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00:02<chesty>goose, there are math channels on irc, if not on this network there's one on freenode
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02:51<need_help>anyone here?
02:51<need_help>can you help me with my problem?
02:51<chonk>that depends
02:52<chonk>i dont know anything about your problem
02:52<need_help>can you help me identify that problem?
02:53<chonk>that message usually means that you don't have a service running on the port that is listening for connections
02:53<chonk>port 80 is usually a web server
02:53<need_help>any recommended solutions?
02:53<chonk>so i would double check that your web server is running
02:55<@rgerke>!point chonk
02:55<linbot>rgerke: Point given to chonk. (2)
02:55<need_help>I tried pinging the website. it does return some pocket.
02:55<need_help>!point chonk
02:55<linbot>need_help: Point given to chonk. (3)
02:55<chonk>that's a good sign, that means that the server is alive
02:55<chonk>or at least alive enough to pong your ping!
02:55<need_help>what will be the suggested next move for this?
02:55<need_help>yep.but still cant access the sight
02:55<chonk>do you know if you are running apache or nginx or something else as web server?
02:56<chonk>and what distro your server is running?
02:56<need_help>I'm sorry even though im a developer. I dont have enough knowledge in here.
02:57<chonk>that's okay, we all started from the same place
02:58<need_help>so any suggested articles that I can follow so that I wont be a nuisance to you guys.
02:59<chonk>the one i posted is pretty helpful
02:59<need_help>okay thanks, i'll be reading this article now.
02:59<chonk>i would also suggest if your linode is relatively new and runs on a systemd-based distro
03:00<need_help>the linode here are centos,ubuntu and debian.
03:01<need_help>thanks alot.
03:01<chonk>good luck!
03:07<need_help>btw, I cant access the cpanel, any recommendation about this?
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03:21<need_help>I cant access the cpanel, any recommendation about this? any help??
03:25<@rgerke>need_help: I wasn'tjumpingin before, because chonk was doing a great job helping you out. I recommend opening a support ticket so that we can take a look at your Linode with you. That was we can discuss specifics. Would you be able to do that?
03:34<need_help>okay thanks alot.
03:34<need_help>!point rgerke
03:34<linbot>need_help: Point given to rgerke. (7)
03:35<need_help>than sending a ticket.
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04:39<chesty>riddle me this, `tcpdump -ni wlp3s0 port 514` on my laptop captures no traffic, my laptop has netconsole loaded to send logs to another system on port 514 and it works fine so I expect to see traffic with tcpdump. `tcpdump -ni enp8s0 port 514` on the receiving host sees the traffic.
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04:40<chesty>wlp3s0 is the right interface on my laptop, and `tcpdump -ni wlp3s0 port 22` captures traffic
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07:26<grawity>chesty: AFAIK, netconsole uses a very low-level API (netpoll) which hands packets directly to the NIC driver and bypasses quite a bit of the usual IP stack – in order to remain usable in all possible situations
07:28<grawity>which is why netconsole has settings for remote IP *and* remote MAC – it doesn't look at your routing table and it doesn't even do ARP
07:28<chesty>grawity, ah, well that would explain it. makes sense too because one of netconsole's uses is to send OOPSes where the kernel might be in a bad state
07:33<chesty>I was getting lockups after an update which I think coincided with a new kernel, 5.3. nothing in the logs on the disk, so set up netconsole. Unfortunately no logs received related to the lockup, just the usual ones.
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10:07<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - AP-West (Mumbai) <>
10:19<linbot>New news from blog: New One-Click Apps in the Linode Library <>
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10:59<userofmany>howdy everyone, does linode support custom instance shapes?
11:00<userofmany>I need 24core/256memory/5TBdisk
11:00<userofmany>256GB that is
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11:28<jj>anyone here?
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12:42<Antonio>Hi, does anybody know if there is a rate limit for get requests on Linode object storage?
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13:24<octopi>The Linode account creation seems to not be working. It's spinning at "Processing" after the first step for a few minutes now. I'm not in a rush, just wanted to make sure you were aware of this.
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13:46<@scrane>Hey octopi that definitely sounds a bit frustrating.
13:46<@scrane>Which part of the account creation are/were you at?
13:47<@scrane>And Antonio I am not entirely certain on that. Let me reach out on my end to double check.
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13:53<@scrane>Alright, Antonio I just got confirmation that we don't have any limits on GET requests/minute at the moment. That may change in the future, though.
13:56<octopi>I clicked next after Username/Email/Password, and it's just been processing since then, 15+ minutes now, maybe longer
13:56<@scrane>Hmmm that doesn't seem too good. Have you received an email with an activation link yet?
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13:57<octopi>It says (1) Accounts -> (2) Billing -> (3) Success .... so it's trying to go from Step 1 to Step 2.
13:58<@scrane>Ahah. Okay. Can you PM me the username you entered when you signed up? Also if you could include the email address that would be great in helping me track down what's happening
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14:08<octopi>scrane: not sure if I can msg on webclient, it kinda crashed the client after I tried. Username is cohmush
14:08<@scrane>Thanks! I'll look into it
14:10<@scrane>Hmmm okay let's try having you do this. Can you refresh the page just to see what you encounter?
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14:20<octopi>ok, it worked this time ... or at least worked far enough that it sent me an email, going to check that
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14:22<octopi>ok, account created. thank you
14:25<@scrane>No problem! If you have any questions, just let us know!
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15:17<@bbigger>!point scrane
15:18<linbot>bbigger: Point given to scrane. (20)
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16:53<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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20:55<linbot>New news from community: How do I configure a subdomain on my ubuntu? <>
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22:04<shmoon>Trying to save some cost by shutting down a linode or two for a few months. But I want the contents of the linodes to be backed up. Whats a good way to do that ? The linodes host DBs, app source codes, etc.
22:04<shmoon>Would want to be able to restore linode boxes of the same size by just restoring the backup in some way.
22:06<chonk>You can just download the disk to a local machine or somewhere else
22:06<chonk>You'll likely not get the same IP address though
22:07<chonk>Also, you'll need to delete the Linodes completely to avoid getting charged for them
22:17<shmoon>Interesting, i'll read that article and get back. Thanks!
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23:04<DevopsAnimal>If I have a standard plan linode VM right now ($20/mo) and I replace it with a nanonode ($5/mo) is DNS Manager still free? I have a few zones set up and don't want them to go poof if I downgrade.
23:04<millisa>Only requirement is you have at least 1 provisioned linode in the account.
23:05<millisa>(if you remove the last linode, the zones are still there, the servers just stop serving them)
23:05<DevopsAnimal>Double noice. Thanks.
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23:24<Haytham>Does Linode support ASP.Net Core?
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23:25<chonk>If you can run it on Linux, you can run it on a Linode
23:25<millisa>They support resources you can spinup vm's on. Usually that means root access to a linux system. If you can install it, you can.
23:26<millisa>this person did it -
23:28<Haytham>Thanks , and if supports 2.2 version then it supports ASP.Net Core 3.0? Is that ture?
23:29<millisa>if you are capable of installing it, you can support it.
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23:31<Haytham>I will give it a try , is there any trial version in Linode for testing it
23:33<millisa>they do a 7 day money back guarantee
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