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00:44<linbot>New news from community: How do I upgrade my node.js <>
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01:25<linbot>New news from community: Recover linode account deleted! <>
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01:29<need_support>Is it safe to reset the password of the root account of a linode?
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01:40<@rgerke>Hi there! Yes, it is safe to reset the root password.
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02:54<Zr40>does transfer between object storage and a linode within the same DC count against the monthly transfer pool?
02:55<chonk>right now yes i think
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06:17<agen>Additional verification is required to add this service. Please open a support ticket. what its mean
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06:23<Zr40>it means you should open a support ticket. Tell them what service you wanted to add and that you got this message
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06:38<dubidub_1>Linode's Object Storage seems pretty basic. Are there any plans for more functionality? For example per-bucket access control and statistics.
06:49<dubidub_1>rdaniels:It wasn't feedback, it was a question.
06:52<grawity>then I suppose the answer is something like "we can't discuss our distant-future plans, but we'll add that to the wishlist if it isn't there yet"?
06:59<@rdaniels>dubidub_1: I will check with our Object Storage team for more information.
07:05<Woet>dubidub_1: there are always plans
07:06<Zr40>what about the other data centers?
07:14<@rdaniels>dubidub_1: Per-bucket access storage is functionality that our team is aware of. We don't have an ETA on it, and I have made sure that it is listed in our internal tracker. As far as statistics, what type are you suggesting? Are you referring to transfer data?
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07:19<@rdaniels>Zr40: We do have plans for other data centers. We don't have an ETA on the release yet. As always, we'll post updates on our blog. :)
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07:24<kaushal>Is Linode provide private network?
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07:29<Peng_>Private in what way?
07:31<kaushal>I need private network for interal cloud VPS communication.
07:32<grawity>afaik, no, Linode doesn't offer an isolated virtual network like AWS etc
07:32<Zr40>your instances can of course communicate with each other
07:32<grawity>although traffic between your VPSes is free if you use IPv6 (or the "internal" IPv4 addresses)
07:33<grawity>but no configurable subnets or things like that
07:34<kaushal>Actually I want to setup cluster for MySQL and web application. So I want to implement private network for cluster communication.I don't want public network or IP for internal cloud VPS communication in the cluster.
07:35<Peng_>What's the difference between a private and public network or IP?
07:36<kaushal>Public network is for public access or communication just like you access your cloud VPS and the bandwidth is counted in public network.
07:37<kaushal>But in case of private network, bandwidth will not be counted as they are isolated network privately and also get higher bandwidth or throuput rather than public network.
07:38<grawity>no, they both go through exactly the same datacenter LAN
07:40<grawity>so if you have two Linodes communicating with each other – using either IPv6, or 'private' IPv4 addresses – then it's completely internal, with all the advantages that you list (bandwidth, speed)
07:41<kaushal>You mean the bandwidth will not be counted in communication between two or more Linode VPS.
07:42<Peng_>when they are in the same data center, when using IPv6 or private IPv4 addresses
07:42<kaushal>Yes, I want to place all VPS in one data center
07:45<kaushal>As per pricing link of linode, the bandwith is only 5-8 TB for VPS within $100/month ...But in my cluster, data communication is huge internally so I require more bandwidth internally.
07:45<kaushal>5-8 TB bandwidth is not enough for me if they are counted.
07:45<grawity>that only applies to traffic outgoing to the Internet
07:49<kaushal>Another query: If I deploy linode VPS and they got public IP in different range but DC is same. So whether communication between two linode VPS is internal (ie no bandwidth counted) or not because as I know same range IP will be in the same switch and traffic is internal communication .
07:50<kaushal>But in case of different IP range, the communication must go through router. That means the bandwith will be counted. Is it true in case of Linode as well ?
07:50<grawity>for public IPv4 addresses, it's true
07:51<grawity>which is why you also get private IPv4 addresses, which do not count traffic
07:51<grawity>for IPv6, *all* linodes in the datacenter use the same range
07:51<grawity>so for public IPv6 addresses, the internal traffic is already not counted
07:54<Peng_>The traffic billing rules aren't about whether the traffic goes through a router or not.
07:55<grawity>yeah, but I recall "multiple address ranges" being used as the official reason why traffic between public IPv4 addresses is billed
08:04<kaushal>So linode VPS having IP (IPv4) with multiple IP range, the bandwidth will be counted in communication between Linode VPS
08:04<grawity>you know, you keep asking the same thing over and over -- and ignoring the answers given
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08:43<dubidub_1>rdaniels: yes, transfer data per bucket.
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09:00<dubidub_1>What's happened to the host linode 14857348 resides on?
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09:24<@rdaniels>dubidub_1: Transfer per bucekt is not currently available with Object Storage. I have added this to our internal tracker.
09:24<@rdaniels>In reference to your Linode, I'd be happy to take a look. Do you have a ticket number?
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10:53<dubidub_1>Ticket is resolved- No problem - just curious.
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12:37<ajsm>who can I msg that's official support?
12:37<grawity>open a ticket through the website
12:37<grawity>the people with '@' prefix (ops) are actual Linode staff
12:38<ajsm>any of you @ people about at the present time?
12:38<ajsm>I don't want to just randomly msg each one in sequence, would make more sense if you reveal yourselves as avail
12:39<ajsm>ok. let's try that
12:39<@jackley>ajsm: hi
12:39<ajsm>hi, will private msg
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13:47<linbot>New news from blog: A New Policy to Help Fight Spam <>
13:57<Peng_>Linode Cloud Orbital Strike Satellites/
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13:57<linbot>New news from community: I just created my first Linode and I can’t send emails. Why? <>
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18:30<redentor>wow nice test "iperf3 -c"
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19:50<Ravi>This is Ravi
19:50<Ravi>I am using linode server
19:51<Ravi>The problem is, when i login through virtualmin, it is showing CPU usage is very high due to data base
19:51<Ravi>resulantant website slow
19:52<Ravi>hello can you help me
19:52<millisa>if it's mysql, you can look to see what is currently running with 'show processlist' or 'show processlist full'.
19:52<millisa>you could also enable the slow log, or use one of the mysql tuning tools
19:52<millisa> might be worth reading
19:53<Ravi> ID Owner CPU Command 30213 mysql 390 % /usr/sbin/mysqld
19:53<Ravi>390$ is using
19:53<Ravi>390% is using cpu
19:55<millisa>sorry, 'show processlist' or 'show full processlist' if you want to see more of the queries
19:56<Ravi>show processlist?
19:56<Ravi>for wat
19:57<millisa>to see which processes are running in mysql...
19:57<millisa>it will show all currently running queries.
19:58<Ravi>ok then
19:58<Ravi>how to over come the heavy usage
19:58<Ravi>my webiste visitors are less than 20 memebers per day
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20:56<FluffyFoxeh>[19:50:29] <Ravi> This is Ravi
20:56<FluffyFoxeh>He was here years ago wasn't he?
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21:59<linbot>New news from community: How i confirm my account? <>
23:09<linbot>New news from community: Account <>
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