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06:33<sufrjo>hello Linode
06:33<sufrjo>I need some help
06:34<sufrjo>is this the support channel?
06:38<Peng_>It's a public community channel. We can help with some things. What's up?
06:38<@rdaniels>Hi. This is a public chat channel. Anyone can answer questions here, but for private matter it's best to open a Support ticket.
06:38<@rdaniels>what Peng_ said. :)
06:40<sufrjo>ok cool
06:40<sufrjo>I don't know my developer is unreachable now
06:40<sufrjo>but I have a linode server and I rebooted it
06:41<sufrjo>but the website didn't get back up
06:41<sufrjo>don't know why
06:41<@rdaniels>Oh No! Do you have access to the Cloud Manager to open a ticket?
06:41<@rdaniels>We can take a look at your account direct you better.
06:42<sufrjo>yes I do
06:42<sufrjo>should I just add a ticket?
06:43<@rdaniels>Yes. Drop us your ticket ID number and someone from our team will take a look at it.
06:45<sufrjo>thanks guys!
06:52<@rdaniels>Thanks! We got it, sufrjo.
06:52<@rdaniels>Someone will review this shortly and respond to the ticket.
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09:14<linbot>New news from blog: High Availability – What You Need to Know <>
10:01<@rdaniels>\mouse enable
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12:53<@rdaniels>Well played, friends.
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15:35<nate>Scheduled retirement ticket? That's a new one lol
15:35<millisa>got one of those a few days ago... did the migration a few minutes later. that night the system i migrated to had physical issue.
15:36<Peng_>Scheduled retirement? Has somebody in the ticket department been spending too much time on AWS?
15:36<nate>I didn't think this was even all that old of an instance
15:36<nate>Peng: Maybe, no idea what AWS's retirement model is lol
15:37<Peng_>New nodes can get put on old hosts
15:42<millisa>h700-rin1 was my old host
15:43<millisa>haven't figured out which processor was in it at the time
15:43<millisa>haven't rebooted it recently enough before that to catch it in syslog; it'd already rotated out
15:43<Peng_>I had a node migrated from h1459-rin1 to h1433-rin1 a few months ago :D
15:44<millisa>ended up on a host in that same range. epyc 7501
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17:11<millisa>just got my second retirement note. this one is an e5-2680 v2
17:12<Peng_>I have a 2680 v2! D:
17:12<nate>Come on, that's only like 6 years old, barely into it's prime
17:12<nate>I mean they can send me it if they wanna get rid of it that badly >.>
17:13<retro|blah>or they can send it to ME ;)
17:13<millisa>the other node and this one were both spun up in dec2018; so I guess they both ended up on older hardware
17:13<nate>Well considering the design of a VPS provider they can probably just oprah it and send us all one
17:13*retro|blah just migrated over to one of those newfangled AMD EPYC 7501's
17:13<nate>I hope those don't have the ryzen rdrand bug
17:15<Peng_>They're two years old. I think they're ok. :D
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17:15<nate>Ya never know, have you actually checked your RNG's lately?
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17:16<nate>could be debian all over again
17:17<Peng_>Broke: Implementing the Debian fiasco in software.
17:17<Peng_>Bespoke: Implementing the Debian fiasco in hardware!
17:18<nate>didn't we actually pass the 10 year mark for that recently? Or has it actually been longer?
17:19<Peng_>2008, I think
17:19<Peng_>Daaamn I'm getting old
17:21<nate>Aren't we all
17:25<kharlan>Not I.
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17:26<kharlan>Every new linode adds 2 minutes to your life. #fact
17:28<nuevu>Huh, I have about 7 of the 2680 v2s. Wonder if they're all up for replacement.
17:29<nuevu>Have the retirement notices been confined to any particular DC so far (that people have noticed)?
17:30<millisa>all of mine have been in dfw. but most of my stuff is there at this point
17:30<nuevu>That's where the bulk of mine are as well, so I guess that answers more than I directly asked :)
17:30<Peng_>My 2680 v2 is in Atlanta
17:31<Peng_>No retirement notice yet, but we'll see :D
17:45<millisa>if anyone is curious - verbiage from the retirement ticket, along with a (sanitized) api call that shows the notification; (nothing particularly exciting here other than its a 15 day headsup)
17:49<millisa>oh, and I guess they didn't populate the 'body' portion of the api notification. the other maintenances usually have details there
17:49<nuevu>Thank you, millisa. Like you said, nothing particularly exciting, but it's nice to know what that'll look like if/when I get one.
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18:29<FluffyFoxeh>I wonder what the threshold is for the end of the hardware's usable life
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18:50<millisa>manager is 'whoops!' ing
18:51<@mcintosh>millisa: should be okay in a second
18:51<millisa>(new manager seems fine)
18:51<millisa>and old one is fine now too
18:52<millisa>!point mcintosh
18:52<linbot>millisa: Point given to mcintosh. (22)
18:52<@mcintosh>new manager is moar betterer
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