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00:19<@rgerke>b_d: hi!
00:20<@rgerke>Oh. :(
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00:28<Unit193>I guess he didn't want to visit with you. :(
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04:31<Alti05>Is anyone there?
04:36<Alti05>Can you confirm me something?
04:40<Robdgreat_>not until you actually say what it is
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04:41<Robdgreat>the way irc works best is minimizing the yes or no questions when you need help with something
04:42<@pwoods>Alti05: o/ Anything I can help with?
04:43<Alti05>Need to know if linode supports Sql
04:43<Alti05>need a separate server
04:43<Robdgreat>Alti05: you can install whatever you choose
04:43<Robdgreat>you get a server and root access to that server
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04:51<Peng>I completely forgot about this conversation. D:
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05:16<Unit193>Meh, it's just matrix. It does that.
05:16<Peng>I'll be baaack
05:17<Peng><Arnold[m]> I'll be baaack
05:17<Unit193>It already is. hah
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06:08<nibbles>Anyone know how long I should expect it to take to resize from a dedicated 96gb to 64gb. Been waiting an hr and I'm at 48% and I wanna goto bed ;(
06:09<Robdgreat>shouldn't have taken this long
06:09<linbot>Sounds like ticket time! Your problem will probably be solved much faster by submitting a support ticket, rather than hoping to catch an employee's attention here.
06:13<Woet>people actually pay for those $720 and $480 USD/month plans?
06:13<grawity>how much disk space do these plans have? an hour doesn't seem too odd
06:14<Woet>1920 and 1280 GB
06:14<Woet>quite big
06:14<nibbles>Yea, it is pretty insane. And I just figured out how to list the jobs via lish. Looks like it's copying the disk at 105MB/s
06:14<nibbles>got a damn hr to go ;l
06:15<grawity>each Linode host only runs VMs of the same size, so a resize generally means migration
06:16<nibbles>I'm a Linode noob... I'm assuming I'd anticipate the same amount of downtime upgrading as well?
06:17<grawity>I'm not entirely sure why it's built this way, but that's how it seems to work, generally
06:17<grawity>probably easier to allocate resources when they don't need to play VM tetris
06:19<nibbles>maybe one day AI will be connected to bot who can provision new servers on the fly, so they'll have some super optimized algorithm that commissions/decomissions servers on the fly
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06:19<nibbles>then they can have AI play tetris
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06:21<nibbles>but in the mean time I wait 2 hr
06:23<Robdgreat>nibbles: I assume this is off-peak time for your stuff, so if so at least you have that going for you
06:23<Robdgreat>...which is nice
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06:55<@pwoods>nibbles: I think I located your ticket and looking into this for you
06:58<nibbles>Much appreciated. Not sure there's much you can do unless you can boost the disk io ;)
06:58<nibbles>Looks like 13 mins left on the disk copy
07:04<@pwoods>whoops, too fast with the keyboard....
07:04<@pwoods>nibbles: ticket updated
07:04<@pwoods>Woet: o/
07:05<nibbles>thanks pwoods!
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08:16<uma>is there any other way for making the payment apart from credit card?
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08:18<rweir``>you can pay with paypal but you need a debit/credit card to sign up, i believe
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10:30<linbot>New news from community: How many simultaneous video encoding/streaming tasks can run on a GPU instance? <>
10:32<DrJ>so linode is going to be offering dedicated server plans?
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10:49<GeorgeJetson>Question - `docker-compose` is not found on my debian machine... what would I type to search for a package that has it? `apt-cache search docker-compose` yielded nothing.
10:50<GeorgeJetson>Question 2 - if lsb-release is already installed (as apt-get install reports), then why doesnt lsb-release -a or lsb_release -a work? Neither executable is found.
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11:01<GeorgeJetson>I can see that installing docker is far more complex than a simple `apt-get` command... - .. following instructions there.
11:09<kharlan>it should be.
11:09<kharlan>atleast it's not as bad as kubernetes.
11:11<linbot>New news from community: How to create a correct txt record for DKIM with Google Apps <>
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13:31<linbot>New news from community: Trying to SSL Secure a apache site on ubuntu <>
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15:03<linbot>New news from blog: PyGotham 2019 <>
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16:08<Mike>Do you folks have an abuse email address?
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16:08<linbot>Linode's abuse contact is , as shown in the abuse contact info for the IP address in question. shows how to look this up yourself.
16:08<Guest4050>we are getting a phishing attack from
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16:09<Guest4050>thanks for the address. I will submit some specifics
16:09<nate>Like millisa noted, report the IP and relevant content evidence to that email above
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17:09<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled, Linode Manager and Linode API Maintenance <> || Scheduled Maintenance for upstream Linux kernel bug <> || Connectivity issues - Dallas, Atlanta, Linode Manager, Linode API <> || Linode Backups Maintenance - US-Central (Dallas) <
17:38<millisa>Are the upstream kernel bug maintenance notices still getting generated? I've only seen them show up on 2 accounts so far (mostly I want to get my maintenance tickets generated and sent out by tomorrow)
17:40<nate>I only just got an email about the maintenance yesterday so
17:41<millisa>I thought they might be going in account order since my first was a couple days ago and was the oldest. the next account was much newer though
18:31<@rgerke>From what I understand, all of the tickets about this have been sent out at this time.
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18:33<@rgerke>Correction, the last of the tickets have started to go out. I don't know for sure if they all have done so as of yet.
18:33<millisa>Thanks for checking
18:33<millisa>!point rgerke
18:33<linbot>millisa: Point given to rgerke. (6)
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