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07:32<@rdaniels>setra: o/
07:33<setra>im looking for plan for woocommerce
07:34<setra>which one is the best
07:35<@rdaniels>We can't be sure what plan will work best for your use case, but it's quite easy to scale up on our platform. We have a guide that will help you weigh the pros and cons of what is best for you.
07:36<setra>can i have and with pricing list
07:36<@rdaniels>Of course!
07:37<setra>im using other host
07:37<setra>i want to change
07:38<setra>what you offer
07:38<setra>for me
07:38<setra>i have sometime traffic like 30-50K
07:39<@rdaniels>The Billing and Payments guide list the monthly cost of our available plans. Currently, we don't have custom plans.
07:39<setra>which is the best for me like start
07:39<setra>like i mention up 30-50K monthly traffic
07:39<setra>i dont want too good
07:39<setra>but to be stable
07:41<@rdaniels>You can start with our Nanode play for $5/month. I recommend reviewing the How to Choose a Lionde Plan in order to help you with your final decision. But, it is very easy to resize your Linode once your site's traffic increases.
07:51<setra>can i transfer all my site here ?
08:24<@rdaniels>setra: You can migrate to your heart's content. :) I'd review these guides for more information.
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09:46<linbot>New news from community: SQL Server Express <>
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10:38<Peng_>!wx kmco
10:38<linbot>Peng_: hostname '' doesn't match ''
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11:45<shmoon>I was trying to take a backup of my linode by following instructions here - - just curious why does the command "ssh root@ "dd if=/dev/sda " | dd of=/home/archive/linode.img" create a file of the entire size but not just the "Used" size and skip the "Available" GBs ?
11:50<hawk>shmoon: Because dd doesn't know what is what, or what do you mean?
11:53<shmoon>Probably asking a very fundamental question but lets say my /dev/sda is 15GB used and 10GB free, dd is just copying blocks of data so it should've ended up copying only 15GB ?
11:54<shmoon>or since the disk has another 10GB space divided into (empty?) blocks, that also gets copied ?
11:54<shmoon>Is the understanding sort of correct in the second sentence ?
11:54<hawk>shmoon: If the /dev/sda block device is 25 GB, then dd will read and output 25 GB
11:55<nuevu>zerofree is useful in those situations.
11:56<hawk>shmoon: The concept of "empty" is more of a filesystem thing. dd just interacts with the block device itself
11:56<hawk>nuevu: But that is also a filesystem thing
11:56<shmoon>Trying to understand what data does the "Available space" contain.
11:57<hawk>shmoon: Could be anything in theory; it depends on how your filesystem of choice operates. Eg, does it wipe data if you delete a file or just remove the reference to it?
11:57<hawk>if the latter, "available space" may include old file data
12:04<shmoon>Ah yes true
12:06<millisa>you could pipe it through gzip if you want it smaller at the end
12:06<linbot>New news from blog: Linode Object Storage is Here <>
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12:22-!-bbigger changed the topic of #linode to: Linode Community Discussion - | Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) Beta - | NEW Object Storage -
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12:23<millisa>which I guess if you do that, you should also fiddle with the block size to give more to gzip to do stuff with. something like:
12:23<millisa>ssh root@yourlinode "dd if=/dev/sda bs=100M | gzip -c" | dd of=./yourlocalfile.img.gz
12:25<millisa>sending it through gzip gets my 10gb disk (2gb used) to me in 14 mins over my slow connection; changing the block size,too, gets it to me in about 4
12:27<hawk>Oh yes, there are definitely different commands one can use to either achieve the same or different things that may be similarly useful. I stuck to answering the question as it was stated (why that specific command behaves the way it does).
12:27*millisa nods
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12:28<millisa>!point h awk
12:28<linbot>millisa: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
12:28<millisa>!point hawk
12:28<linbot>millisa: Point given to hawk. (3)
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12:31<jeremiah>millisa: Does that work? I've been looking to do something like this; run my Linode instance in a local VM just as a way to test upgrades before it hits production.
12:31<millisa>it puts it in a gz file; you would need to unzip it to write it back to a disk in a usable way (or mount it)
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12:35<millisa>something like: gunzip -c ./yourlocalfile.img | dd of=/dev/sdx
12:35<millisa>you could even do it all in that one command if you are ssh'ing from the system that has the target disk on it.
12:37<linbot>New news from community: Linode Object Storage is here! <>
12:41<jeremiah>millisa: Thanks!
12:48<LouWestin>Just got the email that the kernel bug update is done
12:48<millisa>the last of mine was done on Friday night
12:49<LouWestin>I use the default Debian kernel, but I assume they had update the physical machines? I know my two vm’s were rebooted last week.
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14:06<packetcat>yes, its maintenenance on the physical host nodes
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14:09<rr123>i'm setting up an openvpn client on my router, so tunnel the whole LAN traffic to a vpn server that could be a linode, 1TB shall be enough, but is this considered as an abuse of the TOS at linode? e.g. can I really use my full network transfer quota monthly? I assume transfer means in+out in bytes
14:09<millisa>it's not abuse
14:10<millisa>i mean, unless you are doing abusive things in that traffic. transfer counts in only one direction (not that it matters in a scenario like you describe)
14:10<millisa> relevant info on what counts
14:10<rr123>good to know, as those shared hosting company does, if you really use their promised amount, your account could be locked and removed quickly
14:10<millisa>linode's not that kind of shared setup
14:11<millisa>if you were pounding on the one of the non-dedicated cpu's 24x7, they might ask you what you are up to
14:11<millisa>er, pounding on one of the...
