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00:04<dennis_>great. i will have a look. thank you.
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00:08<@pwoods>kelvin_: Hiya!
00:08<kelvin_>pls i want to urgently close this account.I have been having challenges with the firm for about 2 months on this issue and they keep billing me
00:09<kelvin_>i just need to close the account and the support dept is woefully inept at it,even after i sent messages to them last month
00:09<millisa>You can log in and do it yourself -
00:10<kelvin_>i have used the site but the password i saved is not working.i sent change password and it is yet to come into my mail box
00:10<@rgerke>kelvin_: was just going to post the link that millisa gave. It's a pretty quick process to close your account, and if you do need our assistance please feel free to open up a support ticket.
00:11<@rgerke>Or send an e-mail to if you can't log into your account to open a ticket
00:11<kelvin_>please i need to do this urgently due to time constrain.
00:11<@pwoods>kelvin_: If you contact Support with the last 6 digits of the account and the email on file, we can look into what email address the password reset would be sent to.
00:12<millisa>If you haven't already, you can also try recovering your username - (assuming you know the email address that's used)
00:12<kelvin_>MY EMAIL ACCT IS
00:12<millisa>this is a community channel, you'll want to keep private info out of it
00:14<kelvin_>i have been doing that for 2 months
00:14<kelvin_>i just need to close the account
00:14<@pwoods>kelvin_: do you have a ticket number you can share for me to look into?
00:15<@pwoods>kelvin_: thanks, taking a look now.
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00:20<Peng>Never mind, I'm being rude. The yelling was probably accidental caps lock.
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01:39<AugustusCaesar24>how do you see open ports?
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01:41<rawrus>depends on the operating system, most recent distributions come with `ss` rather than `netstat`. For new stuff on `ss` you can use `ss -tlnp` to list all bound tcp ports
01:41<rawrus>`netstat -plantu` will do the same for older distros
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01:42<@rgerke>rawrus: Excellent guidance. Looks like they logged off just before you sent that. And then on again afterward. :(
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01:43<rawrus>awh gotta iden
01:43<@rgerke>!point rawrus
01:43<linbot>rgerke: Point given to rawrus. (1)
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01:44<@rawrus>I have become one with ze linode :3
01:45<@rgerke>You are one of us!
01:45<@rawrus>ferever and always ^_________^
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01:47<@rgerke>kleverowl: Hi!
01:48<kleverowl>i need some help
01:48<@rgerke>I am here to help
01:49<kleverowl>i want to run a python script on my existing server without touching the current program i'm running on this server
01:50<kleverowl>its a script which i want to run continuously in backend
01:52<@rgerke>kleverowl: That's a good question. Allow me some time to do a bit of research so I can give you a good answer.
01:52<AugustusCaesar24>can i use postgresql pgadmin with postgresql on server?
01:53<@rgerke>kleverowl: That actually might be a good question to put into a Support ticket, so that we can give you a more detailed answer. Would you be able to do that?
01:53<@rgerke>Once you open the ticket, please drop the ticket number in here so we can grab it.
01:54<@rgerke>This mightbe omething I'll want to turn into a Community Site post because I think it's a really good question and the answer would benefit other users.
01:55<@rgerke>AugustusCaesar24: Looking into your question right now.
01:55<AugustusCaesar24>thank you!
01:56<@rgerke>AugustusCaesar24: Yes. Pgadmin can be used with Linux.
01:57<AugustusCaesar24>can it be used remotley
01:58<kleverowl>Support Ticket Number
01:58<@rgerke>kleverowl: Thank you!
01:59<@rgerke>AugustusCaesar24: It look slike you can.
01:59<AugustusCaesar24>thank you
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02:04<wraeth>!point rgerke
02:05<linbot>wraeth: Point given to rgerke. (5)
02:05<wraeth>!lick rawrus
02:05<linbot>wraeth: Point given to rawrus. (2)
02:05<wraeth>(for good luck :) )
02:06<Zr40>!hug linbot
02:06<Zr40> hugs? :(
02:08*rawrus hugs wraeth
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02:26<linbot>New news from community: Back end Python Script <>
02:28<@rgerke>If anyone's interested, the new Community Site post above is my answer to kleverowl. Feel free to add to it if you can think of anything that needs to be there that I may have missed.
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03:45<Woet>rgerke: you missed telling them that Linode is an unmanaged host and that they should stop opening tickets.
03:46<Woet>oh, you told them to open a ticket
03:46<Woet>well, that's awkward
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05:01<Guru>my websites are not working
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05:01<Guest3922>I hve recievd this message Linode Alert - inbound traffic rate - linode2352521
05:01<Guest3922>need increase disk space and internet stability
05:02<Guest3922>can anyone help on this plz?
05:13<@pwoods>Guest3922: those messages are configured in Linode Manager to alert you to anything that you might think is suspicious. Have you reviewed traffic to your Linode yet?
05:14<@pwoods>Guest3922: additionally, if you have a Support ticket open, I can take a look if you provide the ticket #
05:14<Guest3922>this is my #12686224
05:15<Guest3922>ticket #12686224
05:16<Guest3922>r u there?
05:16<@pwoods>Yes, I am here. I'll take a look.
