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02:05<linbot>New news from community: digital marketing in keyword optimization <>
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04:47<AugustusCaesar24>has maintanance started? i cant reach my website anymore
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05:35<TagPerfect>Hi, cant login to linode manager, The server at is taking too long to respond.
05:54<@pwoods>TagPerfect: We're not seeing similar reports, and I'm able ot access my Linode account. Can you try on another browser?
06:09<TagPerfect>Thanx for answer! Tried already chrome and firefox
06:15<@pwoods>TagPerfect: And you're still unable to connect to our website?
06:17<nate>What about the main domain or the old manager?
06:18<@pwoods>Good idea. The Classic Manager is available at
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07:14<linbot>New news from community: Creating Linodes without root passwords and mandating key authentication? <>
07:17<nate>why... should always throw a password on it regardless
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07:27<chesty>my root user never has a password. i don't know that it add any security, but I never use it so there's no reason to set one.
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07:38<Zr40>it means no password is valid for that user
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07:53<LouWestin>From what I know on Linode, you set a root password at creation time. Then you’ll login and create a new user/password.
07:55<LouWestin>But doing normal installation of Debian, not setting a root password disables the root account and asks you create a sudo user instead
08:08<DrJ>that's the only thing about the linode prebuilt images... they kind of encourage "rootage"
08:11<DrJ>I'd bet there is some marketing behind that though... if a newcomer creates a new linode and doesn't know what they are really doing the first thing they will think is... "wait, I can't login as root? I don't get root access?"
08:15<LouWestin>That might be the issue since there’s varying levels of skill using linode.
08:15<dzho>just gonna chime in here to mention the idea of setting a root password but disabling root logins via ssh, so that one can only access root through the console or through a key
08:16<dzho>or via sudo or doas
08:16<LouWestin>I always do that and the setup guide recommends it too.
08:18<Zr40>one of the things I've set up salt to do is remove the password
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08:24<nate>chesty: It's more one of those things that it literally harms nothing to have one just in case some sorta vuln might get discovered
08:24<nate>I usually leave root logins enabled but I do whitelisted access on key-only
08:28<Zr40>how does having _more_ ways to become root helps you avoid vulns?
08:31<dzho>denial-of-service is a vulnerability
08:31<dzho>a broadly underappreciate point
08:32<dzho>or, at least, underacknowledged
08:33<Zr40>well, sure, but if a system is compromised at all, I'm taking it offline first
08:33<dzho>if you can get to it
08:33<dzho>which sometimes has problems
08:34<Zr40>then lish
08:34<dzho>like I said, underacknowledged
08:34<nate>Zr40: I didn't say it avoided vulns, I was talking in the event of a vuln that say somehow might result in bypassing key requirement, all of a sudden you have no password protecting
08:35<Zr40>nate: 'no password' doesn't mean 'you don't need a password', it means 'you cannot use a password when it is required'
08:35<LouWestin>If Linode’s systems got hit hard then there could be an issue getting to anything.
08:35<Zr40>if the password isn't required then having a password set doesn't make it so
08:35<nate>Zr40: I feel like that's not the implementation they were talking about, so much as literally having a blank password
08:37<dzho>we are now into the philosophy of nullish things
08:37<LouWestin>As far as vulnerabilities, I signed up for Debians security mailing list so at least I know when security issues arise.
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09:42<warewolf>weird, my linode got shutdown and rebooted ~12 hours ago, did something happen to a host in dallas?
09:43<dzho>you sure it wasn't planned maintenance and you missed the notification?
09:44<warewolf>I don't even have a support ticket?
09:44<grawity>the mandatory maintenance reboots indeed seem to be scheduled for sometime this week
09:44<warewolf>huh, okay
09:44<warewolf>oh yep that was it.
09:45<grawity>did you find the ticket
09:45<warewolf>"opened 20 days ago" okay, that's why I forgot.
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09:56<socketgrid>Are Linode's DNS services for any domain, or only domains pointing to my Linode servers?
09:57<grawity>they're just a regular DNS zone hosting service
09:58<socketgrid>So I can load all 50 or so domains I own in there, even if I'm not using them in connection with my paid services at Linode?