14:11<@rdaniels>Outbound traffic is calculated towards your network pool. There is an additional charge of $.02 when you reach the accounts monthly quota. Here's a Community site post that explains how it works.
14:11<@rdaniels>*account's :)
14:12<rr123>pounding, you mean run cpu-intensive workload on my vps? i don't think openvpn will be that cpu-intensive
14:12<millisa>it isn't when I use it for what you are planning on using it for...
14:12<millisa>(it was more about a provider cutting you off if you used the resources they are allocating to you)
14:13<millisa>if you do start approaching your transfer quota - its usually cheaper to get a bigger linode (or more of them, transfer is pooled) than it is to pay the 2 cents/GB overage
14:15<rr123>make sense, thanks, loyal linode customer for 15+ years here :)
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14:16<millisa>you should say hi to them. they'll be in town next week
14:17<millisa>Supposed to be at this thing at palmer:
14:19<@bbigger>yeaa we'll be there! come meet us and get a tshirt, maybe some stickers too
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14:56<rr123>never attended that, might go indeed, i got some free tickets from local tech meetups, let me check
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16:01<@dmonschein>anyone here ever run into an issue where a QEMU client spams the osd log of every OSD in the cluster, filling up the /var/log partition?
16:01<@dmonschein>Wrong channel :)
16:04<Ikaros>Could still be relevant to others who might use qemu
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17:05<nyancat>this new website is for the birds.
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18:34<@dmonschein>Our new s3 compatible object storage is awesome - y'all should try it :)
18:35<nuevu>I do appreciate having it available. We're not planning to make immediate use of it (although we are using S3), but having it around as an option/alternative/backup is nice.
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18:48*Peng_ checks if it supports IPv6 by default
18:48*Peng_ thumbs up
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20:26<millisa>"Linode Object Storage starts at $5/mo includes 250GB and 1TB outbound transfer, and then storage and transfer above that are $0.02/GB. Volumes scale up to 10TB per customer, per cluster."
20:26<millisa>That 'transfer' talked about here - pooled with the linodes' transfer pool or is it it's own pool?
20:27<@pwoods>millisa: Good question. Let ms look into this for you.
20:28<millisa>not a time critical question.
20:28<Peng_>I think the docs say it's pooled somewhere
20:28<Peng_>pooled with the other pool into one big pool, I mean
20:29<@pwoods>millisa: "The outbound data transfer for Linode Object Storage is part of your Linode account’s total transfer pool, which will reduce or completely eliminate transfer costs for Object Storage if you are also running Linode instances."
20:29<millisa>gracias. haven't read that doc yet.
20:30<packetcat>FYI, there is a typo on the page about Object Storage - "maintaing the same performance as your data grows"
20:30<Peng_>New way to buy extra transfer! ;D
20:30<millisa>probably very inefficient.
20:30<millisa>but, cheaper to add transfer to the object storage by buying nanos
20:31<@pwoods>Good eye, packetcat
20:36<millisa>this other doc talks more specifically about the pricing.
20:37<millisa>This bit is different than a linode: "At this time, all outbound data, including data transfer to a Linode in the same data center, is billable."
20:40<packetcat>hm the object count limit is probably a barrier for me switching to using Linode's object storage, I have a couple buckets here with way more than 100k objects
20:41<packetcat>(AWS S3 buckets to be clear, I also use Cloudfront in front of those so that's also another blocker)
20:42<Peng_>You could use CloudFront with Linode, no?
20:43<packetcat>I don't know tbh, I've never used CloudFront with anything other than AWS S3 buckets backing them
20:43<Peng_>CloudFront supports any ordinary web server as an origin.
20:44<millisa>that's a blocker for me. all my web servers are extraordinary
20:44<packetcat>lol, I guess that still leaves the object count issue
20:45<packetcat>one of these buckets is at 676k objects
20:45<Peng_>So you only need 6.8 Linode accounts! :D
20:47<Peng_>Hrmm. Hypothetically, how easy would it be to combine Linode Object Storage with Cloudflare?
20:48<chonk>they could likely adjust those limits
20:48<chonk>"f you need to increase the storage limit, the object limit, or the bucket limit, please open up a Customer Support ticket."
20:48<@pwoods>packetcat: that typo has been fixed
20:50<Peng_>"If you want to overload the cluster the day we announced it, press 1."
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21:24<chesty>no shame in spelling, grammar and typo errors, but what editor is being used, ed? I didn't know editors existed without a spellchecker.
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22:16<chesty>when I first installed linux in the late 90s it was my first time using a unix like system. I was learning from books and trial and error, mainly error. I ran ed, I couldn't work out how to exit it so I rebooted.
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23:19<@pwoods>packetcat: Forgot to mention this earlier, but that limit on the number of objects can be increased. Open a ticket for us to review.
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23:32<Peng_>At this point are they likely to grant an increase all the way up to 700-800k or more?
23:34<Peng_>Am I being rude and implying it's some sort of beta product
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