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#linode IRC Logs for 2019-10-25

---Logopened Fri Oct 25 00:00:12 2019
00:00<bandali>email to support@ sent
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00:03<rottenprimate>Well i'm back
00:03<wraeth>Hello. I'm wraeth.
00:03<rottenprimate>So I'm getting 403 forbidden and 502 bad gateway YAY
00:04<wraeth>That's an improvement on last time. ^.^
00:04<rottenprimate>yes i'm happy with my progress
00:04<chonk>are you still using the one-click?
00:04<rottenprimate>LEMP now
00:04<chonk>which distro?
00:04<rottenprimate>debian 9
00:05<@pwoods>bandali: Is this something that isn't account specific that I can help you with, if you're willing to share in a public forum?
00:05<chonk>i was going to say, this might help if you want a somewhat automated install one you've got the database and php up and runnig
00:05<rottenprimate>shouldve gone with ubuntu huh
00:05<chonk>ubuntu is based on debian so they are pretty similar
00:06<rottenprimate>Yea problem is it's "up and running" but just errors
00:06<rottenprimate>can i turn on nginx errors?
00:06<bandali>pwoods, it’s asking about linode’s sponsorships, and whether they’d consider sponsoring EmacsConf 2019
00:06<rottenprimate>maybe in my test.php file
00:06<chonk>502 usually indicates that nginx heard the request, but whatever the backend is is not helping
00:07<rottenprimate>or does it not work like that
00:07<chonk>you can examine /var/log/nginx-error.log or /var/log/nginx/error.log i forget which
00:07<bandali>i was told to write to support@ and that they would get my request to the marketing team
00:07<bandali>is that something you could help with, pwoods?
00:07<@pwoods>bandali: no, that would be something we'll need to pass along to our Marketing team to review.
00:08<chonk>rottenprimate: i can help try and isolate what the issue might be
00:08<chonk>do you have php-fpm installed?
00:08<bandali>pwoods, gotcha
00:08<rottenprimate>oh it's 7.0
00:08<rottenprimate>not 7.2
00:09<chonk>also, who owns /var/www/html/ and what are the permissions
00:09<chonk>ls -la
00:10<rottenprimate>First how do i find where that php7.2-fpm is being called?
00:10<rottenprimate>needs to be 7.0
00:10<rottenprimate>is that my config
00:10<chonk>its in your nginx configuration file
00:10<chonk>the line that starts with fastcgi_pass
00:11<rottenprimate>why would it be wrong?
00:11<chonk>the config? i dunno, debian might have updated the package since whatever guide you are using was published
00:12<rottenprimate>that line doesnt exist in the nginx config
00:13<chonk>what does your nginx config look like
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00:14<chonk>do you have a file that you edited in /etc/nginx/conf.d or /etc/nginx/sites-enabled?
00:14<rottenprimate>yesss i do :D
00:15<chonk>the way your config is set right now, nginx will pull anything from either of those directories
00:15<chonk>its a common way to separate the management of different sites so you dont end up with an enormous nginx.conf
00:16<rottenprimate>makes sense
00:16<rottenprimate>so I changed that to 7.0
00:16<chonk>systemctl restart nginx
00:16<chonk>or i guess on debian you can do service nginx restart
00:16<chonk>or whatever nginx is named on debian
00:17<rottenprimate>ok this is good
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00:28<rottenprimate>so ready to install wordpress but 403 foribdden :(((((
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00:28<chonk>what does your error log say
00:29<rottenprimate>checking now
00:29<chonk>403 is usually a permissions error
00:30<millisa>nginx -T <-- that would show your current nginx config along with all the included files.
00:31<chonk>yup so who owns /var/www/html/ and what are the permissions
00:32<millisa>one of those is me :)
00:32<rottenprimate>haha millisa
00:32<rottenprimate>should be www-data
00:32<rottenprimate>how do i check?
00:32<chonk>ls -la /var/www/html/
00:33<millisa>I also like: namei -mov /var/www/html/
00:34<millisa>you probably need a 'try files' type directive. (if you request your index.php directly, you get the wp setup)
00:34<chonk>you'll also need the parent directories to be at least readable by the same user as nginx
00:34<rottenprimate>millisa: thought I did that
00:35<millisa>you might also want a: index index.php index.html index.htm; (i usually put it right below the try_files line)
00:35<rottenprimate>location / { index index.php index.html index.htm; try_files $uri $uri/ =404; }
00:36<rottenprimate>already had that
00:37<rottenprimate>think the being on the line above matters?
