27<linbot>New news from community: How do I upgrade to Mysql 5.7 on Debian 10.1? <>
17:39<linbot>New news from community: How do I use the Linode API to set my Reverse DNS (rDNS)? <>
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