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02:16<Cromulent>is docker machine considered old hat now? I never see it mentioned but I see Kubernetes mentioned in just about every programming blog I ever read
02:27<Cromulent>using docker desktop on windows includes docker machine which is great but because it requires Windows 10 Pro and uses Hyper-V and Windows Containers you can't use the Virtualbox VMs on the same Windows host that docker machine is installed on - you can use it to manage a remote Docker host though which is cool but I thought Kubernetes basically manages Docker hosts as well
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04:30<AmssLdo>I am unable to log in. I have done forgot username but I not have email back to me. this is my e-mail You can check this email exists in linode system.
04:32<AmssLdo>Help me please.
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04:45<AmssLdo>I am unable to log in. I have done forgot username but I not have email back to me. this is my e-mail You can check this email exists in linode system.
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09:18<linbot>New news from community: Having issue connection Domain name to WP site <>
09:28<linbot>New news from community: Apache2 Python error, initfsencoding <>
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10:59<linbot>New news from community: CentOS 7 Grub Error When Updating Kernel <>
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11:17<oau>hello everyone
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12:39<linbot>New news from community: How do I deploy a mern stack app to linode <>
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16:03<v0lksman>just did an IP swap and rebooted both nodes...both are now stuck in a shutdown
16:04<millisa>rebooted from the linode UI, lish, or from within the OS?
16:04<v0lksman>UI...they are coming back up now...that took way too long
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18:36<joker16>i have problem there is any advice to get back my canceled account ?
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18:37<millisa>you'd probably need to contact linode at their support address for account issues.
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19:30<Demonicpagan>i'm seeing some issues I don't seem to understand with my gitlab-runner reporting this causing it to be stuck: Checking for jobs... failed #033[0;m #033[0;33mrunner#033[0;m=FLPohxWn #033[0;33mstatus#033[0;m=couldn't execute POST against Post dial tcp: lookup on server misbehaving why would this be?
19:31<millisa> doesnt appear to have a dns entry
19:32<Demonicpagan>but it does
19:32<millisa>why do you say it does
19:33<samip537>"Pi.hole can't find Server failed" Yup, no DNS.
19:33<millisa>the registrar info changed very recently. do you own that domain? did you just update the nameservers or something similar?
19:34<Demonicpagan>i updated it late last week
19:34<millisa> Updated Date: 2019-10-07T15:47:40Z
19:35<Demonicpagan>could be the DNSSEC I had NameSecure add then
19:35<Demonicpagan>wouldn't imagine it would have done that
19:36<samip537>When I query directly Linode's DNS 1, it gives me an IP.
19:36<samip537>But even Cloudflare says nope.
19:37<samip537>Google too says nope
19:37<samip537>Well, that would explain it.
19:38<Demonicpagan>don't remember if I had default nginx page showing on root domain
19:38<Demonicpagan>i have my site running fine. my fenrir and git subdomains don't
19:39<samip537>The full domain is not resolveable.
19:39<Demonicpagan>not unless i hardcode the ip address in my windows host file
19:39<samip537>Your DNS is probably failing due to bad DNSSEC.
19:42<Demonicpagan>there a way i can gain access to my box via ssh w/o purchasing the "Enable Access"
19:42<Demonicpagan>through cloudflare
19:42<millisa>to your linode? ssh to the ip
19:42<Demonicpagan>that is why i enabled it but i switched it back to linode so i can get my ssh back
19:43<samip537>What do you mean by enable access exactly?
19:44<Demonicpagan>this Argo thing
19:47<samip537>Never used that, so I have no idea what that is.
19:48<Demonicpagan>ok, so instead of using my domain address, physically use my ip to ssh?
19:50<Demonicpagan>flipping my nameservers back to cloudflare
19:50<samip537>Is tha DNSSEC from CF or?
19:51<samip537>*Is the DNSSEC
19:51<Demonicpagan>yeah it is
19:51<samip537>There's your reason why it's not working.
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20:04<Demonicpagan>well, shows good... guess i'm just waiting for propagation to be able to load my pages
20:05<millisa>i get a dns response now
20:05<samip537>Same here
20:05<millisa>hitting the git name you gave earlier with a browser shows gitlab ce
20:06<Demonicpagan>not for me yet
20:06<samip537>Yup, it works.
20:06<millisa>you're probably stuck waiting. you could try clearing your local dns cache
20:07<Demonicpagan>have a few times
20:07<samip537>Although, I'm using CF DNS though Pi.hole, but no waiting needed as upstream DNS for me is CF.
20:07<Demonicpagan>my router isn't getting a ping response from git* yet
20:08<millisa>you could change your local dns server to google or cloudflare's resolver. both appear to give back an IP when I ask
20:09<samip537>Most of the times, both of those resolver's are more up-to-date than whatever you're currently using.
20:10<Demonicpagan>i do have google's on my router
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20:18<Demonicpagan>DNS just hates me right now
20:19<millisa>are you sure it's not a local cache thing? you've done a dig/nslookup against whatever you are using for a nameserver?
20:20<Peng>The TTL for NS records in .com referrals is 2 days
20:20<millisa>DNS likes Peng, though
20:20<linbot>New news from community: ssh tunneling for minecraft proxy <>
20:21<Demonicpagan>my router hasn't picked up the changes and my dns settings on my router uses,, and then finally itself
20:27<millisa>stopservice dnsmasq && startservice dnsmasq ?
20:28<Demonicpagan>already done it and rebooted router
20:29<Demonicpagan>my need to go to the modem and disconnect it
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20:41<nuevu>When all else fails, edit `/etc/hosts` >.>
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21:59<Demonicpagan>if it ain't one thing... it's another... can't get my ssl cert fixed for my gitlab runner now. valid LE cert, but configuring runner says that there is a tls handshake failure
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22:02<millisa>did you do something like telling it to only use tls1.3?
22:04<millisa>or muck with some of the ssl_ciphers in the gitlab.rb file?
22:05<Demonicpagan>nope, haven't touched the gitlab.rb in a long time
22:07<millisa>if you use a hosts file with the named pointed at your linode IP, does it work then?
22:07<millisa>er, with the hostname pointed at your linode ip
22:07<Demonicpagan>gitlab is proxied through my nginx
22:08<millisa>which is being fronted by cloudflare.
22:08<Demonicpagan>turned all SSL stuff off through cloudflare
22:09<Demonicpagan>i've been managing all my domain certs through LE
22:09<millisa>if I put your linode IP into a hosts file, gitlab loads fine.
22:10<Demonicpagan>yeah, the site loads fine... gitlab runner doesn't like
22:11<Demonicpagan>dunno if this means anything:
22:11<millisa>it means cloudflare isn't doing ssl stuff...
22:11<Demonicpagan>it was reporting that even when i had it on
22:12<Demonicpagan>looking like cloudflare is becoming too much of a hassle to use....
22:14<millisa>I dont remember the easyssl stuff they had being hard. you turn it on, it goes and does a letsencrypt type check and it issues the cert.
22:14<Peng>Moving the domain to another DNS service and then moving it back may cause problems.
22:15*millisa nods
22:15<Demonicpagan>noticing that due to not being able to load 2 of my subdomains without manually adding them to my windows host file
22:16<Peng>Looks like Cloudflare issued a new certificate half an hour ago, though.
22:16<Demonicpagan>omg. runner got configured
22:17<millisa>your qualys check is happy now too
22:17<linbot>Peng: 2606:4700:30::681c:e4b, 2606:4700:30::681c:f4b,, [AD=1]
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