00:38<millisa> fastcgi_index index.php; <-- have one of those with the fastcgi_pass bit?
00:38<rottenprimate>Do you think
00:38<rottenprimate> root /var/www/html/; index index.html;
00:38<chonk>doesn't location need a root directive
00:38<rottenprimate>it matters that it's .html and not .php
00:38<chonk>it should be php
00:38<rottenprimate>heres the whole config
00:39<rottenprimate>if i can get the captcha
00:40<millisa>maybe you are a robot
00:40<rottenprimate>so maybe change index to index.php
00:42<rottenprimate>that fixed it
00:42<rottenprimate>you guys sure are good at this stuff
00:42<millisa>maybe we are robots
00:42<rottenprimate>i feel like such an idiot
00:42<chonk>everyone started somewhere
00:42<rottenprimate>after this is where i shine :D
00:42<chonk>unless you've always been
00:43<chonk>bleep bloop nanu nanu
00:43<millisa>!point chonk
00:43<linbot>millisa: Point given to chonk. (1)
00:44<rottenprimate>oh god
00:44<rottenprimate>i'm not out of the woods
00:44<rottenprimate>wordpress is installed
00:45<chonk>yer not set up for HTTPS yet
00:45<rottenprimate>oh woops
00:45<rottenprimate>why'd it do that
00:45<millisa>you were fiddling with https earlier. chrome being helpful
00:45<chonk>most browsers will twist your arm into automatically doing it
00:45<rottenprimate>thank you chrome
00:45<rottenprimate>is now a good time to certbot?
00:45<chonk>always a good time to certbot
00:46<millisa>looks like a wordpress site. good job
00:46<millisa>unless you were installing joomla. then, terrible job.
00:46<rottenprimate>it's redirecting me to https
00:46<rottenprimate>can't NOT go to https
00:47<rottenprimate>so weird
00:47<rottenprimate>fine if i use a new tab
00:47<rottenprimate>thanks chrome
00:54<chonk>i would advise setting up certificates before changing any of the URLs in Wordpress's's's settings
00:54<rottenprimate>yep, doing :)
00:54<chonk>lest ye want a headache
01:01<rottenprimate>why do people pay for certs?
01:02<rottenprimate>they just dont know any better?
01:02<wraeth>Brand recognition and accountability.
01:02<chonk>some things require it
01:02<rottenprimate>What's the difference between open ssl and a paid one?
01:02<chonk>one costs money
01:03<millisa>for the domain validated ones, there's not much functional difference. longer periods between expirations.
01:03<chonk>i think the idea is that you are paying for a supposedly verified certificate authority
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01:04<rottenprimate>wow that's quite a read
01:05<wraeth>There's a lot of nuance to it, but in short: you probably don't _need_ a paid cert.
01:05<chonk>Alice has been through a lot it seems
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01:08<rottenprimate>idk if my last message sent
01:08<rottenprimate>But thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it
01:08<wraeth>For my part, you're welcome. :)
01:08<rottenprimate>you guys are better than the entirety of Digital Ocean's support team
01:09<millisa>smell nicer too
01:09<rottenprimate>they told me to check out godaddy
01:09<chonk>to be fair, setting stuff like wordpress up is usually out-of-scope for IaaS companies
01:09<millisa>to be fair, most of the stuff you were asking about is typically outside their support boundary (and linode's official support, too)
01:10<rottenprimate>yeah i agree
01:10<rottenprimate>i know these are "set it up yourself" things but i can't deal with shared hosting or expensive vps
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05:17<dennis_>i'd like to use linode block storage.
05:17<dennis_>can i attach a block storage from different data center to my existing linode?
05:18<@pwoods>dennis_: It has to be in the same data center
05:19<@pwoods>dennis_: you can transfer data from one data center to another, but that's a manual process and not like migrating a Linode from one DC to another.
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05:22<dennis_>ok. thanks for the guide
05:23<dennis_>is there any private ip for ipv6 ?