05:17<Guest3922>yeah sure
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05:17<Guest3922>I will wait untill
05:22<@pwoods>Guest3922: that ticket doesn't appear to be related to the issue that you mentioned just now. Can you open up a new ticket and provide what you received in that email?
05:22<Guest3922>3 days before I opened a ticket
05:23<Guest3922>Hi here is my comments. I've set up quotas in your CWP, but they still won't work because your virtualized server doesn't have quotas active. You must contact your hosting provider to enable that option for your VPS: quotacheck: Cannot stat() mounted device /dev/root: No such file or directory quotacheck: Cannot find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option. I've configured Apache + Nginx to make your sites perform better. BU
05:23<@pwoods>What is 3 days before the ticket? The traffic that caused the email?
05:23<@pwoods>As a reminder, this is a public forum, so please be mindful when pasting things here
05:23<Guest3922>I have received below email.
05:23<Guest3922>Your Linode, linode2352521, has exceeded the notification threshold (10) for inbound traffic rate by averaging 10.57 Mb/s for the last 2 hours. The dashboard for this specific Linode is located at: <> This is an automated message, please do not respond to this email. If you have questions, please open a support ticket. You can view or change your alert thresholds under the "Settings" tab of t
05:28<@pwoods>Guest3922: I'll take a close look and update the ticket.
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05:57<@pwoods>Guest3922: I just updated your ticket
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07:17<linbot>New news from community: Please help: Sites refusing connection <>
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08:29<Misc_>why is linode constanly probing my firewall?
08:29<Misc_> ***.***.***.***:31758 UDP ***.***.***.***:27031 UDP ***.***.***.***:46940 UDP
08:32<voker57>probably some adventurous linode customer
08:33<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
08:34<@bbigger>Misc_: if you're seeing abusive traffic coming from our platform, please send a report to our abuse address and we'll gladly investigate
08:35<@bbigger>we take abuse on our platform very seriously, monitor that address 24/7, and will keep you updated on the results of our investigation
08:37<nate>I believe those are ports for steam services
08:38<linbot>New news from community: What exactly does Linode backup do? <>
08:38<nate>ah looks like just one of them, maybe random ports
08:42<Misc_>thank you @all
08:43<@bbigger>sure thing!
08:45<Misc_>@bbigger i cant find the linode abuse contact details... can you share?
08:45<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
08:45<@bbigger>^^^ you can email the report to use at:
08:46<Misc_>sorry im blind! :) thanks again
08:46<@bbigger>no worries! :)
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09:16<primitiv>$url = $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]; this should return what i see in the address bar after the ?
09:16<primitiv>so for instance if i have /login?secret the query of the url should return "secret"
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09:20<Peng>Sure, unless PHP does something weird instead
09:26<primitiv>it is
09:26<primitiv>its adding &secret afte
09:27<primitiv>secret&secret **
09:27<primitiv>why is it adding the & plus the word again
09:27<Peng>What is "it"?
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09:28<primitiv>php i guess
09:41<primitiv>yea it was php
09:45<nate>PHP doesn't "add" anything to a query string, the query string is coming from the httpd
09:45<nate>The framework might be doing it via redirects or something, but otherwise PHP doesn't internally add anything on that the httpd isn't saying wasn't given as query parameters
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12:38<millisa>got my first maint notification for
12:46<millisa>don't see a pattern in the ones that don't have a maintenance scheduled compared to the ones that do. mix of amd/intel on both sides. some are 9 year old nodes, some are months old on both sides.
12:48<linbot>New news from community: What does "curly braces deprecated" in PHP mean? <>
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15:07<linbot>New news from blog: 5 Shell Tricks For Kubernetes <>
15:22<Cromulent>I want to build a landing page to test out if people are interested in signing up to a mailing list regarding a business idea I have - I'll probably use Mailchimp for the mailing list but the rest of the site will be a static HTML / CSS site. The thing is I want to be able to translate it from a static site to a fully working site if the idea turns out to be well received but I'm not sure what the best practices are for this?
15:22<Cromulent>well it'll be more than a landing page and more of a form plus additional information pages
15:22<Cromulent>at the end I want to use Vue.js on the front end and Flask on the backend
15:23<Cromulent>I'm thinking maybe if I used Flask right from the start I could have the advantage of using templates
15:23<Cromulent>and it would be easier to transform it into a proper website if I start from the beginning
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17:24<@rgerke>Cromulent: This is something that I recommend bringing to the Lnode Community on our Community Site. Thats where you'll find other users who have done similar things before, and you can interact with them there.
17:24<@rgerke>Linode Community*
17:25<@rgerke>It's a really good resource to get suggestions/best practices for configurations like this
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19:54<@rgerke>DrJ: Hi!
19:56<Cromulent>rgerke: sorry for the delay in the response - thanks for the link - I've checked out a few articles already when I was setting up wordpress etc but I'll see if I can find anything else that will be useful
19:57<@rgerke>Cromulent: Awesome! Feel free to make your own post as well. Use the "Ask a Question" link. That way you can get into specifics and other users can answer.
19:58<Cromulent>this is basically for an ultra simple MVP to see if people are interested in the idea - it'll basically be info + a funnel to an email sign up form
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