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01:09<atrus>question -- i'm trying to switch my dns slaves from another private server to linode's, using the instructions at . It looks like all 5 linode servers performed an axfr correctly, but I'm trying to verify that they can now resolve records sent to them.
01:11<atrus>so, is now (, and i expected to be able to run `host`. but that gives me a REFUSED error.
01:13<atrus>(i was hoping to verify that before i switch my registry over to include linode dns ips)
01:15<atrus>is the fact that `host` resolves correctly the right approach instead?
01:16<atrus>ohh, i should be pushing out transfers to the axfr ips, but listing ns{1-5} as my NS records, shouldn't i.
01:29<nate>Now if I have a linode w/ a pending maintenance but not a pending upgrade, restarting it isn't enough to simply initiate the migration is it?
01:30<grawity>if it's scheduled maintenance, it will happen on schedule and not sooner
01:30<grawity>they even explicitly state that restarting the linode will not bypass the scheduled maintenance
01:31<nate>Well it used to be that you could do the upgrade to work around it, however the scheduled maintenance time is going to directly impact it's use in a way that isn't likely gonna be acceptable lol
01:31<nate>but alright, I guess I'll just have to deal with it
01:36<Peng_>If you had a pending upgrade, it would still do the trick, probably
01:37<Peng_>Linode needs to offer free upgrades more often. ;-)
01:38<nate>yeah that's usually what I always did, for once though I don't have one lol
01:38<nate>at least on the one linode, all my other ones do lol
01:40<@pwoods>nate: You can also clone to a new Linode or resize the Linode.
01:40<@pwoods>Just make sure you clone to a Linode in the same data center, so you can swap IPs
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02:03<MH>Hi, Does Linode offer partner sales channels?
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02:05<@rgerke>MH: Would you be able to elaborate on what you'd like to do?
02:10<Guest5007>I'm working as Solution Architect for a company in Singapore. We work with AWS on Cloud Infra offering.
02:11<Guest5007>Although AWS pitches for Startups but the costing is painful for some reasons.
02:11<Guest5007>Happen to bump on Linode website.
02:12<Guest5007>Looking to partner with Linode on offering Cloud infra for SMEs and Startups.
02:18<@rgerke>Would you be reselling?
02:18<@rgerke>If so, check this out:
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02:28<Guest5007>Thank you for the response. I'll look thru the link and write to you.
02:28<@rgerke>That sounds great! We look forward to hearing from you!
02:30<erik>Oh, and we are mentioned. But seems like the link to the case study is a bit off
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02:47<@rgerke>erik: I just notied that. I'll see if we can get that fixed. Thanks for pointing that out.
02:51<erik>rgerke: No worries. I like the new linode page. Looks neat :)
02:53<@rgerke>erik: Thanks! There are still things tht need to be fixed here and there, but I think it's looking pretty good.
02:54<erik>rgerke: I know the feeling :) Always some things to clear up afterwards but that is the way of things.
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04:52<HoangNhi>Anybody there?
04:53<HoangNhi>hi Peng
04:53<HoangNhi>Can approve my account?
04:57<Peng_>I'm sorry, I'm not a Linode employee. I can't help with that.
05:02<@pwoods>HoangNhi: I'm a Linode employee. I'll look into it for you
05:06<HoangNhi>Can approve my account?
05:09<@pwoods> HoangNhi: it's being reviewed right now. I'd recommend checking your email inbox soon to see if there's any additional steps required.
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06:11<JWK>Hi all!
06:11<JWK>A quick question: can I use stackscript on Linode's CoreOS image to run an ignition file on first startup?
06:45<@jcardillo>JWK: not sure but we're looking into it for you.
06:45<@rdaniels>JWK: Hi! You've got us thinking.
06:56<@scrane>Hey JWK, I just did a little diigging and no, you won't be able to usue a StackScript with our CloudOS image. It doesn't appear we have that functionality at the moment.
06:57<@scrane>Sorry, CoreOS
06:59<@scrane>Actually wait... I'm sorry I may be wrong.
07:09<JWK>Before CoreOS became part of the linode image family, the only way to manage automated installs with OS configuration was to use a stackscript to download and launch a coreos install from CoreOS cdn each time, which is time-inefficient and uses external bandwidth. The idea of having CoreOS as a first level citizen of the linode image family would be a great jump forward, if only it could be configured automatically. Other providers offer
07:09<JWK>so-called "userdata" means, like DigitalOcean or AWS, but a Stackscript would work equally well by resetting the first_boot flag and saving new user_data in /usr/share/oem or similar.
