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04:09<csnxs>does this "beta tester kit" include a hand-written love poem from mcintosh?
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08:12<primitiv>so awardspace says they still see ns1 and ns2
08:12<primitiv>when i see ns5 and ns6
08:13<primitiv>is there anything i can do to speed things up via propagation in the future
08:13<primitiv>its taking over 24 hours so far
08:16<DrJ>primitiv: you didn't give much detail on what you are fully doing, but DNS propagation is a waiting game that you don't really have much control of
08:19<primitiv>what about ttls or whatever
08:19<primitiv>setting it to 10 mins
08:21<dwfreed>if it is in the TLD zone delegation, most of those TTLs are anywhere from 2 days to 1 week, depending on TLD
08:22<primitiv> any idea why only the homepage displauyus SSL issues?
08:22<primitiv>never seen this issue before
08:22<dwfreed>eg, .com delegation records are 2 days
08:22<primitiv>what about .ca ?
08:24<dwfreed>they appear to be 1 day
08:25<dwfreed>so the first time I loaded that site, I got a mixed content warning; reloading the page did not reproduce the issue, though
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15:12<AugustusCaesar24>how do i point multiple domains to one ip?
15:12<millisa>As in how to do it with dns?
15:12<Peng_>The same way you point one domain to one IP, but multiple times. :P
15:13<AugustusCaesar24>i see
15:13<AugustusCaesar24>so i have to set up multiple domains in the domains tab
15:13<millisa>and assuming you are still talking about web hosting, it's up to your web server to do different things according to the host header that is sent
15:14<millisa>Yep. If you are using linode's dns servers and have both domains pointed to, you'd have multiple domains in the domains tab
15:14<AugustusCaesar24>thats easy
15:14<millisa>don't jinx it!
15:14<AugustusCaesar24>Lol ;)
15:15<millisa>depending on what you have in the first domain, you may even be able to use the 'clone' option if you mostly need the same setup.
15:15<millisa>its over on the '...' to the right on the domain name
15:18<AugustusCaesar24>thats good too
15:18<AugustusCaesar24>but theres like 3 steps to getting the new domain so im not gonna sweat it too much
15:19<AugustusCaesar24>if i clone then do i just change the domain name then?
15:25<AugustusCaesar24>can we add a copy button on things that we have to copy from docs
15:25<AugustusCaesar24>like the ns2.linode
15:25<AugustusCaesar24>not necessary but would make it nicer!
15:26<millisa>if you clone, you pick the old name you want the records to come from, then pick the new name you want it to use.
15:47<AugustusCaesar24>super nice!
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16:05<Cromulent>What is the chance that Linode would allow a private IP range for the sole of one owner for their network? There must be some space in the range.
16:07<Whiskey`Wonka>Cromulent: for what use?
16:08<Cromulent>Having nodes routed only via private IP and no public address
16:09<Cromulent>And controlling access to that range
16:09<Whiskey`Wonka>they wont do that. ive asked. the best you can do is use the 192 address they give you and then put gre/ipsec over that
16:09<Cromulent>Hmm I might be outgrowing Linode after 10 happy year's.
16:10<linbot>New news from community: Install MySQL Server after an upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 <>
16:10<Whiskey`Wonka>same here
16:11<Whiskey`Wonka>and for the same issue and another network one
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16:33<packetcat>did a host node in Toronto just have a hiccup? both of my Linodes in Toronto rebooted, I just got an e-mail about Lassie initiating boot
16:34<millisa>they usually give you a ticket if that happens
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16:36<dwfreed>packetcat: a lassie initiated boot would be caused by your Linode itself dying, not the host
16:36<packetcat>two of them at the same time?
16:36<dwfreed>not impossible
16:37<dwfreed>keep in mind that Linode tries *really* hard not to put multiple Linodes owned by the same customer on the same host
16:37<dwfreed>so your original question was most likely about 2 different hosts, too
16:37<packetcat>it is indeed two different hosts, that is very strange
16:37<Whiskey`Wonka>maybe the hardware issue that hit me is going around
16:38<packetcat>h41-tor1 and h52-tor1 to be specific
16:38<chonk>logs show anything conclusive?
16:38<packetcat>mine? only that it was a unceremoniuos reboot, systemd-journald complaining about corrupted entries
16:39<dwfreed>look at logview in lish
16:39<dwfreed>I bet it's more insightful
16:41<packetcat> nothing particularly relevant there other than the usual boot output
16:42<dwfreed>gotta scroll up
16:42<dwfreed>also that looks like the actual console, not logview
16:43<dwfreed>detach from the screen session, then run 'logview'
16:43<Whiskey`Wonka>mm interesting. the emergency shutdown today caused the sheduled work to be closed. looks like ticket 12864558 is a unknown event
16:44<dwfreed>an emergency reboot generally takes care of the scheduled maintenance too, where possible
16:46<packetcat>I detached from screen and checked logview, also nothing
16:46<packetcat>very strange
16:47<dwfreed>did you scroll up logview to the end of the last boot?
16:47<dwfreed>it shows the last boot first, then the current boot
16:48<dwfreed>(which is dumb, imo)
16:48<packetcat>yep -
16:49<packetcat>lemme check the other Linode
16:49<dwfreed>and /proc/cmdline has console=ttyS0 in it somewhere?
16:51<packetcat>yep, both of them
16:51<dwfreed>is it last in the list of console= arguments?
16:52<packetcat>BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.15.0-65-generic root=/dev/sda ro console=tty0 console=ttyS0,19200n8 net.ifnames=0 splash
16:52<packetcat>both of these are Ubuntu 18.04 hosts, using the Ubuntu provided kernel FWIW
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17:00<chonk>dmesg point to anything conclusive?
17:00<chonk>i suppose it would have showed up in the console if it was major
17:02<packetcat>nothing, that was where I checked first
17:02<packetcat>it almost feels like when I do `virsh reset` on a KVM VM
17:02<dwfreed>dmesg is gone after reboot
17:02<dwfreed>packetcat: it's possible you crashed qemu
17:02<dwfreed>or Linode crashed qemu
17:03<packetcat>yeah that's what it feels like
17:06<packetcat>gonna open a ticket and see what happens
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19:47<@rgerke>packetcat: Sorry for the delay, but I have found your ticket and I'm looking at it now.
19:47<packetcat>no worries, I'm not in a rush
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22:01<icaema>What happens if I go over my transfer quota?
22:01<millisa>you get billed for extra
22:01<icaema>how much?
22:02<icaema>thank you
22:02<millisa>that whole page is good at explaining how it works
22:15<@pwoods>icaema: I also want to point out that it's pro-rated, so spinning up a Linode today won't give you a full month's worth of transfer.
22:18<icaema>I see
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22:23<dwfreed>down for almost 17 minutes, tsk tsk
22:33<millisa>343s for mine this hour
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