09:58<grawity>I think you need to *have* at least one linode before you can use the DNS service at all, but it doesn't matter where your DNS records actually point
09:58<@bbigger>^^^ that's correct
09:58<socketgrid>Seems like people would take advantage of that big time, why is Linode so generous?
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09:58<@bbigger>because we're cool like that
09:59<socketgrid>I've been exploring hosted DNS options and the pricing is ridiculous.
09:59<@bbigger>yea, we agree :)
09:59<warewolf>paid DNS hosting is dumb.
10:00<socketgrid>That's amazing.
10:00<warewolf>unless it's a bolt-on for other services
10:00<grawity>I'm guessing DNS probably isn't a very resource-intensive service in comparison, so once they have the infrastructure already, a few zones here or there wouldn't make much difference anyway
10:01<warewolf>I do DNS hosting for friends all the time because it costs me next to nothing
10:02<socketgrid>I've wanted to set up my own DNS servers forever now, but I never get around to it.
10:02<grawity>well, until your authoritative servers end up on the business end of a packet flood or something
10:04<socketgrid>That and the last time I tried to figure it out, I couldn't manage to get DNSSEC working with more than one server.
10:04<socketgrid>I ended up using PowerDNS but then, I can't remember what the issue was, but I couldn't get it to replicate, so I gave up and stuck with Rackspace's cloud dns
10:05<grawity>depends on how you sign the zone, e.g. with BIND's inline signing (or with traditional "dnssec-signzone in a cronjob") the secondaries don't need to worry about it, they just replicate the signatures along with everything else via AXFR
10:05<grawity>powerdns might be different
10:05<socketgrid>I love the way Linode works, I've had 3 little servers for over a year now. I was thinking Linode would be the perfect place to set up a couple little DNS servers to manage my own DNS and do things Rackspace couldn't, like DNSSEC
10:05<grawity>anyway, if attacks are not an issue for you, sure, you can even run your own nameserver as the primary and use Linode's DNS service as secondaries
10:06<socketgrid>Not that I'm aware of, no.. I don't host anything that anybody would want to mess with, I don't think.
10:06<socketgrid>Maybe some day, I'm just not that special yet.
10:08<kharlan>hosting a public dns server scares me ;/
10:09<socketgrid>The only real threat I can think of is that if someone wants to exploit a site you host DNS for, they would want to hack your server to redirect visitors to.. wherever.
10:09<socketgrid>I imagine keeping everything up to date and implementing a good firewall configuration should help mitigate those problems, no?
10:20<DrJ>linode DNS is great... just wish the 15 minute update thing could be eradicated
10:21<DrJ>I recently moved everything behind cloudflare though, so I'm now using them for my DNS
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10:28<abhi>hello sir
10:28<nate>DrJ: Just start making your DNS changes closer to the hourly 15 minute mark?
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11:03<linbot>New news from community: Make weekly backups separate from the Linode Backup service? <>
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11:26<linbot>New news from community: How can I upgrade an Ubuntu Linode that has reached EOL without hurting my WordPress configuration? <>
11:27<victor_>Are you there?
11:27<victor_>please help!
11:28<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:29<victor_>websocket.js:112 WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
11:29<victor_>trying to connect to websocket and redis is running
11:30<victor_>we scaned the port 6379 and the status is closed
11:32<victor_>can you tell me if something changes about firewall?
11:34<@jcardillo>if port 6379 is closed, redis may not be started or listening on that port.
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11:36<@jcardillo>you mentioned redis is running already. have you also confirmed that redis is listening on port 6379?
11:36<grawity>what addresses/interfaces is it listening on?
11:36<grawity>yes, so it is configured to only listen on *localhost*
11:37<grawity>(which seems like normal Redis configuration tbh)
11:38<grawity>for that matter, does redis even have a websocket server built in?
