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12:08<LouWestin>New Linode manager?
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12:11<millisa>if you are asking about the thing I said 12ish hours ago. I meant '' when I said 'new manager'
12:12<millisa>I didn't see this two days ago: "In response to this problem, starting today, Linodes on newly created customer accounts will have connections from ports 25, 465, and 587 blocked by default."
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12:24<millisa>So the scheduled retirement notices - I got confirmation that one of my hosts with the the e5-2680v2 is *not* part of this set of retiring servers.
12:25<Peng_>I haven't gotten any notices. :<
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13:34<dwfreed>millisa: my friend has a Linode on a 2680v2 that *is* in the batch of retirement notices that went out
13:35<dwfreed>my guess is they're staggering it, so they can replace those hosts with new ones
13:36<Peng_>Maybe I'm on Linode's newest 2680 v2 and it will never be retired
13:36<Peng_>Maybe not
13:36<dwfreed>it will eventually be retired
13:37<dwfreed>you'll note there are no 5520s in the fleet anymore
13:37<Peng_>How do you know :D
13:38<dwfreed>because they were killed off as part of NextGen
13:39<dwfreed>can you believe that was 6.5 years ago?
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14:29<kharlan>Have any of you guys run windows 10 on a linode succesfully? Just wondering how additional ips/maintenance reboots ( if they'd even apply ) would function?
14:29<kharlan>kinda worried if I set it up and it works.. and then 3 months go by and it suddenly stops ;/
14:29<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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14:30<kharlan>yep saw that already.
14:30<dwfreed>windows 10 and windows server are basically interchangeable, except the obvious part that you'll always have the full desktop experience on win10
14:30<dwfreed>additional IPs and maintenance reboots are no different
14:31<dwfreed>just make sure your power plan has 'shut down' set for the power button action
14:32<kharlan>It wouldn't hurt to try it I guess
14:32<kharlan>and our costs will go down by so much we could have a backup server on standby. hmmm
14:33<kharlan>thanks dwfreed
14:34<dwfreed>oh, and you'll want to make sure you completely disable standby
14:34<dwfreed>though you might get lucky and find that one of the drivers does it for you
14:35<dwfreed>hibernation is fine, but obviously unnecessary and pretty pointless
14:36<dwfreed>if these machines will be running in an AD domain, you can easily push them a custom power plan via group policy, and also use group policy to set the power plan to the custom one you've created
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16:32<LouWestin>In regard to the mail ports being blocked. Is this incoming and outgoing?
16:33<chonk>likely just outgoing
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17:48<@rgerke>ojsm: Hi there! I'm with the Support Team. How can I help?
17:49<@rgerke>Wow, that was like hours ago. For some reason my scrolling stopped in the wrong spot.
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19:52<LouWestin>Ok. I don’t run any mail servers, but was just curious.
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19:56<Ravi>this is ravi
19:56<Ravi>I am using linode server
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19:57<Ravi>Can anyone help me, i want to extract a tar file in linode server and what is the commands for extracting a tar file in linode
19:58<wraeth>Ravi: The same as any other environment, using tar. Something like 'tar xvaf yourfile.tar' to extract to the current directory (be careful if any files in the tar have absolute paths, though). You may need other options, depending on what you're doing.
20:00<Ravi>ok thank you
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20:59<wraeth>`tar --help` is technically valid.
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23:37<millisa>mismatching dates at the top 'last updated' and the last updated in section 14 (probably should just dump the last sentence of section 14).
23:39<@mcintosh>millisa: ty!
23:41<@pwoods>!point millisa
23:41<linbot>pwoods: Point given to millisa. (113)
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