07:20<@scrane>Hmm. I can definitely see what you mean by that. So I just tried a simple StackScript deploy on a CoreOS Linode I just provisioned and it didn't work for me, but that might just be user error on my part. Because StackScripts run post-boot we don't have a method right now to natively create an iginition config via StackScript for the image's first boot, but what you might be able to do is write a few lines in a StackScript to trick CoreOS into
07:20<@scrane> running ignition on the next boot. I found this via GitHub:
07:21<@scrane>I'm going to pass this feedback along to our team, though, to see if we can get some extra eyes on our CoreOS Stackscript options, though.
07:29<JWK>If you don't mind, I'd send you my email address via privmsg, so if anyone of your team wants to request more details or just drop me a note, I'd be glad to help. While I'm not a CoreOS official dev, I do advocate expansion of "immutable/deploy-by-configuration" linux distros like CoreOS, NixOS, RancherOS, etc.
07:30<@scrane>Sure thing! I can include that in the feedback I pass along, though I can't promise whether or not someone will reach out.
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08:04<igordejak>Hi. I have a question about site
08:04<igordejak>Is it your hosting?
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08:04<igordejak>site is down now and seems like database is not work
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08:15<LouWestin>Looks like a Wordpress issue.
08:15<LouWestin>I know he’s gone, but for the record, it doesn’t trace back to Linode.
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08:38<linbot>New news from community: Backup retore failed and Linode is not bootable <>
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08:53<primitiv>hola amigos, does bring anybody to the website itself OR the wp install page?
08:53<primitiv>a records seem to be pointing to my linode ip just fine\
08:53<primitiv>even clearing the cache doesnt seem to hel;p
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09:24<primitiv>not sure why its not working
09:32<primitiv>maybe its just dns still
09:39<linbot>New news from community: Wireguard on CentOS 8 not working. <>
09:43<kharlan>primitiv: showing an ssl certificate issue and the wp install page.
09:44<kharlan>this doesn't seem to be a dns issue.
09:45<primitiv>does the wp install page load
09:45<primitiv>because for me brings me to dreamhost oops page4
09:45<primitiv>i tried diff browsers, disabling cache
09:45<kharlan>that domain resolves to for me
09:45<primitiv>i cant see the darn install page
09:45<primitiv>thats good thats my linode ip
09:45<kharlan>yep that link brings me to your install page
09:48<primitiv>thats good thats my linode ip
09:48<primitiv>how do i see that page though any ideas
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10:27<primitiv> still won't load properly for m
10:28<primitiv>why does it load for you
10:29<linbot>New news from community: Temporary disks or folders for /run/user/ <>
10:32<kharlan>primitiv: it's resolving to your linodes ip?
10:32<kharlan>you don't have any ip based redirect rules in your config?
10:32<primitiv>yes the 172
10:32<primitiv>not beside the https one
10:32<primitiv>wehich shoulnt not allow me to load it properly
10:32<primitiv> is my linode ip
10:32<kharlan>have you tried using curl?
10:33<primitiv>--head shows http is moved permanently to https
10:33<kharlan>have you tried from your phone on the same network?
10:34<primitiv>yes same issue
10:34<primitiv>shall i try data?\
10:34<kharlan>it'll work with data
10:34<primitiv>data works fine
10:34<primitiv>must be my network...
10:34<primitiv>rebooting should help>
10:35<primitiv>thats so weird...flush dns maybe?
10:35<kharlan>it doesn't work on your phone either
10:36<kharlan>do you have a local dns server?
10:36<kharlan>most residential gateways have one and that's the dns server specified via dhcp
10:36<kharlan>I don't think it's a dns issue though. What are the logs saying on your server?
10:37<kharlan>have you tried just creating a black website with no ssl to see if it works?
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10:38<primitiv>it works on daat on my phone
10:38<primitiv>on my wifi on phone it gives the same issue
10:38<primitiv>no local dns server i don't believe so
10:39<primitiv>would indicate my network is the issue
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10:52<fergtm>Does IPv6 traffic between linodes in the same datacenter counts against the transfer limit or do I still need to get a private ip address?
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11:53<arby>yesterday, on reboot, my Fremont linodes dropped off the net ... booted, but no external connections. It appears that there'd been a change with virtio on the host side -- instead of mapping to (e.g.) DeviceFile == 'eth1', which it had been for a long time, it was suddenly remapped to 'eth2'. Once I changed my net scripts, firewall, etc. all's good again.
11:53<arby>what was changed? was there an intention/announcement?
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12:02<arby>ping @ops
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12:05<@bbigger>arby: looking into this now
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12:11<@bbigger>arby I'm seeing similar reports from other customers related to an issue with a recent scsi bus change (adding more slots) and the existence of a persistent-net.rules file in /etc/udev/rules.d/ on their systems
12:12<arby>@bbigger: ok. this has happened before , in 04/2018. ticket opened, assurances given that it
12:12<arby>d not happen again, etc etc.
