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00:01<kharlan>yes google is always responsive when it comes to mining/using/distributing your information :).
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03:00<toseef>anybody there?
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03:08<@rgerke>Missed another one. :(
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03:24<virtual>the wise man suggests the question should just be asked.
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06:50<JamesTK>hello, any rgerke's there?
06:58<@pwoods>JamesTK: Not right now. :(
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07:44<user821>whois MrRobot7
07:52<user821>any1 there?
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08:29<LouWestin>Ugh...I was about 50 minutes late to answer their question.
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10:18<lukestar>hello :)
10:19<lukestar>I'll be back... I need to configure a few things with my IRC client.
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10:19<Toba>we will patiently await his arrival
10:20<Toba>when the luke star rises in the east
10:20<Toba>we will know the time has come
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10:50<randallman>oi, anyone have any Discount Codes for the Linode HQ Tour ?
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10:50<randallman>the "I have been a customer since UML discount code"
10:51<kharlan>let me check my discount scrapbook.
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10:59<randallman>so an ops around? :p
10:59<randallman>I mean I don't want to open a ticket :)
11:16<randallman>Oh well, opened a ticket #12995305
11:17<randallman>Damn, I've been paying yall since 7 Nov 2004 :)
11:21*lukestar gasps.
11:28<linbot>New news from community: Can I use DNS Manager without Linodes on my account? <>
11:37<dzho>guess we don't know/care about PTR
11:41<millisa>i might argue that 'active' should be replaced with 'provisioned'
11:43<dzho>in any case, if there are no linodes, then what is the DNS for? my guess is for a host somewhere else, for which Linode will not control reverse lookups.
11:44<millisa>for their home gopher server, obviously!
11:46<millisa>in the last 7 years, the number of gopher servers has doubled
11:46<dzho>funny how easily that sort of thing can happen when numbers start so low in the first place
11:58*lukestar suddenly has the desire to connect to a BBS.
12:15<randallman>millisa, I saw that...
12:16<randallman>I mean who isn't sick of the ads and spam on the Web? Lets just bring it back to text :)
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16:28*lukestar refuses to have a tilde in his IRC username. (>^.^)>
16:33<dzho> <-- sounds like it might take a trade association of Intel customers or something to apply some corrective pressure here
16:33<dzho>3 university profs and 4 grad students going out on a limb here
16:33<dzho>would be nice not to leave them hanging
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19:40<randallman>oi, thanks to Chris Aker and the rest of the team for that tour :)
19:41<randallman>The building... the restoration - amazing
19:49<chesty>lots of smart americans here, should I be worried that someone in america created a verizon account, changed their email address to mine, bought an iphone with some credit card I don't recognise and picked it up in a store?
19:50<dwfreed>only if it's your name on the credit card
19:51<@rgerke>randallman: Glad you got to see it! I know you inquired about a tour inhere some time ago.
19:51<chesty>I don't know if it is or isn't, but there are a lot of people with my name, and I'm not american
19:52<chesty>I tried contacting verizon, but it's impossible via web chat without login in
19:52<dwfreed>reset their password and log in
19:52<dwfreed>(don't do that)
19:52<chesty>mmm, I was debating whether I should do that or not
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20:01<Peng_>I'm pretty sure that's how you get arrested in an airport next time you're in the US
20:03<Unit193>I'm already in the US. :3
20:03<Peng_>Well then uh don't go to any airports
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20:53<redentor>it object storage is compatible with rclone ?
20:57<chonk>Object Storage is compatible with S3 so it should work fine with rclone
20:58<chonk>you'll likely have to do some tweaking to get it to work just right as it probably assumes defaults for Amazon
21:05<randallman>rgerke: Yeah I finally got it :) Missed a k8s meetup last month cause it cancelled
21:05<randallman>and I think the month before because my life :)
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23:21<lukestar>Setting up DKIM with debian/postfix/opendkim is not for the faint of heart; it seemed like there were multiple incorrect instructions at: but maybe i'm wrong
23:22<@pwoods>lukestar: if it's on the internet, it's true, or so I've heard.
23:23<lukestar>I'm coming to the conclusion that most instructions aren't very good, no matter where they come or what they are for
23:24<lukestar>Maybe not "most", but many.
23:24<Unit193>I went with about three different instructions, and it was even better because my nameserver didn't support key sizes bigger than 1024. \o/
23:24<lukestar>and it felt like gmail was straight of trolling me with it's messages about SPF failure
23:25<chonk>I find the Arch Linux wiki to be pretty reliable
23:35<lukestar>At first I thought GoDaddy didn't support key sizes bigger than 1024, but then I realized I just wasn't pasting the key right since it was broken into two parts separated by double quotes
23:35<Unit193>(I was on Namecheap)
23:36<Peng_>I think Namecheap finally fixed that!
23:36<Peng_>"Both 1024 bit and 2048 bit keys are supported." \o/
23:36<lukestar>nice :)
23:38<Unit193>Too bad, I'm sticking with Gandi. It's cheaper and they finally fixed whois protection. :3
23:40<Peng_>Gandi is cheaper than Namecheap!?
23:46<Peng_>Namecheap charges $14.98 for both .net and .org domains. :/
23:46<chonk>$12,000 purchase O_O
23:48<Peng_>Oh, Gandi's normal pricing for .net is $18.50.
23:48<Unit193>And the prices of NameCheap have been climbing for years.
23:48<Peng_>If you edit the URL to show it. \o/
23:48<Unit193>Why would you do that, though?
23:48<Peng_>I have too many domains, but not $12,000 worth of domains.
23:49<Peng_>Wouldn't I pay $18.50?
23:49<Peng_>Unit193: To be fair, inflation and Verisign aren't Namecheap's fault.
23:49<Peng_>The wholesale cost for .net domains is $9.95, apparently.
23:49<Unit193>But 12/per still looks better than 15/per.
23:50<millisa>$10.54 @ porkbun
23:50<chonk>I imagine if you are clearing $12k in domain registration fees you are likely under a contract and have your own pricing structure at that point anyway
23:51<Peng_>millisa: :D
23:51<Peng_> says their .net price is $14.99 but literally always has them on sale for $12.99.
23:51<Peng_>There must be some contractual or marketing psychology nonsense behind it.
23:52<Unit193>And renewals?
23:53<Unit193>chonk: I like Gandi for other reasons too. gandi-cli and python3-certbot-dns-gandi can be handy at times.
23:53<chonk>I think there's a certbot plugin for Linode's DNS manager somewhere
23:54<Peng_>There is, but it's painful to use because of the update delay
23:54<chonk>Oh it's built in apparently
23:54<chonk>That's neat
23:55<Unit193>(With gandi, at least Grid E, you also get a couple of mailboxes if you want them. :3 )
23:56<Peng_>If I'm registering thousands of domain names, I want at least a free microwave or other small kitchen appliance
23:57<chonk>gandi-cli get perks --appliance toaster-oven
23:57<Unit193>Error: No such command "get".
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