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01:20<nathani>Are Vultr VPS hosted on AWS? My glances app seems to think so, node is in Toronto
01:22<grawity>based on what does it think so?
01:23<nathani>not sure, but it provides the EC2 instance id
01:23<nathani>AWS EC2 instance 1a7ca93ebb9a15796d047e50a4607fe7 ()
01:24<grawity>yeah, but how does it determine that
01:24<nathani>Does AWS even have a datacenter in Toronto?
01:26<dwfreed>my guess would be Vultr just provides an EC2-compatible metadata service
01:26<dwfreed>(yes, it does:
01:27<grawity>yeah I was going to install glances on oracle cloud just to see if it thinks it's EC2 based on that
01:27<grawity>but I guess checking the docs is faster
01:36<nathani>Thank you
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02:07<whaaaat>Hi; is there a limit to IPs on an instance
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02:16<Woet>why do they always leave so quickly
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02:22<wraeth>I'd say ask them, but...
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03:42<Hoang_Tran>Any body here?
03:47<@pwoods>Hoang_Tran: o/
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04:52<vedant>hey there !
04:52<vedant>new to here
04:52<vedant>can someone help !
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04:53<DjangoCake>hey Mads_
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04:54<@pwoods>Mads_: o/
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04:57<_______mohamed>i am intesrting to create account to linode
04:58<_______mohamed>but i have 1 q
04:58<Mads_>We're considering using a Linode server for one of our projects, however a maintenance time of 30+ minutes is putting us off i bit. Are there any always-up solutions available where maintenance is done on a cloned image, and switched over when done?
04:58<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
04:59<_______mohamed>i have website wordpress platform
05:00<_______mohamed>but i dont have experience to migrate to your host
05:00<@pwoods>Mads_: There isn't a service that we provide to do this, but this is an option for you to do. Also, a NodeBalancer would help to direct traffic and handle traffic if your Linodes are being serviced.
05:00<_______mohamed>is there someone to help me to transfer my site
05:01<@pwoods>_______mohamed: If you're looking to have someone do this migration for you, our Professional Services team may be able to help:
05:02<Mads_>pwoods: And would Linode be able to work with a load balancer to just update one at a time?
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05:06<Mads_>pwoods: "but this is an option for you to do" - I'm not really sure what you mean by that. I know load balancing, but for now, having an idle server sitting around just for the case of Linode maintenance, is a bit excessive.
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05:11<@pwoods>Mads_: I agree, an extra server at all times would be. We tried to provide enough time for the upcoming scheduled maintenance to allow customers to be able to make plans to handle, either through cloning their servers or setting up NodeBalancers to enable HA.
05:18<Mads_>pwoods: So are you saying we can clone our server to a server section that has been updated, and thus avoid the maintenance downtime?
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05:21<@pwoods>Mads_: yes
05:21<@pwoods>If the clone is within the same data center, you can swap IP address to avoid updating DNS records
05:23<Mads_>pwoods: Excellent - that would work for now.
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05:51<dibarul>anybody there to help
05:52<dibarul>currently i am using Nanode 1GB but want to upgrade to Linode 16GB
05:52<dibarul>how to upgrade with my backup data ?
05:52<@pwoods>dibarul: o/
05:53<@pwoods>You can resize a Linode through Linode Manager with just a couple clicks. You'll need to shut the Linode down, resize, then boot up.
05:54<dibarul>ok my existing data will be lost ?
05:54<@pwoods>dibarul: nope!
05:54<dibarul>ok thanks
05:55<dibarul>in future if need only space to increase that is possible ?
05:55<@pwoods>dibarul: though, I should say: when in doubt, always backup
05:56<@pwoods>dibarul: you can enable Backups for a short period of time, paying by the hour, which could be a helpful way to ensure nothing bad happens during a resize
05:56<dibarul>i have 10 GB file
05:56<dibarul>how much it will cost ?
05:57<@pwoods>If you have a Nanode, it's $2/month, which is $0.003/hr
05:59<@pwoods>So, you can enable, run a snapshot, resize, and then if everything went as expected, remove Backups and then you won't continue to be invoiced for the additional service
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06:56<Cromulent>what does Linode use to run their Ubuntu Server mirror?
06:56<Cromulent>been reading an article about Juju
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07:02<Zr40>dunno what that is, but all you need to mirror a debian repository is an http server, cron, and apt-mirror
07:03<Cromulent>yeah but that means mirroring everything which is about 2.5TB - I was under the impression Juju was a caching mirror only storing what is actually asked for
07:04<Cromulent>unless I am misunderstanding apt-mirror
07:05<Robdgreat>I know the guy who leads that project and I still never learned what Juju is
07:33<linbot>New news from community: Question on setting up subdomain <>
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09:11<Unit193>Cromulent: If I'm understanding you correctly, look up apt-cacher-ng.
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11:33<Peng>I've always assumed that Linode runs full mirrors, though.
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11:57<Unit193>I'm pretty sure they do.
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12:17<Peng>Linode mirror server: [downloading the latest linux-aws kernel package, sighing]
12:38<linbot>New news from community: port forwarding <>
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13:54<linbot>New news from community: What kind of file system check should I use? <>
14:12<dwfreed>Cromulent: Linode uses Debian's ftpsync script to mirror Debian and Ubuntu
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19:06<jeanchris>Hello. I just created a brand new linode account, and it says my account is under review. When can I expect to be able to use the service?
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19:08<millisa>they get to them pretty quick. probably in the next few hours
19:10<jeanchris>ok thanks
19:10<millisa>keep an eye on your email; sometimes they'll ask for extra validation info
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