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00:49<SerenityStudios>Linode support is taking forever to respond
00:51<@rgerke>Hi there! I'm with the Support team. Do you have a ticket number that I can look into?
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00:52<@rgerke>Ram: Hello!
00:52<Ram>Kindly check my one month usage
00:53<Ram>i required more bandwidth
00:53<@rgerke>Ram: Thanks for the screenshot. Do you want to discuss this as it relates to your Linode? If so, the best way is to open a support ticket so we can discuss account-specifics with you.
00:55<Ram>No currently i am using other hosting provider
00:55<Ram>i want to move to linode
00:55<Ram>since it have good Network Out speed
00:56<Ram>but linode have limited transfer
00:56<@rgerke>Ram: We'd love to have you. I'm going to link you to a couple of docs that give info on choosing the best Linod eplan for what you need.
00:56<Ram>i can only afford 40$
00:57<dwfreed>perhaps you should figure out some source of revenue so you can afford more
00:57<Ram>standard 40$ plan is well but have limited transfer
00:58<@rgerke>That would cover the cost of the 8GB Linode. You can use that one, but if you exceed your transfer there will be additional charges.
00:58<SerenityStudios>Oh hey
00:59<@rgerke>Ram: Here's a guide on how network transfer works.
00:59<@rgerke>SerenityStudios: Got it. Thanks. I found the ticket and someone is working on it right now. You should have an answer shortly.
01:00<SerenityStudios>Oh that's awesome. I had no idea IRC chat would really work!! Thanks :)
01:01<dwfreed>staff aren't always looking at IRC, so if it's urgent, a call also works
01:03<dwfreed>855-454-6633 or 609-380-7100; Skype allows calling US toll free numbers for free from anywhere in the world
01:03<dwfreed>is it sad that I have those numbers memorized still, 6 years later
01:04<@rgerke>Well, you got to put that knowledge to good use tonight!
01:07<dwfreed>fun fact: neither of those numbers were the Linode phone number when I started working there
01:09<SerenityStudios>I'm still waiting on a response, should I still bother calling? It's kind of urgent - we're trying to launch a beta site for a client tomorrow; had a scheduled maintenance that we forgot about; maintenance was supposed to be 30 min - 2 hours. We're now 3hr+ in.
01:10<nate>SerenityStudios: It's still showing as active in your dashboard or you just assume it is because things haven't come back up?
01:10<nate>Have you tried SSH or Lish'ing in to see if the manager is just wrong?
01:10<SerenityStudios>I think that. When I go on WebLish it's just that last line * Starting Bridge file events into upstart [ OK ]
01:11<SerenityStudios>no prompt
01:11<SerenityStudios>I'm a little scared to restart it myself
01:12<SerenityStudios>Can't SSH in 'cause of a connection timeout. Staging domains are down
01:13<@rgerke>I would wait a little bit. My colleague is still working on the ticket. He'll have a response for you soon.
01:13<SerenityStudios>Okay cool
01:13<SerenityStudios>Thanks :)
01:13<dwfreed>SerenityStudios: try hitting enter, see what happens
01:15<dwfreed>sounds like the machine hung during bootup
01:16<SerenityStudios>Yeah. That's what I figure, but I wanted to have a pro look at it. It's said that same line in the terminal for the past two hours.
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01:18<dwfreed>also if you're running upstart, you should update the machine; Ubuntu stopped supporting 14.04 in April, and CentOS 6 stops being supported in a year (and is super old as-is)
01:22<@rgerke>SerenityStudios: You should have a response now.
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01:32<SerenityStudios>Thanks. Asked me to reboot. Now it's stuck at another part :( * Stopping log initial device creation [ OK ]
01:34<@rgerke>SerenityStudios: I recommend responding with any info you have in the ticket. That was we can look directly at your Linode and help troubleshoot a lot easier.
01:37<@rgerke>I've got your ticket now. Working on it. It might be a bit as I want to be thorough.
01:40<SerenityStudios>Ah, thank you so much.
01:52<@rgerke>SerenityStudios: Still working on it. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.
01:53<SerenityStudios>Really appreciate the update!
02:00<@rgerke>I have responded.
02:04<SerenityStudios>Cool. Responding back right now.
02:21<SerenityStudios>Sadly, the migration didn't work. Same issue.
02:31<@rgerke>You have a ticket response.
02:47<@rgerke>I have as well.
03:05<SerenityStudios>Still troubleshooting?
03:06<@rgerke>I am. I'll be respnding shortly.
03:18<@rgerke>I responded. I apologize for the misspelled word in my response. I caught it after I hit 'submit'.
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03:50<SerenityStudios>No problemo with the misspelling. I just responded to the ticket. Thank you.
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05:05<dwfreed># iptables-save | wc -l
05:05<dwfreed>in case you thought your firewall rules were long
05:06<dwfreed>granted, this is generated by a tool (that is very nice to configure, I might add, and not ufw)
05:06<dwfreed>also there are 9 different zones, each with their own forwarding rules
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07:12<primitiv>would you say javascript or php is best for detecting idle time within the browser?
07:12<primitiv>it can be done with both but cant seem to make my mind of which is best
07:12<Zr40>how would you define 'idle time'?
07:13<primitiv>no keyboard key pressed, mouse hasn't moved
07:13<Zr40>you certainly can't detect that with php
07:13<nate>primitiv: Considering PHP is entirely server-side
07:14<Zr40>what if someone switches to another browser tab but is still present?
07:14<primitiv>if they switch tabs i want it to run as well
07:14<primitiv>beat me to it :P
07:14<Zr40>well, you can't detect activity in tabs outside of your control
07:14<primitiv>thats fine
07:14<primitiv>if they go from my site to another
07:14<primitiv>they can do whatevrr they want
07:14<Zr40>what do you want to use this for?
07:14<primitiv>i just want it to count as idle time until they return and ,ove the mouse for example7
07:15<primitiv>log people out after X idle time
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07:15<Zr40>I'd simply have the session be valid for only X amount of time
07:15<primitiv>that's not efficient though
07:15<Zr40>why not?
07:16<primitiv>it would end up logging them out no matter what they do
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15:03<victor_>do you speack spanish?
15:03<millisa>Not outside of ordering food
15:04<millisa>Ask anyways
15:04<victor_>i have a problem with 2 factor authenticator
15:04<millisa>What kind of problem?
15:05<victor_>not connect
15:05<victor_>so can't login administrator
15:05<millisa>Use your scratch code to login and disable it
15:05<victor_>i dont have scratch code
15:06<millisa>You will have to contact Linode support then -
15:06<millisa>They will need the info listed in that section to disable it for you
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15:08<victor_>thank you very much!
15:08<Peng_>Typo, sorry
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21:46<kharlan>irc as root
21:46<kharlan>ahhh good times ;p
21:46<DrJ>you should do everything as root
21:46<DrJ>that way you are never burdened by stupid security roadblocks
21:47<kharlan>yep sometimes I run 'rm -r /' on production to make things faster ;/
21:47<kharlan>my server is really bare metal then
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21:51<wraeth>rm will probably fall over before it completes. For better optimization, use `for blk in /dev/sd* ; do if=/dev/null of=${blk} bs=4M ; done` (jks, don't do that)
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23:33<kharlan>wraeth: thx. I ran cmd and now wordpress doesn't work
23:33<kharlan>maybe php issue?
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