11:42<victor_>We configured redis service with web socket
11:43<nate>not last I messed with it, even at that though redis access over a public accessible websocket seems a bad idea
11:45<victor_>That's ok, but until today, the socket service was running ok and functional, without problems. Today at morning, it showed me "connection refuse" (web socket)
11:46<victor_>Let me know please if you have changed something please, today or yesterday at least
11:47<nate>Who is 'you'? Linode staff wouldn't have touched anything on your instance in that form I'm fairly certain
11:47<nate>Not unless you have managed/professional and asked them to
11:53<@rdaniels>victor_: nate is correct. We would not have made any conofiguration changes unless you have an agreement with our Professional Services team.
11:54<@rdaniels>If you would like some additional direction, we can try to assist you in a ticket. Do you already have one open?
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12:09<linbot>New news from community: How do I change the time zone on my Linode? <>
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13:16<rottenprimate>Linode has actual support right? Can't stand waiting for Digital Ocean's support
13:17<@bbigger>we do, we are real and help with problems
13:17<@bbigger>we even wrote this doc about it:
13:17<rottenprimate>Looks like I'm moving to Linode
13:18<millisa>Often the first person that answers the phone is the one that solves your problem, too
13:18<millisa>key bit being 'answers the phone'.
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13:24<nuevu>One of these days I'm going to have to call. So far I haven't really had an issue pressing enough to justify calling. That or I never think of the option when I do.
13:25<nuevu>Tickets and/or IRC are usually fast enough.
13:26<millisa>or fax.
13:26<millisa>when it's *really* important
13:34<nate>yeah calling always seems like it should be reserved for like super critical issues lol
14:17<linbot>we want the funk
14:17<linbot>give up the funk
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14:23<AfterDarkness>hello, i am trying to get my hand on a vps, so far i tried ovh and contabo, but both requested an ID and proof of address. The problem is, i cant provide proof of address
14:23<AfterDarkness>am I asking too much here?
14:23<AfterDarkness>i understand vps providers are afraid of their ip's rep, but what's my fault here
14:24<millisa>I would guess it's for billing, not IP reputation
14:25<AfterDarkness>that doesnt make sense, i am buying a service not a physical product. Once I hand them the money what else do they need?
14:25<millisa>the ability to bill your credit card
14:27<AfterDarkness>both options were being payed with paypal, granted it was an australian paypal, and I am from kuwait; I used to live there
14:27<millisa>you can't open a linode account with paypal
14:27<AfterDarkness>yes, but i do have a Kuwaiti credit card
14:29<AfterDarkness>i am tired of taking my money and then getting refunded, I am especially worried that paypal might freeze my account because it thinks I am laundering money, then who am I to blame then?
14:29<AfterDarkness>of vps providers taking my money*
14:29<millisa>I'm not sure they'll tell you any different, but you can contact linode support and ask
14:30<millisa>this is their docs on it.
14:31<millisa>they do mention special cases that don't use CC's, but I have no idea what criteria/requirements they have for those
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14:33<millisa>(i'd be surprised if those don't require you to supply ID though...)
14:37<@rdaniels>AfterDarkness: We do require a credit card remain on file, as well as an address be included in the signup. Do you have a passport or other form of goverment issued identification?
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14:37<AfterDarkness>rdaniels, ofc, but how does a passport prove my place of residence?
14:38<AfterDarkness>I told you the ID part is easy
14:39<AfterDarkness>I previously stated that I am from Kuwait, and here, sadly, a mere unmarried male, is not allowed to rent. you get the gist?
14:40<grawity>is that for the additional verification that Linode occassionally does?
14:41<@scrane>Have you attempted to sign up with us and we requested the credit card and ID, or are you asking preemptively?
14:41<AfterDarkness>I am not quite sure if linode do require those per say, but I already experinced this from two other vps providers
14:41<AfterDarkness>i am asking preemptively because i am tried of getting refunded
14:41<AfterDarkness>it takes time for my refund to be available
14:43<nate>I imagine the address on the account requirement is more for billing intents (since it's usually used as a step of verification on debit/credit cards)
14:43<@scrane>It's not required as a rule, and our signup process doesn't require an initial deposit.
14:44<@scrane>There are times where we may ask for an image of the credit card showing only the last 6 digits of the card on file as well as an image of a photo ID that matches the name on the credit card/account, but that isn't necessarily about verifying an address.
