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04:31<zrl>i'm not sure how this works, is it a chat?
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07:15<primitiv>hola amigos
07:15<primitiv>it's possible to upload files from my windows pc to my server via putty yes?
07:15<primitiv>like termina;
07:15<primitiv>like using terminal **
07:16<grawity>yeah, using putty's "psftp.exe" or "pscp.exe"
07:16<grawity>you might prefer WinSCP for it though
07:25<primitiv>regular putty won't work?
07:25<primitiv>trying to avoid using filezilla or a client to upload files so its quicker
07:25<grawity>regular putty doesn't deal with file uploads/downloads at all
07:31<primitiv>would have fooled me
07:31<primitiv>winscp is good?
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08:42<primitiv>nginx is returning 440
08:42<primitiv>but i have no error logs?
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08:48<primitiv>what are things i can look for
08:50<primitiv>ahhh nvm fixed it
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09:55<linbot>New news from community: How do I configure an email client with Linode, cPanel, and DNSMadeEasy? <>
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14:06<linbot>New news from community: Why deduct a dollar from my credit card and when can I get a refund? <>
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19:27<Ram>if Bandwidth less this month , can we use that for next month ?
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19:28<millisa>The quota rolls over on the first. It's not like minutes on some cellphone plans where they rollover.
19:28<devilspgd>Ram: No.
19:28<millisa>it is prorated according to how much of the month is left.
19:29<millisa>this doc explains it all pretty well:
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19:30<Ram>and can we expert any offers for this black friday ?
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19:32<millisa>i dont remember linode ever doing something special for black friday. they have promos nearly always on the documentation pages and sometimes bigger ones at their tradeevents
19:38<devilspgd>And virtually always new-customer-only promos, I believe?
19:39<linbot>New news from community: Link to "Add DNS Records" broken, additional questions <>
19:42<LouWestin>Ram: they usually do yearly upgrades across all plans
19:45<Peng_>Timed at Linode's birthday, not Black Friday
19:46<Ram>so for 2020 will they update there plans ?
19:46<Ram>early 2020
19:46<millisa>it's unlikely they'd announce that ahead of time.
19:47<millisa>they've done pretty good at staying competitive with other vps providers
19:47<chonk>Back in my day, Linode's were steam powered!
19:47<LouWestin>Yeah they’ll either upgrade memory, HDD space, or something
19:48<millisa>Don't remember if there has been one since last year
19:48<LouWestin>And Debian was in its first release chonk?
19:48<Ram>will they upgrade for same prices
19:48<devilspgd>Some have been big enough upgrades I've stepped down a tier and saved money instead.
19:48<chonk>Nodebalancers got cheaper and i think the Dedi plans got parity with their non-dedi counterparts iirc
19:48<millisa>this might be the last one:
19:48<Ram>I want more bandwidth !
19:49<millisa>bandwidth is pooled. add extra linodes to your account. you don't have to use them; they'll still add to your transfer quota
19:49<devilspgd>Ram: Typically they announce newer plans and you can migrate (1 click, with a few minutes of downtime) or not.
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19:50<LouWestin>What I like about Linode is they’re on top of anything that goes wrong.
19:50<Ram>is there anyone here not using much bandwidth ?, So i can Combine with them and purchase
19:50<Ram>so i can use there bandwidth
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19:51<LouWestin>You can only share between your own Linodes
19:51<millisa>Ram: you dont get cut off if you go over your quota. You just get billed for it
19:51<devilspgd>I can't recall any price increase, nor any case where you got less in any category (well, other than the discounts for prepaying annually)
19:52<LouWestin>You’d have to be streaming video to even get close to hitting your limit
19:52<Peng_>devilspgd: Can I send you a silly PM?
19:52<millisa>Read the section that talks about how to mitigate overages if you don't want to pay the $0.02/GB extra
19:52<devilspgd>Sure :)
19:53<Ram>I can Pay Annually
19:53<Ram>any discount
19:53<millisa>linodes are billed hourly.
19:53<millisa>you can preload your account if you want, but there's not a discount for it
19:53<devilspgd>They don't do prepayment discounts anymore, haven't for many years.
19:53<millisa>relevant doc:
19:54<Ram>and IN Bandwidth is unlimited right, we can download unlimited content to our server right ?
19:55<Ram>what i i use 1000TB
19:55<Ram>by running autoscripts which downloads and deleted the file
19:55<Peng_>Do you plan to?
19:55<Ram>just asking
19:55<LouWestin>I use like 1% bandwidth a month
19:56<LouWestin>And that was for a gaming server
19:56<Ram>LouWestin Please join with me
19:58<devilspgd>I've gotten close on my outbound bandwidth a couple times over the years, but only because I tried. even now I run some public mirrors and never get close.
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20:16<millisa>you'll all be surprised to learn - the worst way to acquire more transfer for your pool is to get the largest GPU plan...
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20:18<Peng_>Did you run big data AI computations on the GPU to learn that?
20:18<millisa>what else could I run excel on?
20:19<millisa>the smallest gpu plan is better for transfer pool than the largest dedicated and largest high memory
20:22<millisa>(adding nanodes, 2gb standard, or 4gb standard plans all seem to be equally the best way to add to the transfer pool)
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