05:27<Zr40>depends on what you mean exactly by 'private'
05:31<@pwoods>dennis_: Linode does not offer private IPv6 address allocations. Our IPv6 accounting was designed so that local IPv6 traffic does not count against your network transfer quota, so you can use your default IPv6 address as if it were a private IP address.
05:33<Zr40>I wonder, what about IPv6 traffic between linodes in the same data center that aren't controlled by the same account?
05:40<@pwoods>Zr40: any unwanted or malicious traffic should be reported to us either through a ticket or ni an email to
05:43<dennis_>regarding "local IPv6 traffic does not count against your network transfer quota ", it applies only when nodes are in same datacenter?
05:47<Zr40>pwoods: that's not what I meant :)
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05:48<Zr40>pwoods: suppose I'm using the API of some service, and they happen to be hosted on a Linode in the same data center as mine
05:48<Zr40>dennis_: yes
05:49<@pwoods>dennis_: the only network traffic that counts against quota is outbound traffic on public addresses
05:50<@pwoods>Zr40: that sounds like you're in luck, then. And, it's not unwanted or malicious.
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06:24<dennis_>thank you
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08:55<linbot>New news from community: Ubuntu update process unable to reach Linode ppa <>
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09:51<skyfaller>hi folks, trying to apt-get update, and I can't reach ( ... is this a known problem?
09:53<skyfaller>ah, I see it is:
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09:58<Mongkol>Dear all
09:58<Mongkol>I am new using Dedicate of Linode
09:59<Mongkol>Currently i successfull set up server php apache
09:59<Mongkol>I want to edit my config php or apache for create performance
10:02<Toba>it very much depends on what you are doing. Take a look at these docs.
10:06<linbot>New news from community: Can I have a new linode with php 5.6 ? <>
10:16<Mongkol>php 7
10:16<Mongkol>centos 7
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11:28<linbot>New news from community: Unable to log in to linode using FTP or SSH <>
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12:35<linbot>Bless you, bbigger!
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14:13<linbot>New news from blog: Linode at LISA19 <>
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15:16<kharlan>pretty sure I tunneled 1500 80 minute HD movies via an ssh proxy ( on a linode ) and barely hit 45%
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16:53<linbot>New news from community: iPhone Linode Manager App <>
17:05*Peng_ 's resolver sends hundreds of DNS queries to
17:06<Peng_>or more specifically
17:06<Zr40>is one of your linodes within
17:06<Peng_>no, Linode's routers are
17:07<Zr40>sounds like something is trying to get the hostname
17:08<Peng_>I was running traceroute
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18:45<rottenprimate>it's me!
18:45<millisa>you appear to still have wordpress
18:45<millisa>Fortunately, it is not fatal
18:46<rottenprimate>having rewrite issues i think
18:46<rottenprimate>write is fine
18:47<rottenprimate>getting permission denied on rewrites, trying to fix
18:48<millisa>config, logs, example?
18:48<rottenprimate>one second please!
18:49<linbot>New news from community: Why hasn't my Block Storage Volume resized? <>
18:52<rottenprimate>just trying to find where it logs permission errors
18:53<rottenprimate>don't think it is logged
18:55<millisa>nginx -T |grep error_log
18:55<millisa>though depending on what you are looking for, the access_log might be useful too
18:58<rottenprimate>doesn't that just check the syntax?
18:58<millisa>you wanted to know where the log was?
18:58<rottenprimate>oh no i know where they are just they don't have any permissions errors in them
18:59<millisa>ok, why do you think it is a permission error then?
18:59<rottenprimate>Well I get this
18:59<rottenprimate>on upload
19:00<rottenprimate>Uploading "C:\Users\Rat\Desktop\Daily Ordnance\\wp-settings.php" to "/var/www/html/" .. failure (Permission denied)
19:00<millisa>which user is php-fpm running as and who owns that file?
19:02<rottenprimate>How do I check agian?
19:03-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:03<millisa>your php-fpm config is usually in /etc/php-fpm (there could be numbers and there could be a .d dir). php-fpm -tt would give you config output similar to how nginx -T works.