14:45<AfterDarkness>"* A temporary hold for $1.00, which will be released, will be used to authorize your card. After that, you will only be charged for the services you use." taken from your sign up page
14:45<AfterDarkness>brb 5min
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14:45<grawity>temporary hold isn't the same as a deposit though
14:45<nate>Ah weird, I thought the card vendors still required the address as a verification level any time a card is stored, I stand corrected then :P
14:46<Zr40>pretty sure it's not strictly required. I made a card payment a few days ago at some service that didn't ask for my address anywhere
14:48<@mcintosh>the legacy manager still takes an actual deposit when you signup but that signup portal will no longer exist in the very near future
14:54<AfterDarkness>grawity, yes, I guess i am being an ass here :P
14:56<AfterDarkness>actually my credit card is a prepaid card from my bank, i am not sure if it support being refunded, but i think it should be able to, since it is design to mimic a visa or mastercard(All cards from Kuwaiti bank do not support buying from a none gulf country)
14:56<AfterDarkness>this country of mine is really giving me a lot of headache ...
14:58<Zr40>yeah, non-credit cards (debit or prepaid) tend to treat holds as payments until the hold is reversed
14:58<AfterDarkness>so i can use it then?
14:59<AfterDarkness>sorry i am not familiar with these stuff
14:59<grawity>I guess one of the advantages of this $1.00 hold is that you immediately find out whether it'll work or not
15:00<AfterDarkness>i am saying that, it should take the 1$, ive already used it before, but not sure if it can accept funds, thought I am not sure if have any reason to believe it couldnt
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15:02<AfterDarkness>either way, thanks everyone, ill just give it a try, otherwise vps can go and f itself, and just pay a visit to my old laptop and use it for my needs
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15:09<nate><mcintosh> the legacy manager still takes an actual deposit when you signup but that signup portal will no longer exist in the very near future
15:09<nate>If my poor manager.* disappears I'm so quitting linode :(
15:09<nate>I shall be the last holdout using it I swear!
15:10<millisa>recreating the old manager functionality backed by the new api4 stuff would be an amusing project.
15:10<AfterDarkness>is the signup page that good? lol, how can a signup page be so good
15:10<grawity>manager.* is not just the signup page
15:11<AfterDarkness>got it
15:12<nate>Ah I missed the bit about the signup portal, I just saw legacy manager and no longer exist and panic'd >.>
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15:18<AfterDarkness>do you guys know the working hours of linode's staff(who process the account reviews)?
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15:28<benny>hii there I have some queries
15:28<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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15:30<Guest5869>How much request can 1 TB handle
15:31<millisa>I'm not sure the question makes sense.
15:32<Peng_>1 TB of what? What kind of requests?
15:33<Guest5869>Okay I have website and it generally gets 50K views per month so will it cover within 1TB transfer
15:34<millisa>how big is a 'view'?
15:34<kharlan>nate: I will die if the legacy manager disappears ;/
15:34<Guest5869>50k user requests
15:34<millisa>how big is a 'user requests'
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15:36<kharlan>He must've felt cornered...
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15:41<millisa>didn't even get to go into 'linodes are easy to resize' schpiel
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15:47<LouWestin>I would think that you could figure out easily how much data you use per request and then just calculate from that
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15:48<millisa>for most folks, the peak simultaneous requests and their resource usage is what'll matter.
15:49<LouWestin>50k user requests per month at a data amount of say...1 MB = 50MB.
15:50<LouWestin>Wait that was supposed to be 50,000 MB
15:51<LouWestin>Seems like the concern stems a lot from how much bandwidth one will use.
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15:52<millisa>as long as there's enough bogomips
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16:11<kharlan>I've never had an issue with bandwidth, just ram really.
16:12<kharlan>maybe it's time to upgrade some of those nanodes to the 10.00 plan.. since they're always at like 93% mem usage.
16:13<LouWestin>I think I use like 1% of my monthly bandwidth usage.
