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00:01<millisa>of the couple i've done so far, i haven't noticed any
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11:09<tmberg>Would a ddos affect your network transfer quota?
11:11<@bbigger>good question tmberg. inbound ddos, no because transfer quota only applies to outbound. if your linode performs an outbound ddos, then yes, but we'll stop it quickly if we detect it.
11:13<tmberg>bbigger: Ah. Ok. Thanks for the answer!
11:14<@bbigger>sure thing!
11:14<tmberg>bbigger: Maybe you should add that info.
11:15<tmberg>bbigger: I mean. I can't be the first to wonder
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11:16<@bbigger>tmberg where would like to see this info specifically? first thing that comes to mind is our doc on network transfer quota, which doesn't address ddos specifically but has the info to draw the same conclusion
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11:19<tmberg>Can't hurt to clarify it there?
11:19<tmberg>If someone ends up there. And search for ddos..
11:24<@rgerke>tmberg: I agree that it would be helpful to clarify it. I'm going to create a post on our Community Site that addresses this, and I'll drop the link in here once it's done.
11:24<@rgerke>Also, for any of our docs, you can leave a comment at the very bottom. Our docs team reviews and responds to those comments.
11:32<tmberg>Did not think that far. Hence the question in here. :)
11:38<tmberg>Still think it would be with: Under/with "Which Traffic Applies to the Transfer Quota"
11:39<tmberg>But that's me. =)
11:39<Zr40>it seems pretty clear to me. Outgoing traffic is counted, incoming is not. So whatever the server ends up sending in response to the DDOS will get counted, but the incoming DDOS traffic would not be
11:40<linbot>New news from community: DDOS and Network Transfer Quota <>
11:40<Zr40>which is the same as with legitimate traffic
11:42<@bbigger>tmberg other than dropping a comment on the guide to that effect for our docs team to check out, you could also submit your own PR with suggested changes directly to our docs repo
11:45<tmberg>Zr40: Maybe for you. But not for everyone. :)
11:46<Zr40>tmberg: do you mean the traffic accounting itself, or whether ddos changes anything?
11:46<tmberg>bbigger: Nah. Now you know. ( And secondly i do not understand github. Does not compute.. :)
11:47<tmberg>Zr40: If ddos changes anything.
11:47<Zr40>tmberg: it does not. But should the page include an exhaustive list of things that don't change anything?
11:49<Zr40>that would be more confusing that helpful, I would think
11:49<tmberg>Zr40: You can not call you question/thought/answer for an "exhaustive list".
11:50<tmberg>Im pretty sure many have search for linode and ddos. And no hits/answers.
11:51<tmberg>But. Anyway. Thats all from me. :)
11:52<Zr40>I'm very sure that people do that. But I would expect that those people are looking for ways to avoid suffering from the effects of a ddos
11:53<tmberg>Well. Running a private irc server for example.. Pretty hard to avoid.
11:53<Zr40>still, I'm not sure how "all outgoing traffic is counted, incoming traffic is not, and properly addressed internal traffic is not" leaves room for any doubt
11:56<tmberg>Everyone may not be as smart and understand it as clearly as you.
11:56<tmberg>17:50 < tmberg> Im pretty sure many have search for linode and ddos. And no hits/answers. <-- Take that back. :)
11:56<Zr40>I seriously doubt I am very smart, but really, what exactly is ambiguous about "all outgoing traffic"?
11:57<Zr40>it being kitten photos, big videos, irc clients, or whatever the server ends up sending out in response to a ddos, it's all outgoing traffic
11:59<Zr40>I'm just trying to understand what could possibly be unclear
12:00<Zr40>(and once I understand that, what words could be used to make it more clear)
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16:45<primitiv>hi there which xampp release has mysql and not mariadb
16:45<primitiv>having a hard time finding it
16:47<@jyoo>primitiv: MariaDB and MySQL are pretty similar - some of the dev team from MySQL created MariaDB. That said, you can use this article to replace MariaDB with MySQL in XAMPP:
16:47<primitiv>thank you!
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16:48<@jyoo>No problem at all!
16:50<primitiv>oh it comes qwith mysql I guess
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17:51<linbot>New news from community: What are my options for creating a wildcard SSL certificate? <>
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18:37<Gee19>Hello, what is my best option for increasing bandwidth of linode?
18:37<Gee19>I exceeded 1tb this month and would rather not be charged per gb, but rather increase it at a flat rate if possible
18:40<Peng>You can get more Linodes, but it's all prorated.
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18:50<primitiv>hi I'm having issues with sending php mail
18:50<primitiv>wondering what I overlooked
18:50<primitiv>its having issues rendering russian characters
18:50<primitiv>displays ??????
18:50<primitiv> would the headers be helpful?
18:51<@rgerke>primitiv: This might be a good topic for a Support ticket or a post on our Community Site. Through a ticket, you could send us the headers.
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18:56<primitiv>I tried specifying utf8 and mime headers
18:56<primitiv>what would I need to ook for to indicate why those are not being followed
18:56<primitiv>for instance would something be obvious in the headers
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18:59<@rgerke>What's happening when you're trying to send the emails?
18:59<primitiv>it swnds the russian characters as >??????????
19:00<primitiv>instead of the letters
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19:03<@rgerke>What mail server are you using?
19:03<primitiv>pear mail
19:06<@rgerke>I'm trying to find an answer for you. Not too fluent in pear mail, but this might help:
19:06<@rgerke>Should be the same principle.
19:07<@rgerke>It sugests using utf8_encode, which I think is a good thing to try.
19:08<primitiv>ive added that and it works fine
19:10<primitiv>but when my cron runs it doesnt seem to work4
19:10<primitiv>still displays ????
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19:16<@rgerke>This may help:
19:17<primitiv>ahh I figured it out lol
19:17<primitiv>its the data held in the databse causing issues
19:17<primitiv>must not be gettign saved proprly or grabbed properly
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19:18<primitiv>thanks for the help
19:18<@rgerke>You're very welcome
19:19<primitiv>!point @rgerke
19:19<linbot>primitiv: Point given to @rgerke. (1)
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20:50<truckersteve>hello all, anyone here familiar with running an Ark server?
20:59<Woet>are you doing a survey?
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22:04<rando-guy>Does the Linode Object Storage come with S3-like logs for processing how many hits files get, etc? Specifically something like this:
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