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01:04<FluffyFoxeh>Single points of failure will do that to ya
01:05<FluffyFoxeh>CTO and CEO need to get knowledge
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01:19<Peng_>Always use at least 2 Internets
01:22<millisa>interesting bit about the aws availability zones - your us-east-1a is not necessarily my us-east-1a
01:23<millisa>the letters are set, independent to each account
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01:29<dibarul>i have bought a domain
01:29<dibarul>now want to tage my linode hosting to the domain
01:29<dibarul>how to get the dns information and other ttl info?
01:30<millisa>You would set those with whichever provider you have for dns. Many registrars default to using themself. You can point your dns servers elsewhere usually; linode will do dns resolution for you if you have at least one running linode
01:31<dibarul>i have running linode hosting
01:31<dibarul>now want to tag my domain
01:31<millisa>what do you mean by 'tag my domain'?
01:32<chonk>set an A record for your domain pointing to your Linode IP
01:32<dibarul>i meant i want to use the domain for my linode hosting
01:32<millisa>Are you wanting linode to be your dns provider?
01:34<dibarul>how can i get nameserver for my hosting
01:34<millisa>Can you ask that in another way?
01:35<dibarul>in my domain panel i have to give name server information
01:35<dibarul> for example
01:35<dibarul>how can i get name server information for my hosting ?
01:35<millisa>did you look at the link I sent? That sounds like one of the first sections.
01:35<dibarul>yes i have seen
01:36<dibarul> is for all hosting in linode ?
01:36<millisa>ns1 through ns5 like it says in the doc
01:36<chonk>ns1 through ns5
01:36<dibarul>i just have to give this name server info into my domain panel. right ?
01:37<chonk>if you want to manage your domains in Linode's DNS manager
01:37<chonk>domain records, rather
01:37<dibarul>is it free ?
01:37<dibarul>or any hidden cost ?
01:37<chonk>its free as long as you have at least one linode
01:37<millisa>dns doesn't cost anything, you just have to have a linode provisioned in your account
01:37<dibarul>ok thanks
01:38<chonk>welcome to the world of domain ownership
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15:28<linbot>New news from community: I can not install the theme on my wordpress <>
15:29<kharlan>Linode needs to 2 learn 2 grammar.
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15:32<millisa>"Linode" on the community site?
15:35<kharlan>I'm just messing around. That question is barely readable. I wonder if their whole ticket-to-forum system is automated.
15:37<millisa>They should at least change it to some other place holder "Another Linode User asked:"
15:37<millisa>or "On Behalf of A Linode User:"
15:38<kharlan>yep, or have a staff member correct any issues while replying to the post.
15:38<kharlan>thral? :P
15:39<millisa>dont like "linodian" or "linoder"
15:40<kharlan>oh. I thought you were referencing those eunuch orcs... maybe I need to lay off the fantasy books.
15:41<kharlan>linodian is nice. It has a clean sound to it. Also, 'linodite'.
15:43<millisa>A ☼Linodite☼ Barrel
15:47<kharlan>linodican cause.. 'merican. Sounds awfully similar to lidocaine.
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16:22<csnxs>send linudes
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17:07<v0lksman>is it possible to pay for more Image storage? this 2g limit is killing me!
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17:17<nate>v0lksman: What exactly are you trying to do? The image storage I believe is largely just meant for you to save an image of a pre-configured setup you want to duplicate roll out, it's not meant for like backing up entire instances
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18:15<@rgerke>v0lksman: What image size do you need? My recommendation is to open a support ticket and give us a little information on what you need, and we can see what we can do to help you out. In the meantime, here's our guide on images:
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19:33<v0lksman>rgerke: I think it's around 10G...I look into it more...thanks
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19:35<dwfreed>v0lksman: sounds like you're misusing images
19:38<v0lksman>it's a full install of an OS that I use. It has all the software I need pre-installed and just need to drop in a config and it's a production ready image.
19:40<millisa>10gb you say? 10GiB is the minimum size of a block storage volume. you can boot off those. and clone them in the api
19:44<v0lksman>hrm...well I'll look into that too then! thanks!
19:44<millisa>worth a read and playing with for an hour or two
19:45<millisa>linode resizes get really quick when everything on the storage volumes too
19:45<dwfreed>v0lksman: Linode Images are meant to be base distro + your config management tool (pointed at your config management server if relevant), and then config management takes over from there
19:47<v0lksman>yeah...this base distro is massive though
19:53<dwfreed>I bet it could be paired down
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