16:16<millisa>anode: 1gb 1core, picode: 2gb 1core Cherry or Apple, femtode: 4gb 2core Amphibia, nanananananode: Batman
16:17<millisa>booo. s/anode/nanode/ :(
16:17<grawity>cathode: 4gb of cat gifs
16:25<Peng_>I used almost all of my transfer once. NTP, Tor, torrenting Linux ISOs, that kind of thing.
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16:52<@mcintosh>yes... only Linux ISOs and public domain educational materials...
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17:52<@rgerke>Wrong window again.
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18:29<rottenprimate>Ok guys I screwed up somewhere maybe somebody can help? I get this on “apache2ctl -S”
18:30<rottenprimate>This is on a new setup
18:31<rottenprimate>It is a Wordpress 1 click
18:31<millisa>What line are you concerned about?
18:31<rottenprimate>I get 404, never installed WP, only set up SSL
18:33<millisa>the name in that output points to a digital ocean ip
18:33<rottenprimate>Yes I'm trying to get it to work so I can move it to Linode
18:33<rottenprimate>I guess I can just start over with a new one on Linode
18:33<millisa>is this apache2ctl output from the linode or from the droplet?
18:34<rottenprimate>That's probably easier, huh?
18:34<millisa>(the 404 I see is coming from the droplet)
18:34<Dragon>is the DocumentRoot pointing to the right place?
18:34<Dragon>and agreed, I get a 404 on the droplet
18:34<rottenprimate>I don't really know what to do. I am just going to start over on Linode
18:34<millisa>The document root in your virtual host is what probably matters. from that output it looks like it'd be in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default-le-ssl.conf and /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf files
18:35<millisa>sorry, confused who was askin' what
18:36<millisa>when you go to http://<yourlinodeip>/wp-login.php - does that 404?
18:39<rottenprimate>Not Found The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443
18:39<millisa>that looks like a redirect to a name.
18:39<rottenprimate>i'm sure document root is messed up
18:39<millisa>which would hit your old server
18:40-!-benc [~Ofir@] has joined #linode
18:40-!-benc is "purple" on #linode
18:40<rottenprimate>There is no old server
18:40<millisa>what about https://<yourlinodeip>/wp-login.php (it'll complain about the cert name, go past that). does it still 404 then? or redirect to the name?
18:40*Dragon squints
18:40<rottenprimate>I just deleted it and started over with a Linode
18:40<benc>there is a startup that let you use a browser hosted in the cloud for co-browsing websites.
18:41<benc>if I host a browser on Linode, am I responsible for websites users surf?
18:41<millisa>you are responsible for everything that happens on your linode.
18:41<benc>can Linode ban me if users surf bad/forbidden websites?
18:42<benc>so what does a service like do if users use problematic websites?
18:42<millisa>rottenprimate: that domain name points to a digital ocean IP, not a linode. what you do on a linode won't matter...
18:42<Dragon>maybe they censor traffic, you should ask them
18:42<linbot>New news from community: CertBot tool unable to access, web server problems <>
18:46-!-anomie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:47<millisa>rottenprimate: if you want the name to work at linode, login to your dns provider (which also appears to be DO) and change the dns record for the www and non-www entries to point to your linode ip
19:03-!-erik [~erik@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:22<rottenprimate>In this tutorial:
19:22<rottenprimate> localhost.localdomain localhost203.0.113.10 hostname
19:23<rottenprimate>what is localdomain referring to?
19:23<chonk>a placeholder
19:23<rottenprimate>What would I put there?
19:23<millisa>the is an example.
19:23<rottenprimate>say my domain is
19:23<rottenprimate>right I know but localhost.localdomain is what i'm reffering to
19:23<chonk>you'd keep everything with localhost and localdomain in it the same and change all of the "hostname" and lines
19:24<rottenprimate>I opened my hosts file and it was only [hostname]
19:24<chonk>so it would look like
19:24<chonk> localhost.localdomain localhost <IP> <domain.tld> <hostname>
19:24<chonk>if you are not using a subdomain
19:24<rottenprimate>so i would keep localhost even if i changed the hostname?
19:24<rottenprimate>ah ok
19:25<millisa> if you are interested
19:25<rottenprimate>thank you
19:25<millisa>and if you are interested in where that address came from -
19:25<rottenprimate>interesting, I'll check it out
19:35<rottenprimate>Does this look right?
