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01:49<AugustusCaesar24>is it recommended to host an email server on your website server?
01:50<linbot>New news from community: Best server location for Indonesia users <>
01:52<Peng_>A lot of people would recommend outsourcing to another email provider, like Google or Microsoft.
01:52<Peng_>But sure
01:53<nate>^ unless you have actual decent sysadmin knowledge and trust yourself entirely to run your own, let it up to others :P
01:54<nate>That said unless you're talking about something like postfix/sendmail/etc, in which case those are kinda necessary potentially for outbound mail if your app/software doesn't do explicit SMTP
02:09<chonk>i feel like rolling your own mail server is trendy these days
02:09<chonk>more people to suffer together in solidarity
02:10<nate>It's useful if you like being 'in control', it's the main reason why I've run my own for ages, that and these days most major mail providers now charge you to use a custom domain
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12:04<syphobia>i mailed my problem (forgotten scratch code) days ago and did not receive any answer, thats unacceptable, i am paying for a service, what should i do?
12:04<millisa>call them
12:05<millisa>assuming you sent the info they ask for at already.
12:05<syphobia>hmm.. simple answer, and a good one. thx. i thought i could fix that without a phone :) ty
12:05<millisa>(and even if you haven't, send it, then call them)
12:06<@bbigger>syphobia: you definitely should have gotten a response from us by now — yea give us a call and we'll help out + figure out what went wrong.
12:06<syphobia>thx i will do that.
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13:03<linbot>New news from community: How do I create a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC) using Kubernetes? <>
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14:27<tomp6>hi, just wanted to confirm if it's possib;e / easy to upgrade an existing plan, e.g. 2gb standard to 4gb standard. thanks
14:29<dzho>for some value of "easy" that includes a migration period
14:30<@bbigger>tomp6: yes, confirmed —
14:30<@bbigger>dzho :P
14:32<dzho>> Depending on the size of your Linode, this process can take up to one hour.
14:32<dzho>bbigger: in that light, I stand by what I said.
14:32<dzho>it depends on how ready one is able to absorb, or otherwise plan around, that time.
14:33<@bbigger>fair enough — definitely want to plan and prepare for downtime associated with migration
14:33*dzho nods
14:33<@bbigger>I retract my :P
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16:06<donasld>Hi, I have a client requiring a small ecommerce website. What Linode instance type should I choose?
16:06<millisa>The one that best fits their resource needs is the non-useful answer.
16:07<millisa>Linode can be resized upwards pretty easily - you can start them small and resize upwards if you find you need more
16:07<millisa>this might help give you some guidance on that first best buess:
16:08<millisa>and this when you find out you were wrong:
16:08<donasld>millisa: So I was thinking of choosing a 4GB instance for now. And slowly scale as I need to.
16:09<millisa>sounds good to me. resizing is pretty easy, you don't lose your IP or data, it's just a short downtime
16:09<donasld>How about a database instance? Seems like Linode doesn't support managed databases.
16:10<donasld>Does that mean I need to get another instance to run my database?
16:10<millisa>they dont have a managed database product. you can run a separate instance if you want, or you could run it on the same instance.
16:10<millisa>these are linux systems (mostly) that you get root access to do with as you please.
16:10<millisa>your full stack could reside on one linode if you want
16:11<donasld>I would rather have a db instance and let the web server breath. So, what sized db instance should be enough?
16:11<millisa>it's the same answer; depends completely on their data/usage
16:12<donasld>Okay, so I will have to create database backups manually?
16:12<millisa>you should. there is a linode backup product for the instances that is worth adding on - but it's a file based setup. you should still do some form of backup of the db into a file to make transaction sound things you can restore from
16:13<millisa>docs on the backup service is here:
16:13<millisa>(they mention that caveat in the last bullet point on that page).
16:15<donasld>Great, can someone tell me when Object storage is coming to public with full access to public?
16:16<donasld>I will need to use S3 for now otherwise.
16:21<donasld>millisa: In general, which should require more RAM? the web server or the db server?
