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03:48<TooCool>Does linode allow IRCd servers on the "Nanodes" accounts?
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04:49<robert141414>whats the cpu frequencies?
04:50<robert141414>you talk about core but not frequencies
04:56<@mtjones>Hello! Different Linodes may have CPUs of slightly different frequencies, but overall they should be similar in speed and performance.
04:57<@mtjones>The best way to check is to run cat /proc/cpuinfo after making a Linode.
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07:31<dubidub_1>What's the computational speed of the nanode?
07:32<dubidub_1>Is it the same as the standard 2 GB plan?
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07:51<jonathan1>i am new in using weechat
07:51<jonathan1>please response something random so i know my msg read
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08:11<Peng_>dubidub_1: Yes and no. On both plans, you can max out the CPU when possible. If there's too much contention with other customers, the 1 GB plan has a lower minimum equal fair share.
08:17<dubidub_1> I obviously know little about virtualization. Is minimum performance quantifiable? And equal across hosts?
08:24<Peng_>Not really. Linode has multiple generations of hardware in service at once, so overall performance won't always be the same.
08:25<Peng_>If the host is overloaded, you'll have a bad time, and either should stop using so much and/or ask Linode to move your node to a different host (if you're innocent).
08:51<@jyoo>We typically recommend that you keep your CPU usage to around 80% of capacity at max, but if you start with a Nanode and need to size up you can always do that. You just won't necessarily end up on the same host you started on. We're always happy to check host health if you run into a performance issue though.
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14:11<Peng_> is down :(
14:12<Peng_>There are lot of Linodes in the NTP Pool but no longer many on
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14:59<FluffyFoxeh>if they're in the pool, wouldn't they be on that page?
15:06<kenyon>that page is not the same as the Pool
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15:12<FluffyFoxeh>I'm not really sure what subset of servers that page is supposed to be listing
15:15<Peng_>Whichever servers have added themselves to that page :D
15:16<Peng_>It's a wiki. People just add servers.
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20:39<robert141414><@mtjones> The best way to check is to run cat /proc/cpuinfo after making a Linode.
20:39<robert141414>you cant tell me here?
20:40<robert141414>i want the dedicated cpu plan
20:42<retro|blah>As was previously explained, the CPU frequencies depend on the host you get put on. Not all hosts use the same CPUs.
20:42<Peng_>Linode has mostly used 2.0 - 2.5 GHz servers since 2003
22:59<FluffyFoxeh>I wonder if they would honour a request to be placed on a host with a specific CPU type
23:00<FluffyFoxeh>I dunno
23:02<FluffyFoxeh>Though I doubt the type of CPU makes much of a difference for most people's applications anyway
23:15<Woet>if CPU matters what much, get a dedicated server
23:15<Woet>robert141414: ^
23:21<millisa>I've had luck putting in a support ticket and asking to have a migration pointed at an amd based host (it was migrating for other reasons, but the epycs were new and I wanted to see a production system on one)
23:22<FluffyFoxeh>Not surprising. Linode staff are pretty flexible ^^
23:28<robert141414><Woet> if CPU matters what much, get a dedicated server
23:28<robert141414>im looking for it yes
23:30<robert141414>it says dedicated CPU on the website
23:30<millisa>that means an unshared core
23:30<robert141414>i understand but without any frequencies
23:31<millisa>correct. without any frequencies.
23:32<millisa>it isn't.
23:32<robert141414>so it could be 1ghz or 5ghz?
23:32<millisa>probably neither.
23:32<millisa>but someday, sure
23:32<millisa>not right now, no.
23:33<millisa>they are mostly in the 2-2.5 range (there's a few of the older 2.8's still around)
23:33<robert141414>finally some numbers :)
23:33<millisa>Peng gave the same answer earlier
23:33<millisa>they are xeon or epyc processors.
23:35<millisa>most of the ones I see are e5-2680 v3/4's, e5-2697 v4's, xeon gold 6148's, amd epyc 7501's and 7601's. there's probably a couple I've missed.
23:36<millisa>and there are a few e5-2680 v2's still, too, though I've gotten a couple retirement notices for those
23:37<Woet>robert141414: no, a dedicated server. not a VDS.
23:38<Woet>unless you wanna spend $15/month per dedicated core
23:40<robert141414>I'm fine to spend $200/month
23:41<robert141414>for something powerful in japan
23:41<robert141414> amd epyc 7501's and 7601's
23:42<robert141414>oh no still not so high freq
23:43<millisa>what are you doing that frequency matters?
23:43<robert141414>I compute things
23:43<millisa>you don't say
23:45<millisa>well, the way it works is you'd get the resources they list on some physical hardware. even if you managed to talk them into getting you onto a specific type of processor, you might end up moved off of it for a hardware issue
23:46<millisa>which is pretty typical for most vps providers
23:46<robert141414>I see
23:47<robert141414>thanks for your help millisa
23:47<FluffyFoxeh>In other words, you're not guaranteed a specific CPU model
23:47<millisa>and like Woet said, if that matters, you'd probably be best looking for a dedicated/baremetal type provider
23:48<robert141414>can you pm me some
23:48<millisa>providers that do baremetal?
23:48<robert141414>yeah dedi
23:48<millisa>i dont have any I have a personal opinion on. rackspace cloud has some.
23:49<millisa>well, at least not a positive opinion on...
23:50<millisa>ovh still does too?
23:51<robert141414>im on hetzner
23:51<robert141414>i'd like something in asia
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