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00:42<dkam>Hi - trying to use the Linode-cli to rebuild a host. I pass in a --authorized_keys value with a local key file - but I get an error: authorized_keys │ SSH Key 1 key-type must be ssh-dss, ssh-rsa, ecdsa-sha2-nistp, or ssh-ed25519
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00:48<wraeth>How was the key created? If with something like putty, it may be improperly formatted.
00:50<dkam>ssh-keygen on a mac
00:50<@pwoods>dkam: have you been able to use that key successfully before?
00:50<dkam>It wants a local file right - not the key in my Linode profile?
00:50<@pwoods>oh wait, yeah.
00:51<wraeth>Oh, it's expecting an identifier for an already-uploaded-to-manager key?
00:51*wraeth isn't that familiar with linode-cli/api.
00:52<@pwoods>\mouse disable
00:53<@pwoods>pwoods: shakes fist at back and forward slashes
00:54<dkam>I've been passing in --authorized_keys ~/.ssh/ - but it fails.
00:55<dkam>Using the key label in my Linode profile doesn't work either.
00:58<dkam>Using the id from linode-cli sshkeys list doesn't work either
00:59<@pwoods>Gonna look up that error message in the repo
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01:05<dkam>Logged an issue:
01:12<@pwoods>dkam: thanks for submitting that. Wish I had more to provide right now.
01:16<dkam>Figured it out.
01:17<dkam>I've updated the ticket.
01:18<@pwoods>dkam: awesome, glad to see that you were able to figure it out.
01:18<@pwoods>A colleague was just looking at that for you and came to the same conclusion just about at the same time as you.
01:27<dkam>Documentation pull request created :
01:27<dkam>Thanks for the cli and the docs by the way!
01:27<dkam>My first time trying them out.
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01:43<attes10>hello any support online?
01:44<attes10>i need some help regarding my account.
01:47<Peng_>This is a community channel and we can't really help with your account.
01:48<Peng_>Maybe I'll change that link to
01:49<attes10>i think they are too busy it tool a long time to get respond in email.
01:54<@pwoods>attes10: Do you have a ticket number? I can take a look for you.
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01:56<attes10>i dont have sir because i can't login my account because of token, i only send an email to the support.
01:57<@pwoods>attes10: To clarify, you have 2FA enabled and it's not working, so you can't access your Linode Manager account?
01:59<@pwoods>attes10: I think I found your email. You should be getting a response soon.
02:11<attes10>ok thank you for your respond .
02:12<attes10>i dont remember enabling 2FA so i wonder how it is enabled. i hope you can help me disable it, so i can open my account. thanks
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09:31<kharlan>ok. food for thought. Will virtualbox work effectively under the dedicated plan?
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09:58<Ric>Hello, I have a question regarding your nanodes plan
09:59<grawity>do ask it
09:59<grawity>though I'm not sure if any Linode staff are actually nearby
09:59<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:59<@jyoo>Also o/
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10:01<Ric>If I have a Nanode instance, I can say increase the Memory? maintaining the CPU and storage?
10:02<Ric>Say I increase memopry to 2GB and maintain 1CPU and 25 GB storage
10:03<@bbigger>Ric: you'd have to upgrade to a new plan to get additional resources, so in your example you'd need to upgrade to the 2GB RAM Standard plan
10:04<Ric>so its not possible to have a custom plan?
10:05<@bbigger>at the moment, no — I've added your question to our internal tracker for such a feature though, so we may introduce that ability in the future
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21:31<kharlan>oh ;/ kinda sucks amd-v is not enabled
21:31<kharlan>my vbox experiment failed on a dedicated instance and running lindows/winode with just 2-cores is horrid.
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