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00:45<grawity>I was wondering
00:45<grawity>are certbot DNS challenges actually different from time to time?
00:46<grawity>or can you get away with just adding a static value
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00:48<chonk>i think the record is based on your client token
00:48<Unit193>Some might say is a much better approach.
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01:20<illogic-al>soooo is there any way to download the raw image from you guys?
01:20<illogic-al>my freebsd install is hot and I'm trying to recover it.
01:21<illogic-al> noice. thank you. 🙏
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01:28<chonk>i think that method only download a copy of your disk though, so if you wanted to boot the resulting image from a local VM or something, you'll have to do some configuring
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02:17<amityads02>My account is still not activated it's been around more than 10 days i created my account on linode?
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07:13<linbot>New news from community: Using Extra Volume in Linode <>
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08:49<FluffyFoxeh>My Linode tastes good.
08:49*lukestar drools.
08:54*JamesTK noms his linode
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09:26<illogic-al>what version of linux do you guys use for the Lish console?
09:27<grawity>Debian 10 for the gateway/jumphost, if the sshd banner is to be believed
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12:32<Zr40>that's a good Debian
12:47<kharlan>firefox just died on me
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14:01<soreau>Hi, my linode is down
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14:01<soreau>It died about 20 minutes ago and cannot ssh or access any service it is supposed to be providing
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14:02<Zr40>did you check its status in the manager?
14:02<soreau>It says 'Running'
14:02<@jyoo>Are you able to access your Linode via the Lish console?
14:02<soreau>I do not know how to use the Lish console
14:03<@jyoo>Click "Launch Console" in the upper corner of your Linode's Dashboard in the Manager
14:03<@jyoo>^That is an excellent guide as well
14:03<soreau>it is spamming stuff
14:04<soreau>dmesg lines it appears
14:04<@jyoo>Try dmesg -D
14:04<soreau>I can't type
14:04<soreau>but wow is it a lot of spam
14:05<Zr40>what does it look like?
14:05<soreau>dmesg lines
14:05<soreau>pids constantly increasing
14:05<soreau>I probably should try rebooting I guess
14:05<Zr40>probably, but do save a screenshot of what you're seeing right now
14:06<@jyoo>Agree with the screenshot and reboot. Any messages about a kernel panic?
14:07<soreau>well there were some crash messages
14:07<soreau>but it was going by so fast and I couldn't scroll back
14:08<soreau>Now I rebooted and it's still rebooting
14:08<@jyoo>You can enable Lish scrollback using CTRL-A + ESC, if it's still not connecting when the reboot completes
14:08<soreau>I don't think it usually takes this long to reboot
14:09<soreau>oh there is goes
14:10<soreau>ok now it's back
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14:10<soreau>I wonder if I got hacked
14:11<soreau>well thanks for the help
14:11<soreau>it seems a reboot fixed it
14:11<@jyoo>You can check your logs for signs of entry, this isn't super uncommon though :)
14:11<@jyoo>If you notice anything unusual definitely consider a malware scan and deeper investigation
14:11<soreau>what isn't uncommon?
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14:12<@jyoo>Kernel panic, or other crashes, especially if a runaway process occurred or if the Linode hasn't been rebooted in a long time.
14:12<soreau>oh ok
14:17<@bbigger>!point jyoo
14:17<linbot>bbigger: Point given to jyoo. (1)
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14:24<Pinguin>Hi everyone. I have some little problem. I'm junior system administrator, and not owner of server which administrate so access to control panel of linode for this server i haven't. So problem is: on server setuped some service which analyzing packages, in iptables we have rules which moves packeges to special queue, when i started upgrade from apt it stops service and now all packages stops in queue, and i haven't access via ssh, ping shows what all pack
14:26<millisa>What you are describing isn't very clear - but most suggestions that you'll get here would require you have ssh access and/or access to the manager.
14:27<soreau>jyoo: It was OOM
14:27<soreau>linode support got back to me and explained this
14:28<@jyoo>Ahh yep that makes a lot of sense
14:29<soreau>It's kind of a shame because I recently upgraded to trade more hdd space for less RAM
14:30<Pinguin>Thanks millisa, i understood. Sorry for my english.
14:30<millisa>If you can get both ssh access and linode manager access, someone here could probably give you some suggestions.
14:31<Pinguin>No I can't, so will wait when owner will be available for reboot it. Thanks
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14:32<@jyoo>soreau: Depending on what application caused the OOM you may be able to tune it to use less memory
14:33<soreau>jyoo: How would I find out?
14:36<@jyoo>The command "top" shows what is using the most memory. Also the OOMing messages should have some clues.
14:41<@rdaniels>soreau: This Community site post goes over some more steps to help you figure that out.
14:42<@jyoo>!point rdaniels
14:42<linbot>jyoo: Point given to rdaniels. (7)
14:43<soreau>I can't seem to access the old log, Lish stops at the beginning of the new log when scrolling back
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15:34<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
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21:40<lukestar>dang it, I didn't even get an interview for the wastewater job I was applying for
21:41<lukestar>I bet I'm the only one with a wastewater e-mail domain:
21:42<lukestar>oops, i miss typed that... but it's probably best, so you guys don't spam me :P
21:48<millisa>You have been subscribed to cat facts!
21:53<@pwoods>Can I signup for cat facts?
21:54<@rgerke>I'm surprised I'm not already signed up for that, what with the amount of times my one cat lands on my keyboard.
21:54<@rgerke>He accidentally sent a LinkedIN conenction request on my behalf once.
21:59<wraeth>"Hello, do I know you?" "No, but my cat thinks I should. Hey, how you doin'?"
22:01<@rgerke>He's a very sociable cat.
22:04<wraeth>Heh, evidently.
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22:40<Solver>Great news on Sydney DC
22:42<chonk>Yeah, except all of the Linodes get deployed upside down
22:43<@pwoods>!point chonk
22:43<linbot>pwoods: Point given to chonk. (4)
22:43<Solver>chonk: works for me. I am also upside down.
22:43<chonk>or er..
22:44<Solver>nice :)
22:56<Peng_>chonk: They're green cubes, how can you tell? :D
23:08<chonk>All of the electrons fell out of mine
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