12:13<arby>*was* there a heads-up published/sent/etc?
12:14<arby>(& yes, I'm verrrry grumpy. sry. stayed up waaaaay past my bed-time fixing these ...)
12:14<@bbigger>gotcha — could you drop the 04/2018 ticket number if it's not too much trouble? I'd like to have this documented so we can help ensure it doesn't recur
12:15<@bbigger>sorry to hear that, and understood — also, many thanks for continuing and raising this issue despite this
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12:16<@bbigger>I'm relaying this to the company to make sure it doesn't go unnoticed
12:20<@bbigger>arby: the change was announced to LKML here:
12:24<arby>@bbigger: Sigh. On LKML. Fair enuf. Odd, I've been running 5.3.x on linodes for awhile, with no issues. Yesterday's reboots did pick up a point-version bump. Looking for the commit dates now ...
12:24<arby>I attemtped booting with Linode's kernels, tho ... and had the same issue. I'm PrettySure(tm) they're not THAT new yet? (looking now, too ...)
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12:26<arby>@bbigger: So IIUC, there's a udev rule change needed @ host, on Linode's end?
12:28<arby>ok, I'm a bit confused between the scsi effects, and the virtio changes ...
12:34<@bleckemby>Hi arby, let me take a crack at explaining it (without giving away the secret sauce).
12:37<@bleckemby>With the SCSI changes we made in regards to the LKML post, some `virtio` devices got shifted around. Now, if there were no persistent-net.rules in /etc/udev/rules.d/, udev would go along its merry way and assign interfaces and mac addresses accordingly. However, if they exist, udev tries to add its own mac address to the interface.
12:38<@bleckemby>Then, the guest sees two different mac addresses and misassigns the interfaces.
12:40<arby>@bleckemby: I do have my usual "70-persistent-net.rules"
12:40<arby>boot param "net.ifnames=0" is set.
12:40<arby>AND, as InstructedPrevioiusly(tm) by Linode, "Auto-Configure Networking" is disabled.
12:40<arby>With that: '... your Linode's network interface will remain as "eth1". You can leave it as-is and you will not need to make any further changes to keep it named "eth1".'
12:40<arby>what's different now? mainly, so as to understand what to do to NOT get fubar'd in the future ...
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12:41<@bleckemby>Either delete the persistent rules so udev builds them correctly, or use Network Helper. I'll double check with our admins just to be sure.
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12:42<arby>PLs do. That's different instruction/advice than b4 ...
12:42<@bleckemby>I totally understand that. From my understanding, this was unintended behavior.
12:43<arby>sry, WHICH was the unintended behavior ... the prior instructions? or the recent scsi stuff? not following :-/
12:44<@bleckemby>The recent changes we needed to make to how we distribute SCSI devices caused this unexpected networking issue to arise.
12:47<arby>k. there's also the presence of the "lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Apr 10 2018 80-net-setup-link.rules -> /dev/null" link, associated with setup of "Persistent Net Naming" ... which is, atm, unfortunately not so persistent. I suppose add that in there to ur ping to eng ...
12:48<arby>ahhh ... now TWO entries in ' 70-persistent-net.rules ' ... with different MACs.
12:49<arby>I meant "KERNELS==...", not MACs
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13:19<linbot>New news from community: Any plans to increase the disks on High Memory instances? <>
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13:21<arby>now, sleeeep ....
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14:11*csnxs hums to himself
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15:18<warewolf>er, that was fun
15:18<warewolf>did Dallas just hiccup?
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18:01<millisa>just got my 2 hour warning that my first one of these is happening -
18:13<nuevu>Mine seem to be really spread out. I have 4 tonight, then a gap of like 5 days.
18:14<millisa>I am jealous. it's like 1-2 a night for the next couple weeks.
18:14<nuevu>Okay, that's more spread out than mine :)
18:14<millisa>i guess neither of my upcoming saturdays have any. that's nice.
18:15<millisa>is tonight your first set?
18:15<nuevu>Feature request: plot the maintenance schedule on a calendar.
18:16<nuevu>Or export it as an ical or something.
18:16<millisa>probably wouldn't take a ton to pull it via api. it's how i get my nagios alerts about them
18:16<nuevu>Hadn't considered that it's probably available that way.
18:17<millisa>I use /v4/account/notifications
18:18<nuevu>That's a good tip, thanks.
18:26<millisa>in case you wanted to see what a real output set looks like (id's and names changed) for this maint:
18:27<nuevu>Thanks, I've already queried it for my set. Just have to decide now how best to integrate that data into monitoring/alerting.
18:29-!-nate [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:06<@rgerke>nuevu: I have sent that feature request over to the team to take a look into. Thanks for the suggestion.
