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00:07<deryck>Quick Question - Anyone else having 404 issues trying to access support docs?
00:08<Peng>What URLs?
00:08<millisa>i've been poking at them the last hour without issue
00:08<@pwoods>deryck: we were experiencing that a couple hours ago, but we think it's cleared up since
00:09<deryck>Example: from clicking on a link on the Linode site:
00:09<@pwoods>deryck: have you tried clearing cache/hard refreshinig those pages?
00:09<deryck>but I was also trying to get to other server docs too which were actuating generating 404 errors
00:09<@pwoods>deryck: I'm on that page right now and it's working for me.
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00:10<millisa>This works for me: This doesn't. (I get the title, and big green cloudy box)
00:10<deryck>interesting: will try turning off my VPN to Iceland and see if this fixes
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00:11<Peng>millisa: Same
00:11<@pwoods>huh, yeah, didn't see that /curated/ part of that URL.
00:11<millisa>dont think i've ever seen a /curated/ link before
00:11<@pwoods>It doesn't show me a 404, but it definitely doesn't provide the content one would be looking for.
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00:14<millisa>er. did the whole site change recently?
00:15<@pwoods>millisa: yup!
00:15<millisa>ok. not having a stroke then.
00:15<@pwoods>Thankfully, no.
00:16<dwfreed>well you still could be, but the change in the site is not the indicator you're looking for
00:17<millisa>what does purple sound like?
00:18<Peng>If the Linode logo has turned purple, you might have a problem
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00:18<@pwoods>Growing up, my parents drove clunkers. When I got older, I got a car with heated seats. I picked my dad up and turned them on without telling him. When I asked how he liked them he said "Oh good, so I'm not having a stroke"
00:19<@pwoods>We had a conversation about speaking up if he thinks he's having a stroke again.
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00:24<millisa>tos link is doing too many redirs
00:24<millisa>this used to be valid:
00:25<@mcintosh>!point millisa
00:25<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to millisa. (109) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
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00:25<deryck>Re: Issue loading support docs --> The answer seemed to be deleting the "website Cookies & data" [ Safari browser -> Privacy ] in case anyone is interested or others ask the same question. All working after doing that.
00:26<@pwoods>deryck: Great! Thanks for sharing the solution.
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00:28<@mcintosh>millisa: fixed
00:29<millisa>looks good
00:29<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
00:29<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
00:29<@mcintosh>thanks :)
00:29<@rgerke>!point mcintosh
00:29<linbot>rgerke: Point given to mcintosh. (21) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 8)
00:30<@mcintosh>truly i have 1,000,000 points
00:30<@mcintosh>but, i don't want to make anyone jealous
00:30<@rgerke>Very humble of you.
00:31<@mcintosh>some would say my greatest weakness is that i can be too humble
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00:37<millisa>new swanky speed tests...
00:37<millisa>or were these http://speedtest.{datacenter} always here and I didn't notice?
00:38<@mcintosh>they new
00:38<@mcintosh>they swanky
00:39<@rgerke>They really are pretty swanky.
00:39<@mcintosh>well - the endpoint existed and you could download a .bin file
00:39<millisa>that would be what I remember
00:39*mcintosh nods
00:39<@mcintosh>new and swanky then :)
00:40<millisa>I hate the racks picture at . The keys...
00:41<dwfreed>it's at least a stock photo
00:58<@pwoods>My favorite page is
00:58<@pwoods>But, I may be a *little* bias.
00:58<millisa>that was good. i watched the video.
00:59<millisa>its good they started using your frontline support as a selling point
01:01<millisa>did they completely do away with the about-us thumbnail black/white=>color mouseovers?
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01:37<@rgerke>I'm going to watch the Support Experience video now. I wasn't aware f it. I wonder if I'm in it.
01:39<@rgerke>I am not. :(
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05:47<Simon_mailjet>Yop all, would like to report an abuse phishing wave from your platform against our customers, but my email to abuse@ is bouncing, someone from the teaam could contact me inn pv ?
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06:20<@jcardillo>Hi Simon_mailjet: I sent you a pv to discuss.
06:48<dzho>millisa: those are the honeypot racks.
06:48<linbot>New news from community: SSL Certificate setup issue <>
06:48<dzho>legit ops know never to open them without disabling an alarm which has a shut off elsewhere
06:49<dzho>defense in depth
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10:12<v0lksman>hey all! using the new manager interface how do you adjust the main disk size on deployment? seems to just assume I want a full disk and 512 swap.
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10:24<@bleckemby>HI v0lksman: The default right now in the new Cloud Manager is to deploy using the entire plan's disk allotment. If you'd like to deploy with a specific disk size, you can create a Linode without a distribution and deploy disks from a desired image (similar to the workflow in our Legacy Manager).
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12:33<v0lksman>thanks for the info..I'll just automate it via API when I have time
12:34<v0lksman>is there any reason we can't queue up tasks in the new manager too? so anying that I want to create a disk and boot but I have to wait for the disk to be created before I can ask for the boot job
12:34<v0lksman>or resize a disk while a shutdown is being issues
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18:39<Francis>Does the the nodebalancer have an option to email someone on source failures?
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23:43<fergtm>is it possible to disable AES hardware acceleration on a Linode?
23:43<fergtm>I'm debugging a problem with some custom software that uses OpenSSL. The SSL sessions fail intermittently with error "1408F119:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:decryption failed or bad record mac"
23:44<fergtm>I can't reproduce the problem between two virtual machines in my personal computer but on a Linode it happens very frequently
23:44<fergtm>the only difference I see between Linode and my local machine is that in "openssl engine" shows "(rdrand) Intel RDRAND engine" in Linode but not in my machine. The OpenSSL version are exactly the same
23:47<Peng_>OpenSSL does have an environment variable to disable AES-NI support...
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