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00:36<FluffyFoxeh>This is FluffyFoxeh
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00:42<@pwoods>Hi FluffyFoxeh
00:43<FluffyFoxeh>Is this pwoods?
00:45<FluffyFoxeh>!point pwoods
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00:52<wraeth>Heh, linbot is 1337.
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03:08<@rgerke>!point pwoods
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03:09<@rgerke>That's for hanging out in here alone all night while I was otherwise distracted.
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03:53<Santaliz>Quite a noob in Linux, but I need to use it for a specific project. Everything was going fine, but after I added another storage block, tried to mount it by Linode commands, then I rebooted - and suddenly there is no GUI in Glish. 'Error: variable 'prefix' isn't set.' just stuck on this screen... Any ideas? Would be really appreciated
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04:06<@pwoods>Santaliz: Is this a block storage volume that you mounted?
04:08<Santaliz>Just a default volume from the Linode panel
04:08<Santaliz>Just followed their commands, heh
04:08<@pwoods>Santaliz: My guess would be to check out the fstab set up. That said, if you create a Support ticket, we might be able to check a few things out for you, such as the boot log.
04:08<@pwoods>Santaliz: I've borked my own things following commands on guides, sometimes there's a subtle change that needs to be made from the commands in the guide.
04:10<@pwoods>But if the fstab isn't set up right, and the Linode is rebooted, it could get all confused about trying to automatically mount the volume, which will result in not good things.
04:10<Santaliz>I added it in 'fstab' as stated in Linode Panel, then Glish broke, so I removed it from 'fstab' again from CLI
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04:10<Santaliz>and now I am stuck here, heh
04:11<@pwoods>does the /var/log/dmesg log show anything?
04:16<Santaliz>That's a good question, first time using Linux, so can't really figure that one out, heh
04:18<@pwoods>That log "print or control the kernel ring buffer"
04:18<@pwoods>So, it'll show if there's an issue during the boot process. Sometimes it'll be a failure message that will include a command you can run to get more info
04:20<Santaliz>Doesn't seem to show any errors
04:21<@pwoods>If you open a Support ticket & share the ticket #, I'd be happy to take a further look for you
04:22<Santaliz>Okay, great, thanks
04:23<Santaliz>Didn't think you offered support for these things, but great. One second.
04:25<Santaliz>#12977227 @pwoods
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04:55<Santaliz>pwwords: did you get it? just to confirm
04:56<Santaliz>pwoods: did you get it? just to confirm *
04:56<@pwoods>Santaliz: sorry, should have let you know I got it.
04:57<Santaliz>pwoods: Awesome. Highly appreciated!
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05:25<Santaliz>pwoods: Any news? Perhaps I'll just have to reinstall the whole thing
05:27<@pwoods>Santaliz: I just updated the ticket
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07:34<balnagendra>Hi I am not able to ping from my linode
07:35<balnagendra>I am able to reach my linode from my home
07:35<balnagendra>Any body can help
07:36<@rdaniels>balnagendra: Hi! This is a public chat, but I work for Linode. I'd be happy to help. Do you have a ticket open already? If so, can I have your ticket number?
07:39<balnagendra>Hi @rdaniels glad you responded
07:40<balnagendra>Seems their site changed a lot, I can not find how to create a ticket. I am logging into my Linode after a long time.
07:41<@rdaniels>balnagendra: No worries. You can open a ticket from the Get Help tab Cloud Manager.
07:42<@rdaniels>From there, select Customer Support
07:44<balnagendra>Yeah here is the ticket #12977454
07:44<@rdaniels>Awesome! We'll get eyes on it for you soon.
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08:39<balnagendra>Hi thanks friends. My server has started well. Thanks to Linode support.
08:39<balnagendra>bye for now
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08:39<Santaliz>pwoods: I managed to get it working, however, not sure what finally did it. Switched to Linode kernel, and tried some stuff I found online, hah.
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08:44<cbcw>is it possible to enable AMD-V virtualization on a linode VPS?
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08:51<cbcw>meaning, is it possible to change BIOS settings of a linode?
08:52<Zr40>no, but even if you could, remember that your instance is not guaranteed to remain on the same CPU model (or even brand)
08:55<cbcw>damn.. im trying to run a vm using vmvare on ubuntu. i get 'This host does not support AMD-V. This host does not support "AMD RVI" hardware assisted MMU virtualization' - guess i cant fix this without bios settings?
08:56<Zr40>Linode instances themselves are VMs
08:58<cbcw>well you can still virtualize inside a VM
08:59<cbcw>i guess in this case, it comes down to AMD-V not being enabled
09:00<dwfreed>it comes down to nested virt not being enabled
09:01<cbcw>well if its not, then yes, that would be the case i guess
09:01<dwfreed>you could try switching your configuration profile to full virtualization mode; dunno if that allows nested virt
09:01<cbcw>already did, no luck, heh
09:02<dwfreed>nested virt is terribly slow anyway, it's not even worth the trouble
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15:16<abhi619>need help
15:16<abhi619>i wanna know my plan pricing
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15:24<dzho>hmm. guess didn't want to know that badly
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16:43*bbigger shrugs
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