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02:12<raeuz2016>I have a question for ipv6, can you help?
02:14<Peng_>What's your question?
02:19<raeuz2016>In the ipv4 section there's one ip - , in the ipv6 section, there's another ip - 2400:8902::f03c:92ff:fe98:fcb4 .
02:23<raeuz2016>now i installed the web server - nginx by "sudo apt install nginx", then i can visit the url but fail to access [2400:8902::f03c:92ff:fe98:fcb4] on my PC. can you tell me how to fix it?
02:24<Peng_>It works for me
02:26<raeuz2016>when i exec "netstat -anlp" command on remote linode, shows that "tcp6 0 0 :::80 :::* LISTEN - "
02:27<raeuz2016>@Peng do you mean you can access the url http://[2400:8902::f03c:92ff:fe98:fcb4] ?
02:33<raeuz2016>Can you access the url too?
02:36<Peng_>Yes. It's a "Welcome to nginx!" page.
02:38<raeuz2016>ooh, I don't know why I can't access that, but i can telnet that with OK status response.
02:45<raeuz2016>It seems that I can only access it by ipv4. Thanks @Peng_ , think you very much!
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04:11<noor>I have some questions about linode
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06:33<linbot>New news from community: How do I access cPanel One-Click App? <>
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15:15<primitiv>is it possible to limit how many emails get sent out to X email address with php mail?
15:16<grawity>limit it through your MTA (mail software – postfix, exim, sendmail)
15:16<primitiv>id need to use like pear mail or something right?
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21:38<linbot>New news from community: Is there a performance benefit to several small linodes .vs one larger linode? <>
22:20<DrJ>if you're running something that big you probably should have people in place that would know the answer :)
22:21<DrJ>or rather, know your needs/setup well enough to come the a conclusion on their own
22:37<kharlan>" "noise" of sharing resources across the services"
22:37<millisa>I'm a-custom to
22:38<millisa>that one took me a little bit
22:38<kharlan>Am I trippin' or did I think he meant how loud the fans get on a server ;P?
22:38<kharlan>millisa: haha I saw that too.
22:38<millisa>I think he's referring to resource contention
22:40<kharlan>It didn't seem like it based off the way he phrased it ;/. I've never heard it referred to as noise.
23:14<DrJ>If my linodes ever start making noise that will be it for me
23:14<millisa>what if they are pleased noises? like the doors in hitchhikers guide?
23:15<retro|blah>I do not want to hear my Linodes being pleased. That would be disturbing.
23:16<millisa>I'm putting in a ticket: "Feature request. Manager needs more groaning noises when booting or shutting down a node."
23:16<Peng_>"If shutting down a node takes more than 1 minute, play broken HDD clicking sounds"
23:18<Peng_>"Add 'sfx' field to the API linking to an MP3 file for use by API clients."
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23:47<griffyn>Hi, what's the ETA of SYD DC?
23:47<millisa>They have a place to get notified on it if you haven't done that yet
23:48<millisa>'later this year'
23:49<Ikaros>Not much time left for "this year" heh...
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