19:35<rottenprimate> localhost.localdomain localhost pluto
19:36<chonk>looks greate
19:36<millisa>assuming the carriage returns are where I'd expect them, sure
19:37<rottenprimate> localhost.localdomain localhost
19:37<rottenprimate> pluto
19:37<rottenprimate>2600:3c02::f03c:92ff:fe26:c6d3 pluto
19:37-!-Edgeman [] has joined #linode
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19:39-!-bb [~oftc-webi@2607:fea8:3b80:1ea:181b:eadf:6164:dbf0] has joined #linode
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19:39<chonk>looks good to me
19:40<rottenprimate>Thanks. Another question if you don't mind
19:40<rottenprimate>"The value you assign as your system’s FQDN should have an “A” record in DNS pointing to your Linode’s IPv4 address. For IPv6, you should also set up a DNS “AAAA” record pointing to your Linode’s IPv6 address."
19:40<rottenprimate>Does that mean i'd create with hostname as ""
19:40<chonk>when you say create the hostname, what do you mean? create it where?
19:41<rottenprimate>In Domains, A/AAAA records
19:41<chonk>are you using the Linode DNS manager?
19:41<millisa> (looks like you just updated your domain to use it)
19:42<chonk>ah okay -- yep, when you add a domain "" goes in the domain field
19:42-!-bandali [] has joined #linode
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19:42<chonk>if you are in the Cloud Manager, (, you can leave the hostname field blank
19:43<rottenprimate>I am confused
19:43<chonk>you've already create the domain in the DNS manager?
19:43<rottenprimate>The tutorial I'm following mentions this:
19:43<rottenprimate> "The value you assign as your system’s FQDN should have an “A” record in DNS pointing to your Linode’s IPv4 address. For IPv6, you should also set up a DNS “AAAA” record pointing to your Linode’s IPv6 address."
19:44<rottenprimate>does that mean I create an A record with hostname as for ipv4 and ipv6
19:44-!-bandali [] has left #linode [ERC (IRC client for Emacs 27.0.50)]
19:44<millisa>an A record for ipv4, an AAAA record for ipv6
19:44<chonk>yes -- so if you are trying to add an A record for your subdomain "", you would input "pluto" into the hostname field and the IP address of your Linode in the IP address field
19:44<chonk>if you are doing it for your base domain,, you can leave the hostname field blank
19:44<rottenprimate>I'm not using any subdomains
19:44<chonk>iirc the DNS manager creates the base domain records for you
19:44<rottenprimate>Oh I can leave it blank? ok
19:45<chonk>but i could be wrong
19:45<rottenprimate>well I already have blank ones
19:45<rottenprimate>so I guess I'm good
19:45<rottenprimate>it makes sense now
19:45<rottenprimate>blank ==
19:45<chonk>some other DNS managers will have you input an "@"
19:45<rottenprimate>thank you chonk
19:45<rottenprimate>yes I'm used to @, was confused by blank
19:46<chonk>not sure if Linode's automatically omits the @
19:46<rottenprimate>they do
19:46<rottenprimate>when i created the domain i had them automatically generate a and mx
19:46-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
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19:48-!-bandali [] has joined #linode
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19:48<bandali>hey folks, any staffers around? i’m wondering who to contact for a potential sponsorship
19:54<bandali>thanks rgerke, will do. it’s a bit of a short notice though (the event is next Sat, Nov 2)
19:58<@rgerke>I would recommend sending it over to us today,then, so we can get it infront of our Marketing department as soon as we can.
19:59<bandali>gotcha, i’ll prepare and send an email tonight then. it’s for EmacsConf :)
20:00<chonk>a great operating system, lacking only a decent editor
20:01<chesty>damn chonk, you beat me too a similar joke, I was about to say something about booting a linode with the emacs kernel
20:01<millisa>C-x M-c M-Linodeboot
20:01<chonk>i use emacs, just with evil-mode :D
20:03<chonk>or uh
20:03<chonk>!point millisa
20:03<linbot>chonk: Point given to millisa. (112)
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21:05<linbot>New news from community: Why isn't yum update working on Python? <>
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21:14<GTAXL>oh no my linode went down
21:17-!-waltman [] has joined #linode
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21:27<rottenprimate>Ok I am finally done (Wordpress one click app) and site can't be reached :(
21:29<rottenprimate>firewall problem? i didn't set any firewall up
21:29<rottenprimate>hosts problem? idk
21:30<millisa>which firewall are you using?
