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00:54<linbot>New news from community: Why is disk speed so slow on Dedicated CPU instance? <>
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04:11<dredd>I am looking for some advices is anyone can help me ?
04:14<Peng>What do you need advice about?
04:16<dredd>I will open a e-commerce website soon, i don't think there will be so much traffic in the begining, it will be a LEMP server with wordpress and the woocomerce solution
04:17<dredd>I don't wich linode server i have to choose
04:28<@mtjones>dredd: I'd recommend starting out with a Linode 2GB, as WordPress sites use a bit more memory than a static HTML site. From there, you'll be able to see how much memory and CPU time your site is using and decide from there if you need a bigger Linode.
04:29<@mtjones>To check up on how many resources your Linode's using, try 'top' or 'htop':
04:31<dredd>ok thanks
04:32<dredd>Can i upgrade with any data loss ?
04:40<@mtjones>dredd: Resizing your Linode won't change any of the data on it, so you can resize to a larger plan and keep all the info on your Linode's disk. More specifically, the Linode Manager can resize EXT3/EXT4 filesystems without formatting them.
04:47<dredd>that's good, thanks
04:48<@mtjones>You're quite welcome!
04:51<linbot>New news from community: How do I transfer domain and SSL from GoDaddy? <>
04:51<dredd>Is Linode have is own Data Center, especially in Germany ? My customers are French, do i choose ot hots in UK or in Germany ?
04:56<@mtjones>We have a data center in Frankfurt, Germany, and another one in London. It sounds like either one would work for you. You can test out connection speeds and latencies to each of them from our Speedtest page:
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07:12<grawity>amazing how so many programs don't even bother trying the 2nd/3rd DNS server
07:13<grawity>apparently is currently down?
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15:55<primitiv>Failed to load resource: net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR any idea how to resolve this?
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18:27<plogog>Hi, if I take a 1GB Linode account ($5 mo) can I install MySQL in it or do I have to pay extra for database? Also, can I create multiple sites and map multiple domains over a single linode account?
18:29<millisa>You get root access. You install whatever (legal) thing you want
18:29<millisa>You even pick out the distributino
18:29<retro|blah>Also, to clarify the usage of the term "account": You are allowed to have multiple Linodes per account.
18:30<plogog>By account I mean a linode instance
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18:38<millisa>distributino. centokley dokley. ubunterooni.
18:44<retro|blah>And to think there was such a good opportunity to trigger a circular convesration there.
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19:15<William>Hi. I've heard that Linode is a member of Cloudflare's "Bandwidth Alliance" and that it means they will shut down alleged bots on your network?
19:16<millisa>I don't remember the bit about them shutting down bots. the bandwidth alliance stuff was about reducing cost for traffic between CF and the partners
19:16<William>Does Linode's abuse department just assume that if Cloudflare's new anti-bot feature flags a system that it is a bot, or do they investigate whether it is a false positive or not?
19:16<William>This -
19:17<William>"Once enabled, when we detect a bad bot, we will do three things: (1) we’re going to disincentivize the bot maker economically by tarpitting them, including requiring them to solve a computationally intensive challenge that will require more of their bot’s CPU; (2) for Bandwidth Alliance partners, we’re going to hand the IP of the bot to the partner and get the bot kicked offline; and (3) we’re going to plant trees to mak
19:17<William>I still don't consider Cloudflare to be a good company to partner with.
19:20<William>What recourse does one have when Cloudflare inevitably falsely targets a legitimate scraper?
19:21<millisa>I'd be surprised if Linode nullroutes someone just based off a scraping type report. They might contact the account owner to find out what you are doing.
19:22<William>The way the blog post is written it suggests that Cloudflare has a partnership to shut down alleged bots One thing I am worried about is the future of ArchiveTeam which swoops in and archives "dying" websites, and Coudflare is already a problem for them.
19:25<linbot>New news from community: Can I Set a SOA in the Domain I'm Creating? <>
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19:35<primitiv>does load for anybody
19:35<primitiv>having a lot of issues understanding why its not loading
19:36<primitiv>what does the 503 mean
19:36<primitiv>i do not understand
19:36<primitiv>the site loads fine
19:37<primitiv>is cloudflare having issues??
19:39<millisa>my cloudflare using sites at linode look fine
19:39<primitiv>i deleted /email
19:39<primitiv>but now the browser givesa 404
19:39<primitiv>even if the file exists
19:39<primitiv>i do not understand what coudflare is doing
19:39<primitiv>but i think its the issue
19:40<primitiv>does that sound like cloudflare issues
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