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10:59<linbot>New news from community: Is Postfix running? <>
11:01<Toba>my postfix is running, I better go catch it
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11:46<kharlan>Toba: lol'd
11:46<Toba>i just can't keep up
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16:48<nyancat>Are volumes chargeable hourly
16:49<nyancat>I was hoping to upload a bunch of data to a linode with a massive volume instead of renting a dedi from mother OVH
16:49<nyancat>But I only need the space for about a day or so
16:50<millisa>"$0.10/GiB per month. Hourly Billing"
16:50<millisa>it's about halfway down on the page
16:51<nyancat>That might be smart to actually put in the manager too ;)
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16:52<nyancat>i'm really sorry for what appears to be a horrible cropping job but i accidentally selected free-form snip and couldn't be arsed to change it
16:52<Toba>whatever it's legible
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16:53<nyancat>It would also be nice if the hourly billing was also indicated when you create a volume
16:54<nyancat>as in, whatever my charges per month would be, per hour
16:54<Toba>I think it would be more useful to have per swatch internet time unit
16:55<@jyoo>I'm happy to pass along this feedback to the team so they can consider it for future evolutions of the Manager! You're also always welcome to reach out to Support via phone or ticket; we can see your projected monthly cost and help you calculate from there.
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16:58<nyancat>jyoo: I'd be fine if I knew what $120/m would be on hourly basis
16:59<nyancat>looks like 16 cents an hour
16:59<nyancat>If I did the math right, that is
17:01<@jyoo>nyancat: So Block Storage is based on $0.10 per GiB per month. It would probably be easier to determine how much storage you need, then figure out how much it would cost from there.
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17:02<@jyoo>That being said, with around 730 hours in a month and 1 GiB costing .10 per month, it's about .0001 cent per hour for 1 GiB of Block Storage
17:03<nyancat>it looks like I might want object storage instead
17:03<nyancat>but that transfer though
17:05<@jyoo>Transfer is a valid consideration. It depends on how many Linodes are already on your account and how much traffic you plan to be using.
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17:07<nyancat>jyoo: is the transfer from object storage pooled with my linode's bandwidth?
17:07<nyancat>oh cool
17:08<nyancat>that might make it a bit easier to manage then
17:10<nyancat>thanks millisa and jyoo, you've both been excellent helps
17:11<virtual>that reminds me - does Linode have an SLA for durability, like AWS?
17:11<virtual>I may be missing it
17:13<millisa> section 5 sorta
17:13<millisa> 5.4
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17:16<virtual>thank you!
17:17<virtual>ahh. I was kinda hoping for durability vs availability
17:17<virtual>aws has something crazy like 99.99999999%
17:17<virtual>(for durability), but only something like 99.9% for availability.
17:18<millisa>tos has 99.9
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17:20<virtual>yeah, that seems to be for uptime (availability)
17:21<millisa>those are the only two sections that I know of that are close
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17:37<nyancat>uptime means nothing if the drives go to shit
17:40<virtual>I'm sure Linode have done good stuff, would be nice to be able to compare against others. :)
17:40<nyancat>for sure
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20:31<linbot>New news from community: Does resize the swap file might overwite data on main drive <>
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22:55<chanho>Currently my website is sni field blocked. Block bypass feature is required. Does linode support domain fronting technology?
22:56<millisa>Your website can't use sni?
22:57<chanho>I can't connect in the country where I live. However, you can connect using vpn.
22:58<virtual>wow, that sucks. :(
22:59<chanho> Does Linode support domain fronting technology?
23:02<millisa>you could probably do it yourself with an nginx proxy
23:06<chanho>I tried but it's impossible. Domain fronting technology is required.
23:07<millisa>then I guess you have your answer
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