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06:22<nek>Hi all. Can Linode Block Storage be rented for a day only? Or is billing only per month?
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09:07<grawity>the website says "hourly billing"
09:07<grawity>much like linodes themselves are billed
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09:53<jchoisy>Hello everyone. I have a little problem. I deleted my Linode account yesterday. Now I'm trying to create a new one (turns out what I thought was Linode's fault was actually a problem on my side) but I never receive the confirmation mail. I beleive it's because I use the same email as the deleted account.
09:55<jchoisy>It's as if the deleted account has not yet really been purged from the system. Any way to expedite that process? I could use a different email address, but I'd rather have my important stuff linked to my main account. Thanks.
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16:09<opk>Hi everyone. I just got a spam email originating from a linode IP. Is that considered abuse?
16:09<millisa>Include any relevant logs, headers, etc
16:11<opk>Gotcha. I just wanted to make sure of things before I did anything futher. Thanks
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17:19<rottenprimate>Can anybody help? I'm getting 404 on posts (Wordpress) Here is my nginx.conf:
17:20<millisa>the specific vhost section might be more relevant. also error/access log for the hits in question
17:20<millisa>or the output using nginx -T
17:21<rottenprimate>It is only a problem when I change permalink structure
17:21<rottenprimate> works
17:21<rottenprimate>none others, such as
17:21<rottenprimate>do not
17:21<rottenprimate>i will check logs now
17:21<millisa>12 doesn't appear to work. 32 does.
17:22<rottenprimate>sorry, that was just an example
17:22<rottenprimate>now i will change the post structure
17:22<rottenprimate>i mean permalink structure
17:23<millisa>show the corresponding error log/access log for a hit on that page and the output of the nginx -T (or the server{} section that is for this site).
17:24<millisa>(it's probably your try_files line)
17:28<rottenprimate>weird error log is empty
17:28<millisa>what does your try_files line say for the relevant server section?
17:29<rottenprimate>i never remember is it sites-enabled or sites-available?
17:29<millisa>for your config, either conf.d/*.conf or /sites-enabled/*
17:29<millisa>(it's there in line 63/64 of your main nginx conf you pasted)
17:30<millisa>sites-available is usually where the files lives in the debian/ubuntu world and when you want to enable them they get symlinked at sites-enabled
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17:30<rottenprimate>try_files $uri $uri/ =404;
17:30<millisa>but throwing a real file in site-enabled would also work
17:31<millisa>try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args
17:31<millisa>er, try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
17:32<rottenprimate>heres the whole thing
17:33<millisa>line 8. change that.
17:33<rottenprimate>can you tell me the difference between locatiuon \ { and location ~* \.php$
17:34<millisa>as in the precedence rules for which one nginx will match if both are true?
17:34<rottenprimate>the rules for location / only work on root?
17:34<millisa>(this answer is probably my favorite on that:
17:34<rottenprimate>and location ~* \.php$ i don't understand
17:35<millisa>(they did a really good config example with comments)
17:35<rottenprimate>oh "/" matches any query
17:36<rottenprimate>ok i'm going to try your solution
17:36<millisa>change your try_files to also have the index.php?$args bit after the $uri and $uri/. check your nginx config, reload nginx, profit
17:38<rottenprimate>Ok that worked
17:38<rottenprimate>to be honest i don't understand the index.php bit
17:38<millisa>looks that way
17:39<millisa>"try what you sent me, try what you sent me with a slash at the end to see if it was maybe a directory, try what you sent me but send it all to index.php with the arguments in the requestline
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17:44<rottenprimate>ahhhh makes sense!
17:44<rottenprimate>thanks again millisa!
17:44<millisa>sure thing
17:45<rottenprimate>i'll put you in the credits
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18:58<linbot>New news from community: Auto change IP <>
19:07<retro|blah>^-- "Hi, do you guys provide a way for me to burn through all your IP addresses?"
19:08<kenyon>yeah, whatever he's trying to do there sounds like a bad idea
19:14<Peng_>Is 2^64 enough
20:18<chesty>they are either scraping a website until they get blocked and need a new ip address to continue scraping, or spamming. nothing any provider would want on their network
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21:26<Anthony>Hi can I get some help??
21:26<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
21:26<Anthony>if this an official tech support for linode?
21:26-!-Anthony is now known as Guest6075
21:27<millisa>It's a community channel
21:27<Guest6075>anyway, I got a problem with accessing my hosting
21:28<Guest6075> this is the image that im getting.
21:28<millisa>is the system up? can you ssh into it?
21:28<Guest6075>the website is also down like the hosting.
21:29<millisa>And when you ssh in?
21:29<Guest6075>cant get in also
21:29<millisa>Have you logged into the manager to see if you have any tickets open?
21:30<Guest6075>the hosting and the manager are the same credentials right??? I'm sorry i'm just a hired developer.
21:31<millisa>If you are asking if the ssh credentials are the same as the credentials used for the manager; not usually.
21:32<Guest6075>cant really got in
21:32<millisa>They talk about it here: it's where you provision linodes, setup dns, manage other accounts that can do that sort of thing
21:32<Guest6075>any thoughts why does a website and a hosting got down?
21:32<millisa>If you can't ssh in, the next steps would be to look in the manager for open tickets, or use lish to get a local console to the system. you could also reboot from that manager.
21:33<Guest6075>any thoughts why does a website and a hosting got down?
21:33<millisa>There are many... hardware issues, running out of resources of one type or another, programming issues. it could be anything. you'd have to login and look
21:34<Guest6075>login in the manager right?
21:34<millisa>that system appears to ping. there's some mail and database ports listening, so it's not off
21:34<millisa>yes. your next steps are to login to the manager.
21:34<Guest6075>yea the website does ping.
21:34<Guest6075>yea the website does ping.
21:36<Guest6075>the only credential that i know is the hosting.
21:36<millisa>you'll need to talk to the account owner then
21:38<Guest6075>okay thanks a lot. this community helps alot.
21:39<millisa>once you get access to that manager, check lish first to see if there's anything that tells you, reboot the linode if you need to, and if you think it's a hardware issue, that manager is the place you'd start a ticket.
21:40<Guest6075>okay got it thanks.
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21:48<Guest6075>thanks a lot guys. i'll be back if i got any questions.
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