19:04<millisa>for permissions, I like 'namei -mov /path/to/file.php' since it gives you info for the path
19:05<millisa>you could also look at the php-fpm process; something like ps aux |grep php
19:06<rottenprimate>yea i got this
19:06<millisa>looks like your php-fpm www pool is running at www-data. is that who owns the wp-settings.php file? (or at least has write permissions?)
19:07<millisa>er, running as www-data
19:10<millisa>hm. that looks like it should write. selinux?
19:10<millisa>what does 'sestatus' say?
19:11<rottenprimate>command not found
19:13<millisa>what gives you that permission denied message? is that from an sftp client?
19:13<rottenprimate>yes :)
19:14<millisa>are you logging into the sftp client as the 'www-data' user (or the root user)?
19:14<rottenprimate>oh. good point
19:15<rottenprimate>i'm logging in as my su
19:15<rottenprimate>i should log in as www-data?
19:15<millisa>if you want those files to continue to be owned by www-data and want to use that to run the wordpress stuff
19:15<rottenprimate>i will give it a try right now
19:16<rottenprimate>ok i get connection timed out with that
19:16<rottenprimate>this is my coonfig
19:16<millisa>and sftp permission issue isn't going to have much to do with nginx/php or rewrite (at least 'rewrite' for the meaning use in web stuff).
19:17<rottenprimate>thats my sftp config
19:17<rottenprimate>www-data doesn't have ssh_key
19:17<rottenprimate>so that's the obvious problem
19:18-!-DrJ [] has joined #linode
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19:24<rottenprimate>What If I add my user to the www-data group?
19:26<millisa>you'd need to give the group write access and maybe chmod g+s on the dirs
19:28<millisa>(I personally lean towards running a php-fpm pool as a non-privileged user that only has access to those webdirs and giving the files/dirs just to them)
19:33<rottenprimate>Hm Ok I THINK i fixed it?
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21:01<genbyte>Hello! Quick question because this is driving me crazy. I have a new nanode (like 3-4 hours old) that I'm using to practice setting up my email server and I'm trying to open port 25 with no luck. I randomly tried 444 and it opened just fine. Is 25 blocked for new nanodes?
21:02<millisa>not that i've seen
21:02<millisa>many isp's block outbound 25 though
21:02<millisa>what's the IP, can check it from one of mine
21:03<genbyte> I'd appreciate that, thank you.
21:03<chesty>connection refused. `ss -nltp | grep 25`
21:03<genbyte>I have OpenSMTPD running on 25. I can't telnet either.
21:04<millisa>nmap says its open
21:04<genbyte>Huh, interesting. Nmap said it was closed for me.
21:04<millisa>looks ok from one of my linodes
21:04-!-Nightmare [ddoscomin@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:feae:ab7] has quit [Quit: DDoS has died, DDoS has risen, DDoS comin' again]
21:05<waltman> returns a 404. Is linode no longer publishing their current kernels anywhere/
21:05<genbyte>Okay, thanks a ton for checking.
21:05<chesty>nmap from home say 444 and 22 are open
21:05<genbyte>I guess 25 is just entirely blocked?
21:05<waltman>I used to rely on that to know check when was a good time to reboot
21:08<chesty>genbyte, ah, it's definitely open. it must be our home isp's blocking port 25. I tested from a server in a different provider
21:08<millisa>waltman: api still has it
21:08<genbyte>Wow, I didn't expect outbound to be blocked too. I guess that makes sense? Thanks.
21:09<waltman>millisa: thanks!
21:09<millisa>(I know ATT in the US blocks it)
21:09<trippeh>most residential access got outbound port 25 blocked, yes. so you cant send spam as easily
21:09<chesty>genbyte, set up the submission port for sending email through your linode
21:11<genbyte>Right, thank you. I was just going to telnet into 25 and type the SMTP commands manually so I could test my OpenSMTPD config. I didn't think to check from another VPS. Thanks for all of your help.
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22:08<Nightmare>When your host does a random restart and you have to fix broken things while intoxicated
22:09<millisa>maintenances are still going on right about now
22:09<millisa>my last two are just now finishing
22:09<Ikaros>My last one is in progress now
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23:06<kharlan>fudge. I fucked up my companies website when certbot when to update shit.
23:07<kharlan>that whole php7.3 libssl1.1 thing really sucks.
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23:07<kharlan>/s/when/went/ ;( what a long friday
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