16:21<millisa>it really depends on their site. either could feasibly be true
16:22<millisa>more of my php based sites use more memory on the web server side. I have a few customers that have some really sleek node setups that use nearly nothing on the front end but have large datasets on the backend
16:23<millisa>i was trying to find the page on their new site that talks about which datacenters have which products. i'm pretty sure it showed which one had the object storage beta going in it
16:23<donasld>Most of the datasets will be created for uploading photos to my db. It will be about a 1-1.5 gb batch photo uploads which will create around 100s of entries in the database.
16:24<millisa>(and i was wrong - this is the page i was thinking of: and it just shows all of them as 'coming soon')
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16:25<donasld>So, I will need to transfer about 1.5 gb of data to an S3 instance everyday, I am considering a separate $5 nanode for this. This will allow a separate gateway for the client to upload the files as required without any disturbance to the main site.
16:25<millisa>(it looks like the beta is only in Newark at the moment; forgot I signed up for the beta)
16:27<donasld>Will a $5 instance be able to handle batch uploads of around 1.5 gb everyday to send to an S3 instance and update the database instance?
16:27<millisa>it should be able to do that.
16:28<millisa>it'll be slower than the other instances (a nanode will do 1000Mbps out from it)
16:28<millisa>You can see the network out speeds with the prices at
16:29<donasld>This will only be accessed by one or two users, i.e., my direct client. So, I don't think it should create a big issue.
16:29<millisa>you probably want to give since you are talking about moving lots of picture data about
16:30<millisa>er, give it a read.
16:30<millisa>(the transfer pool is prorated and pooled is the important take away)
16:30<donasld>1000 Mbps = 1 Gbps. So shouldn't there be just a few extra seconds of delay?
16:30<millisa>1.5GB should go pretty quick at 1000Mbps, yeah.
16:32<donasld>Ah that's great. So I am sure my 4 GB Linode transfer quota won't be exceeded. So, I can run them parallely without any issues.
16:33<donasld>What instance do you recommend for about 100-300 users everyday who will download about 10 mb of data everyday?
16:34<donasld>For a standard LAMP server
16:34<donasld>Sorry. Apache and PHP running on Linux. MySQL will be on a separate instance millisa
16:35<millisa>without any real support for it, I'd probably lean towards starting with a 4gb with the plan that it'd probably need to be upsized.
16:36<millisa>I'm not sure I'd even break the database out initially until I saw how the memory was getting used under the load you expect it at
16:36<millisa>300 users a day at 10MB each, isn't a lot of if they are evenly distributed throughout that day (which they wont be)
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16:39<donalsd>millisa: I am sorry, I went offline. Could you please copy paste any messages if you had posted after I went offline? I can't see them.
16:40<millisa>I said I'd lean towards starting off with a 4gb instance (without any real evidence to support it). 300 users doing 10MB a day doesn't sound like a whole lot if it's evenly distributed.
16:40<millisa>that's a user about every 4 mins or so (if they were nice enough to evenly space themselves). your peak usage is probably what's going to determine which size node you need.
16:42<donalsd>And what type of database would you recommend for such a scenario - also taking into consideration that I need to add the metadata of the 1.5 gb images in the database (url, title, author etc.) once a day?
16:43<donalsd>By database I mean, what linode instance would you recommend for a database.
16:44<millisa>I don't think I'd hazard a guess; I'd probably try a sample set on the web server first. As long as you know where your connection string is, it's usually easy to migrate to a dedicated database instances
16:45<donalsd>Alright, thanks! One last question: Why would you prefer Linode over other vendors like DO?
16:45<millisa>The support is what sells me on them mostly.
16:45<millisa>(I use DO too where appropriate)
16:46<millisa>there's a dozen or so of them in here, quietly, breathing. they do participate. they have good folks answer the phones on first ring.
16:46<millisa>er, answering
16:47<millisa>they just did a pretty new website - I think they are being fair about themselves there
16:47<millisa>oh, and I like linode's backup product a little more than DO's.
16:48<millisa>(unless I'm mistaken, DO doesn't let you schedule the time for the backup to run? it didn't the last time I looked)
16:48<donalsd>Right, DigitalOcean doesn't seem to have any phone support option. And sending emails and opening tickets at critical times is not the right way to go.
16:49<donalsd>Thanks for your help millisa! :D
16:49<millisa>sure thing.
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17:29<r_>Anyone from @sales?
17:29<@rgerke>r_: I'm not from sales, but I am part of the Support Team and I might be able to answer your questions.
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