19:11<nuevu>Cool! millisa's suggestion to hit up the API was a good one, but it'd still be handy to have something you can quickly consult in the manager, or subscribe to in a calendaring solution.
19:15<dwfreed>yeah, an ical subscription would be legit
19:15<dwfreed>and ical is a very simple format to produce
19:37-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:37<arooni>" has exceeded the notification threshold (5) for outbound traffic rate by averaging 5.05 Mb/s for the last 2 hours" is this an issue?
19:38<dwfreed>we can't answer that question
19:38<arooni>is there a way to find out where the majority of that outgoing traffic is coming from?
19:38<dwfreed>only you can
19:38<dwfreed>iftop is useful for that
19:38<arooni>which process
19:38<arooni>interesting its like htop for traffic?
19:38<dwfreed>iftop would tell you the connection, and then you could use netstat to map that to a process
19:42-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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20:00<primitiv> *132 client intended to send too large body: 241202539 bytes -- how do i fix this?
20:00<primitiv>i increased it to 200m
20:05<millisa>increase it another 30 or so or make it not send 230ishMB?
20:09<primitiv>okay i had to increase it indeed!
20:09<primitiv>millisa, how have you been?
20:11<primitiv>imhaving issues adding a ssl using certbot
20:12<primitiv>nvm i fixed that as well
20:13<primitiv> does this domain load for anybody?
20:14<LouWestin>Iftop ftw!
20:15<millisa>looks like a dns issue?
20:15<primitiv>nameservers point to awardspace
20:15<millisa>or a registrar thing unless i can't type. why not both
20:16<primitiv>i confirmed that
20:16-!-vsync [] has joined #linode
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20:16<primitiv>so would it be safe to assume its my registrar?
20:16<primitiv>this seems to show them fine?
20:17<millisa>updated today
20:18<linbot>millisa: The DNS query name does not exist:
20:19<primitiv>what does that mean
20:22<millisa>linbot isn't successful looking it up either.
20:23<millisa>dig -t a @ns[1-6] doesn't give me a valid response (my whois has ns5/ns6 listed)
20:27<primitiv>okay so awardspace is def the culprit i sent them a message, thanks
20:27<primitiv>!point millisa
20:27<linbot>primitiv: Point given to millisa. (111) (Biggest fan: relidy, total: 17)
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20:59<mae>Anyone home?
20:59<millisa>lots of people
21:00<mae>How to chat with Linode customer support?
21:00<millisa>that looks like a wordpress error.
21:00<millisa>not really a linode issue.
21:01<mae>I just need someone from Linode to access FTP and replace the function.php file
21:01<millisa>they probably wouldn't do that.
21:01<millisa>You can do it though
21:01<millisa>This mentions how to connect via ssh:
21:02<millisa>this one is a pretty good doc on using filezilla to put files up there:
21:02<mae>problem is I don't know the FTP Logins
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21:03<millisa>why not? is it not your server?
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22:07<linbot>New news from community: Unable to SSH or SFTP After Upgrade <>
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22:14<millisa>woot. about 8 mins from connectivity loss to pinging
22:17<linbot>New news from community: My CentOS 6.8, Linode 2GB: 1 CPU, 50GB Storage, 2GB RAM down <>
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23:10<millisa>~6.25 minutes on the second one. hooray for these going well.
23:12<dwfreed>my irssi Linode gets rebooted tomorrow
23:15<dwfreed>I should probably check if ZNC needs updating
23:16<chonk>A kernel upgrade is probably a good thing to do right before a scheduled reboot right?
23:16<chonk>I joke, don't do
23:18<millisa>i do most of my kernel upgrades before scheduled reboots
23:19<dwfreed>best time to get the upgrade applied
23:19<millisa>it's usually my schedule, but ...
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23:55<AugustusCaesar24>is it possible to have many domains for ne server?
23:56<millisa>are you asking how to do vhosts with a web server?
23:56<AugustusCaesar24>is that what its called?
23:57<millisa>virtual hosts, vhosts, usually something along those lines. which web server are you using?
23:57<AugustusCaesar24>i want and to all point to same server
23:57<millisa>apache? nginx?
23:57<AugustusCaesar24>the $5 linode with nginx
23:58<linbot>New news from community: How do I get my key used to connect to my server moved from linux to windows <>
23:58<millisa>they have a couple nginx guides that might help you. this one talks some about the server block:
23:58<millisa>this one is more ubuntu specific
23:58<millisa>they have a bunch of others at
23:59<AugustusCaesar24>ill take a look at them
23:59<AugustusCaesar24>thank you!
23:59<millisa>it's not really a linode specific question though - any nginx guide on setting up name based virtual hosts with those server blocks should apply
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