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01:19<Ragesh>Can I ask account related issue here/
01:20<millisa>It's a public channel. If it is account specific, a ticket/support mail is the way to go. General questions though - go for it
01:20<@rgerke>Since this is a public forum, we can't discuss account-specifics. Privacy reasons. But feel free to open a ticket for that.
01:21<Ragesh>ok. Thanks
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02:30<chonk>i am alive
02:56<Woet>speaking of people being alive, where is Eugene ?
03:24<chesty>and "I love you all with a great huge love" whose nick I can't remember how to spell, yak something
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04:53<Devousa>Hi, I tried to find information from the help documentation but couldn't locate the right information. Am I allowed to host WebGL games on Linode if I have a link to them behind my website?
04:57<Zr40>from a technical perspective, Linode doesn't care what you do on your instances
04:59<Zr40>of course abuse is prohibited by the terms of service, so if you are not allowed by copyright to host those games yourself, that's not allowed
05:00<Devousa>Right. But if I make my own game then terms of service should not be against it?
05:00<Devousa>I mean, hosting it on my instance
05:02<Peng_>That's fine. :)
05:02<Peng_>Unless the game is some sort of illegal nuclear launch code pinball. :D
05:03<Devousa>Haha, right well I guess that would certainly be beyond even gray area. :D
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05:17<sharma>is this chat support from `Linode?
05:18<Peng_>Hello. This is a public community channel. Why do you ask?
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05:50<linbot>New news from community: Files not getting downloaded or open to edit <>
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07:20<linbot>New news from community: How to add an SSH key <>
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08:32<primitiv>anybody know if linode is looking into offering different tax options besides VAT?
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08:32<primitiv>for example GST/HST which is the tax charged within Canada
08:33<primitiv>Would be nice to get a monetary value back instead of writting it off as an expense sort of speak
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09:30<LouWestin>He’s offline now. But tax wise I know in the states we’re not charged tax due to it being a service.
09:41<chesty>it's up to the country and not linode. I don't know how they did it, but australia started forcing international companies to collect gst from australians. but it doesn't make linodes cheaper for australian, we pay the normal price of the linode and an extra 10 percent on top. I get the impression primitiv thinks paying the tax will make it cheaper
09:41<chesty>for him
09:42<chesty>fyi, GST stands for goods and services tax
09:51<LouWestin>I should add that It might vary too by state.
09:52<LouWestin>His best answer would be from an a good accountant or some tax person.
09:54<LouWestin>Like you said, He might thinking there’s some business deduction that he’d benefit from. But I have absolutely no idea.
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10:03<mechague>i cant enter to my account
10:04<mechague>what heppnes¿
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10:08<chesty>mechague, you either have to email or phone them. they can't fix it on irc
10:09<@bbigger>you can find our contact info here:
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10:12<mechague>ok ok, thanks
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10:31<kharlan>pls look at my ticket ;/
10:31<@bbigger>kharlan ticket number?
10:31<kharlan>heh. jk jk. I thought I would mess around..
10:31<kharlan>shit. that was fast bbigger !
10:32<@bbigger>lol, hope you were testing for attentiveness :P
10:33<kharlan>rofl if I was, you passed with an A+++
10:34<kharlan>I thought I would mess around since I haven't submitted in ticket in like 8 months. It's just a low priority extra ip address request. Hopefully I get it :(
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11:30<dubidub_1>I have opened a support ticket and attached some screenshots. Should the screenshots be viewable by me when I view the ticket later?
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11:35<@bbigger>dubidub_1: uploaded screenshots won't be viewable again from the ticket interface in Cloud Manager after they're uploaded
11:35<dubidub_1>I'm trying to delete an Object Storage bucket. I get this error: "
11:35<dubidub_1>Bucket dubidub-test is not empty. Please delete all objects and try again."
11:35<dubidub_1> But when I access the bucket in the manager, it is empty.
11:42<@bbigger>dubidub_1 seems like a bug — just tested and was able to add items to a bucket, remove them, then delete the bucket w/o issues. We'll take a look for issues on our end and update your ticket w/investigation results.
11:44<dubidub_1>The bucket was created early in the beta, I believe.
