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01:28<Zr40>kharlan: linodes are virtual machines themselves
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10:11<linbot>New news from community: Account Limit reached. Please open a support ticket. <>
11:23<grawity>you won't really get amd-v on a xeon...
11:23<grawity>I guess it would make sense if nested virtualization was available on dedicated plans, though
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14:44<hawk>grawity: But on the EPYCs...
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16:13<kenyon>where did go and why couldn't they have a redirect
16:13<millisa>went away with that site redesign
16:13<millisa>there's an api call that can get you the same info if you want it
16:14<millisa>curl |python -mjson.tool (or whatever you want to use to format it)
16:15<kenyon>linode is dying
16:16<kenyon>also Manager shows the kernel, but I don't see that anywhere in Cloud Thinger
16:17<millisa>linode->advanced tab-> ... next to the configuration label (profile), edit. it's in the drop down
16:18<Peng_>millisa: It's paginated. That doesn't get you the Latest 64-bit kernel.
16:18<Peng_> "label": "Latest 32 bit (5.3.7-x86-linode150)"
16:18<Peng_>Ah, finally a new kernel has arrived.
16:18<millisa>i see that now. says 3 pages.
16:19<kenyon>ah yeah, there's the config profiles
16:20<millisa>curl |python -mjson.tool (or page 1, or 3)
16:20<kenyon>fortunately firefox formats json nicely
16:21<Peng_>Is this like how a watched pot never boils? Linode added new kernels ~4 days after I last looked.
16:22<kenyon>oh now I see what you mean by paginated, wtf
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16:50<millisa>maybe this is more useful: curl -H 'X-Filter: { "label": {"+contains":"latest"}}' |python -mjson.tool
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16:58<millisa>Get a duck
16:58<millisa>(I like this one too: curl -H 'X-Filter: { "+and": [{"architecture":"x86_64"}, {"kvm":true} , {"label": {"+contains":"linode"} }] }' |python -mjson.tool
16:59<millisa>there's some 'order_by' bits in there that i haven't used correctly yet
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18:01<Peng_>Did RTT between Atlanta and Dallas get more consistent? There used to be, like, multiple routes, with different RTT, but now it's always fast.
18:15<linbot>New news from community: Wordpress migration(local to Linode) is having permission issues <>
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