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09:35<primitiv>whats a decent mailsender for php
09:35<primitiv>similar to PEAR
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09:46<woodwose> g'morn, does linode provide DDOS mitigations?
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10:37<@rdaniels>woodwose: Here is a Community site post we answered with some of our recommendations for DDoS mitigation providers.
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10:54<woodwose>rdaniels, thx
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13:43<linbot>New news from community: I see a message in Cloud Manager that Lassie rebooted my Linode. What exactly is Lassie? <>
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17:29<douglas>Good night
17:29<@rgerke>douglas: Hello!
17:30<douglas>Thanks for signing up! Your account is currently being reviewed. You'll receive an email from us once our review is complete, so hang tight! If you have questions during this process please open a Support ticket.
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17:30<douglas>What is
17:30<@rgerke>douglas: That means your sign-up is under review. It shouldn't take long to get a response.
17:31<douglas>Ok, i`m waiting this.
17:33<@rgerke>douglas: If you have any questions pecific to your sign-up, feel free to open up a SUpport ticket. (This IRC channel is open so we don't want to share any of your account-specifics here)
17:34<douglas>Ok, sorry
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17:35<@rgerke>douglas: No need to be sorry! :) Ask any questions you want in here, and we'll do our best to help you out. We just ask that you open a support ticket for specifics, and that's for your privacy.
17:36<Tianyi>whois new_user
17:36<douglas>What is the configuration of your servers?
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17:37<Peng_>What kind of configuration do you mean?
17:38<douglas>For LAMP
17:38<douglas>I have 30 websites hosted in AWS.
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17:42<@rgerke>douglas: We're an infrastructure provider, so we don't provide those configurations for you. However, you're welcome to configure LAMP on your Linode, or anything you'd like. For example:
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21:12<sowhat>is there any way linode could stop all the google spamming in my google browser
21:12<sowhat>I can do anything on the internet without getting spammed by adds from linode
21:13<millisa> ?
21:14<sowhat>linode can you please contact google and have them check the code it is out of control
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21:23<nuevu>Sounds like they're getting hit by effective (according to someone) remarketing.
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