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00:00<fergtm>oh, OPENSSL_ia32cap ?, I'll try that
00:11<@rgerke>!point peng
00:11<linbot>rgerke: Point given to peng. (45)
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01:11<linbot>New news from community: Unexpected Alert E-mail Regarding Account Log In <>
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01:30<fergtm>disabling OpenSSL hardware acceleration did not fix the problem :(, likely there is a bug in my code or in openssl but I can't figure out why only happens in a linode
01:44<@rgerke>fergtm: Would you be able to open a support ticket so we can help you take a look at this?
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01:52<fergtm>ok, I'll open a ticket. Although I don't see how it could be a Linode problem unless some network issue is randomly corrupting data
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02:06<@rgerke>fergtm: It may not be a Linode problem, and it may be outside the scope of our support but we will do our best to help out with the knowledge and the resources that we have.
02:08<fergtm>ok, thanks, I'll open a ticket later
02:09<fergtm>I' try a few suggestion I found before opening a ticket
02:12<@rgerke>fergtm: That sounds like a good plan. Let us know if we can help.
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05:25<professor>Hiya people
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07:00<ZM>Hello, as part of our own ISO27001 audit, our auditors are requesting who Linode's certification body was for their ISO27001 compliance for the London branch as we use their servers for our business. Could you please provide the information?
07:06<@jcardillo>ZM: let me check on this for you.
07:06<Peng_>Looks like the data center operator doesn't make it publicly available on their website. :T
07:07<Peng_>Contact your Customer Success Manager, Linode.
07:11<@jcardillo>Just to confirm ZM: do you already have a copy of the ISO27001?
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07:12<ZM>We have a copy of our own certification. For Linode we only have what's published on the /security page. I've emailed them but am trying here in case of faster response.
07:13<ZM>we have a copy of the ISO27001 reqs. As part of a follow-up surveillance audit they wanted to know this information.
07:14<@jcardillo>Gotcha. I'll ping our sec team to see if they can get back to you by email regarding this, since I don't have an answer for you.
07:15<ZM>Do you want my email address?
07:19<@jcardillo>If you emailed support@ that should be sufficient. If you have a ticket # associated with the email already let me know and I can dig into. Otherwise, if you pm me the email address you sent it from, I could track down your ticket that way.
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07:33<limark>enybody here?
07:33<limark>yours acept prepaid card?
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09:07<linbot>New news from community: What is this random cron job using a lot of CPU? <>
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09:30<v0lksman>I wish there was a way to migrate backups with a node
09:42<@jcardillo>v0lksman: do you mean migrate backups with a node between data centers, specifically?
09:43<@jcardillo>if so, i'll add this feature request internally. definitely seems like it could be useful!
09:44<v0lksman>no but that would be handy too! I mean more that if I clone a node (to avoid the maintenance window) I should be able to bring my historical backups with me to the new node
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10:06<miple777>1. Make sure all of the information you enter at signup is accurate. The account name and address should correspond to the cardholder who is financially responsible for the account. 2. If you used a VPN to create your account, try to sign up without a VPN. Some VPNs have a history of being used for fraudulent or illicit activity, which may have caused your account to be flagged as high risk. 3. There is no restriction on the nu
10:07<v0lksman>this surprises you?
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10:11<v0lksman>you: takes steps to hide your identity, cover tracks, be more anon. Company: we will flag you as high risk You: Why????
10:11<miple777>And now what i can do?
10:11<v0lksman>"try to sign up without a VPN"
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10:12<v0lksman>also the info you submit regarding billing address etc has to match exactly what your bank has otherwise the bank will refuse it
10:12<miple777>and lose money from the card again?
10:13<v0lksman>if you've been shut down then open a ticket and stake your claim
10:13<v0lksman>Linode isn't stupid. They aren't shutting you down for no reason
10:14<v0lksman>in fact the fact that they "flag" high risk accounts rather than outright shut you down first is an indication of how hard they try to avoid this
10:14<v0lksman>can't really have lost that much money anyways...they bill by the hour
10:16<miple777>I did not use an hour
10:17<miple777>I can’t login
10:17<miple777>t,fyenfz [eqyz
10:17<miple777>ебанутая хуйня какая то
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10:22<MJCS>Does the bay-area power outages affect the Fremont DC at all?
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10:38<@scrane>Hey MJCS at the moment we believe the Fremont data center won't be a part of the planned power outage.
10:38<@scrane>that being said, we've received notice that measures are in place to help mitigate things in the event that a utility outage does affect that data center.
10:38<MJCS>scrane: Good to hear. Thank you.
10:38<MJCS>Oh dera
10:38<@scrane>The best way to keep track would be to check
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13:28<Cromulent>dpes Linode support LXC containers on their default Ubuntu Server 18.04 (and later) images?
13:30<@rdaniels>Cromulent: Yes, we do! Here is a guide on it.
13:31<@rdaniels>"LXD is available as a Debian package in the long-term support (LTS) versions of Ubuntu, such as Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. "
13:31<Cromulent>awesome thanks :D
13:31<@rdaniels>Apologies, that's LXD.
13:31<@rdaniels>Is that what you meant, or did you want LXC?
13:31<Cromulent>no worries I'll be using LXD to manage things based on what I have read so far
13:32<@rdaniels>Great! Glad I could help. :)
13:47*Zr40 eagerly awaits LXE
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16:05<linbot>New news from community: How do I use SSH on my Windows computer? <>
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16:29<jimbob>hi I just upgraded a linode from ubuntu 16 to 18. After it reboots, the resolv.conf file is borked, it's not picking up the nameservers via dhcp. Is there any known issue there?
16:30<millisa>don't know of a known issue, but you can set your resolvers yourself. The ones you should use are in the remote connections tab in the manager
16:30<jimbob>and I'd set those in /etc/network/interfaces ?
16:31<millisa> /etc/resolv.conf usually
16:31<jimbob>says that file is auto-generated and overwritten
16:31<millisa>do you have the auto-configure networking boot helper enabled?
16:32<millisa>If you really want to do a static network setup - this covers it for ubuntu18 -
16:35<jimbob>ah looks like it's something to do with systemd-networkd on upgrade
16:35<millisa>sure thing
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16:42<primitiv>hole, anybody here ever created their own cutom js files for wordpress?
16:42<primitiv>I;m having a weird situation...
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17:41<Scar3cr0w>putty's neat, but check out mobaxterm if you haven't yet (windows users anyways)
18:24<@rgerke>Scar3cr0w: I'mnot familiar with that, so I'm going to check it out myself.
18:35<Scar3cr0w>it's basically a really built out cygwin interface that makes connecting to multiple different remote services easy, but no biggie, not my software so no loss on my end
18:42<Scar3cr0w>it's been a life saver for me
18:43<Scar3cr0w>x11 forwarding to a built in x11 server, mosh, vnc, rdp all in one handy app
18:45<Cromulent>just signed up for the Linode LKE beta
18:45<@rgerke>I don't use WIndows all that often, but I like to keep up with everything like this.
18:45<Cromulent>will be interesting to see what it is like
18:45<Cromulent>I've never used Kubernetes
18:46<@rgerke>Cromulent: Let us know what you think. Feedback is appreciated.
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21:06<@pwoods>n1antifraude: hello
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