21:31<rottenprimate>i didnt set up any firewall
21:31<millisa>which OS are you using?
21:31<millisa>er, distribution
21:32<rottenprimate>Debian GNU/Linux 9
21:32<millisa>iptables-save <--- that should show things about your current setup
21:34<rottenprimate>not a command
21:36-!-redentor [] has joined #linode
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21:36<rottenprimate>Nevermind typed wrong
21:36<rottenprimate>What info do you want?
21:36-!-goose [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:37<millisa>if you want to throw it in a pastebin we could at least confirm whether it's what's filtering thing
21:38<millisa>looks like you have ufw
21:38<millisa>'ufw status verbose' might be easier to read
21:38-!-goose [] has joined #linode
21:38-!-goose is "Anthony Edwards" on #linode #goose
21:39<wraeth>"-A ufw-user-input -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT \ -A ufw-user-input -p tcp -m tcp --dport 443 -j ACCEPT" suggests the firewall is allowing it.
21:39<millisa>looks that way to me too
21:40<millisa>is your webserver running?
21:40<rottenprimate>from cloud?
21:40<rottenprimate>says so
21:40<rottenprimate>shall i reboot
21:40<wraeth>I am getting an immediate failure when trying socket connection though.
21:42<rottenprimate>restarted server
21:43<rottenprimate>No change
21:44<rottenprimate>hosts looks ok?
21:44<millisa>wouldn't be hosts
21:45<millisa>is your webserver running?
21:45<millisa>if you do something like 'netstat -tulpn' do you see something listening on 80/443?
21:45<rottenprimate>Well I don't have netstat installed
21:46<rottenprimate>i will isntall it
21:46<rottenprimate>hm no, look
21:47<millisa>start your webserver
21:50<rottenprimate>I'm trying!
21:50<rottenprimate>would it be httpd?
21:50<millisa>are you using apache or nginx?
21:50<rottenprimate>should be apache
21:51<millisa>what does apachectl -t say
21:51<rottenprimate>command not found
21:52<millisa>systemctl status apache2 <-- does that say anything useful
21:53<rottenprimate>Unit apache2.service could not be found.
21:53<millisa>you installed apache?
21:53<rottenprimate>I installed a one click wordpress app I THOUGHT!!!!!
21:54<rottenprimate>I guess I didn't?
21:54<rottenprimate>I'm sure I selected it
21:54<rottenprimate>Ok I guess I have no webserver, haha
21:54<millisa>(I've never used one of their 1 click things; I'm definitely not informed on how they work)
21:55<rottenprimate>There it says, at the bottom, software included
21:55<rottenprimate>but apparently I dnd't do that
21:55<rottenprimate>SO i'm gonna have to install it all
21:55<wraeth>rottenprimate: What does `ps -aef | grep -e apache -e httpd -e nginx` show?
21:58<rottenprimate>1450 1098 0 21:57 pts/0 00:00:00 grep -e apache -e httpd -e nginx
21:58<rottenprimate>1456 1098 0 21:58 pts/0 00:00:00 grep -e apache -e httpd -enginx
21:58<rottenprimate>first one
21:58<rottenprimate>1450 1098 0 21:57 pts/0 00:00:00 grep -e apache -e httpd -e nginx'
21:59<rottenprimate>Nothing is installed
21:59<rottenprimate>I have to install apache, php, mysql etc
21:59<wraeth>Well, it's only finding the grep so there's no process by any of those names running. You could continue by using something like locate to see if the binaries are present, but if you're sure it's not installed then may as well move on to fixing that. :)
22:00<rottenprimate>Somehow I either didn't select the wordpress app or it didnt do it
22:00<rottenprimate>I'll install it all haha
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