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03:00<linbot>New news from community: Running SQL Server Express on a Linode <>
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06:00<linbot>New news from community: Hi, I would like to close my Linode. <>
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10:41<linbot>New news from community: giving WooCommerce authentication URL access on debian <>
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10:45<Nikratio>Hello! Is it save to downsize a Linode? What will happen if I currently have more space allocated than the new plan provides?
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10:46<cruxeternus>You'll need to shrink your disks until the total size is small enough.
10:46<cruxeternus>(Which is a dangerous operation, so make sure to back up first. :P)
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10:47<Nikratio>but then everything will be preserved, and the system should come up in the same state as before?
10:48<cruxeternus>Yes, but again, you have to do the shrinking yourself
10:48<cruxeternus>Linode doesn't automate that
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10:49<cruxeternus>actually, my information is old
10:49<cruxeternus>doh he left
10:50<cruxeternus>Apparently Linode does let you do disk resizes through the interface!
10:50<millisa>i've only ever had the increases work
10:52<cruxeternus>I wonder how it's implemented... seems like Linode could just create a new disk, copy everything over via rsync, then delete the old disk, rename the new disk
10:52<millisa>except for right now trying it on a brand new, empty disk.
10:52<cruxeternus>rather than trying to shrink in-place
10:53<millisa>I usually get something like: fs_resize: resize failed resize2fs 1.44.0 (7-Mar-2018) /vbin/bin/resize2fs: New size smaller than minimum (651171)
10:53<millisa>i could resize a disk up by 50. immediately try to resize it back down and it seems to throw it, just with a different number
10:54<cruxeternus>probably just a simple bug somewhere
10:55<cruxeternus>assuming the underlying tool is reliable
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11:42<linbot>New news from community: SQLIte3 permissions <>
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11:49<kap>hello i am not a client yet
11:49<kap>is arch linux is supported?
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15:22<linbot>New news from community: What's the use of SSH keys added from the Linode dashboard <>
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15:33<Q3Man>Anything crazy going on? I can't seem to load (or login) to the linode dashboard
15:39<DrJ>Q3Man: working for me
16:34<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled, Linode Manager and Linode API Maintenance <>
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17:53<linbot>New news from community: VPN camera via local ip <>
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21:10<@pwoods>newnickname: Hello o/
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23:46<dennis_>hi linode team
23:46<millisa>greetings dennis team 3
23:46<dennis_>i'd like to know more about linode node balancer
23:47<millisa>What do you want to know?
23:47<dennis_>my current setup is like this :
23:48<dennis_>nginx as reverse proxy (front), apache mpm event and php-fpm behind nginx, mysql as database server. all of them are in one server.
23:48<millisa>sounds flexible
23:49<dennis_>im thinking of using node balancer. any suggestion what kind of ideal setup if i use node balancer?
23:50<millisa>I guess it depends how much work you want to do on each one of those layers, how you are replicating the database and the actual site files.
23:52<millisa>if your webservers are different than your database server(s) you can do something like this:
23:52<millisa>(node balancer getting started doc - there's other node balancer references in that dir)
23:52<millisa>that database could be another linode, a cluster, or even something like one of percona's replicating setupsw
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23:57<dennis_>the prolem i have currently, high traffic coming from mobile apps and website. to be able to handle the traffic, i have to use quite high linode plan. i am thinking of splitting sigle server to several mid servers.
23:57<dennis_>thank you for your answer. possibly i will use multiple mid linode webservers and also database server,
23:58<dennis_>how about user session? is it supported? i read there is session stickiness
23:59<millisa>it's IP based -
23:59<millisa>I'm sorry, scratch that, IP or cookie based. details are in that reference page.
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