11:47<@bbigger>gotcha, thanks for the additional info
11:49<millisa>dubidub_1: did you add /create the bucket with something like cyberduck? I had a couple from early beta I created that way that I had to delete that way too
11:50<dubidub_1>millisa: I don't remember, but it's not unlikely.
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11:53<dubidub_1>Will not delete in cyberduck. Appears empty. Error says not empty.
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14:04<dubidub_1>Is it possible to see how much transfer a particular Object Storage has used?
14:07<dubidub_1>Object Storage bucket
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15:01<@jcardillo>dubidub_1: there's no way to see transfer for a particular bucket.
15:01<@jcardillo>you can only see it as part of your monthly network transfer pool.
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15:39<ttaylor1>tmux detach
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16:56<dubidub_1>jcardillo: Do other providers of object storage provide such information?
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17:06<dubidub_1>millisa: There were hidden files in the bucket. By enabling the Bucket Versioning option in Cyberduck I was able to view and delete these. Thanks To Linode support
17:07<dubidub_1>Support escalated the issue and said: "This behavior certainly appears surprising at first glance since there is no indication through Cloud Manager that these files exist. We are looking into rectifying this issue such that this problem can be resolved entirely through Cloud Manager in the future."
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17:12<abouttobuy>Hi, guys, I am about to buy linode. I have two questions. 1- Do I get a root access with their VPS? 2- Do they provide any kind of snapshot taking mechanism for their VPSs? so I can go back in time? (my first time running a vps so I will use this as an experiment to learn things. I will be breaking things a lot!)
17:14<nate>abouttobuy: As is the nature with VPS's by name, it's a private server so yes you get a root 'instance'. As for snapshots, you'll want to look into the backup services;
17:14<abouttobuy>i appreciate the help buddy!, thanks a lot!
17:14<nate>There is however also an instance image sorta thing where you can save a pre-built configuration and re-deploy, that might be of more interest to you
17:20<abouttobuy>yeah, that actually sounds better.
17:20<abouttobuy>thanks a lot!
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17:25<millisa>the images are limited to very small amounts (2GB i think?)
17:26<millisa>if it's a testing setup - when you do your deployment, don't allocate the entire disk you are given. Use a small amount. you can use the extra space for a different spinup, or images, or backup files.
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17:55<abouttobuy>what happens if i go over the 2gig they allocated?
17:55<abouttobuy>do i get an error, or will they charge my credit card without asking?
17:55<millisa>for the image? it just doesn't let you create them
17:58<abouttobuy>that is fine. I have been using vmware for a while. I dont think each snapshot for this kind of system should takee more than 500megs or so... I should still be able to take 1 manual and 3 or so auto snapshots.
17:58<abouttobuy>thanks a lot buddy
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17:58<millisa>those images aren't part of your regular disk allocation - they aren't exactly like a vmware type snapshot
17:59<millisa>it's intention is more to create a base disk image you spinup other systems from. but if you dont' allocate all your disk to your spun up OS, you can clone the disk
18:03<millisa>The block storage volume stuff makes that even easier. if you do a boot off a block storage volume (, you can clone it to another volume with a single api call
18:04<millisa>(minimum block storage volume size is 10gb - so you'd be looking at a $1/month each)
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21:50<Mattt>anyone here that can help me with linode ? pre sales questions
21:53<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
22:01<Mattt>what is max additional ips per vps? can you use custom iso images for os ? is there support for cpanel billing ? is there multiple datacenter locations in USA and in canada? any promo or starter credit to test?
22:02<kharlan>Mattt: you get 1 ip starting off, and you can request more via a support ticket. It's 1.00/month per additional ip if they accept your request.
22:03<kharlan>I think you can follow this guide to install a custom image:
22:03<kharlan>I don't think they provide cpanel billing.
22:04<kharlan>sorry cpanel licensing ( if that's what you were asking?? ).
22:04<kharlan>The data center locations are listed here:
22:06<kharlan>and a promo code is DOCS10 for a $10.00 credit when you first sign up.
22:06<Mattt>nice, thanks
22:09<kharlan>seems like they do not provide cpanel licensing: ( read the 'Note:' section )
22:11<Mattt>after signup, can you pay with paypal or only credit card
22:11<millisa>after signup you can use paypal
22:12<millisa>you do the initial signup/payment with credit card
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