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06:44<Amr>i have a question
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08:15<Woet>nice question
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08:56<chonk>maybe it was "i have a question??"
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09:17<zeus>Hello. Is there anyone who can tell me if when we're building a Nanode we can choose the location?
09:19<@pwoods>Hi zeus
09:19<zeus>Hello :]
09:19<@pwoods>You can choose the data center location when you first create the Nanode, or you can migrate it after its created
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09:20<zeus>Is there a way where i could test the latency from a location before i create the Nanode?
09:20<zeus>Or something like a few hours trial
09:21<@pwoods>zeus: Yes!
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09:22<zeus>Wow! This was exactly what i was looking for!
09:22<@pwoods>We offer a 7 day trial period. If you cancel within that time, no-questions-asked refund.
09:22<zeus>Thank you very much! Keep the good work and have a nice day!
09:23<@pwoods>zeus: Thanks! If you need anything else, feel free to ask here or reach out to Support directly:
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11:32<rando-guy>Does Linode Object Storage provide/support access logs like S3 does?
11:36<rando-guy>If not, would using Linode Object Storage with a VM count as internal bandwidth (i.e. unlimited)
11:37<millisa>for the second question - that talks about what does and doesn't count for bandwidth
11:39<rando-guy>Thanks, so I can't create my own access log source w/o getting charged.
11:39<millisa>it'll count against your transfer pool that your object storage and linodes share. linodes have a pretty generous pool.
11:39<millisa>but it does specifically say ipv4.
11:40<millisa>use ipv6 for communication between your linode and the object storage
11:40<millisa>(I don't think I've seen a setting or docs that talk about logs. definitely a feature request they should add to their list)
11:41<rando-guy>That exception seems to be for upload, not download.
11:43<millisa>from the perspective of your linode, only the data leaving the linode counts against your transfer pool (that is not specific to object storage, it applies to all traffic) -
11:45<rando-guy>Yeah, I got that it was part of why I was hoping I could just put up a nginx reverse proxy for the access logs and pool the data transfer with the linode.
11:46<rando-guy>But it looks like that isn't possible.
11:46<rando-guy>Thank you for your help
11:46<millisa>I don't see why you can't
11:47<rando-guy>I'd be charged for the transfer from the Object Store to the Linode.
11:47<rando-guy>Linode can only cache like 4 GB of files at a reasonable price, so once I go over that I'll burn through that 1 TB probably.
11:48<millisa>your linode has its own addition to the pool
11:48<rando-guy>DO allows NYC to cover NYC1/2/3 for bandwidth so I don't have to think about it.
11:48<rando-guy>Yeah I get that.
11:48<rando-guy>But if the Linode has 4 TB and the Object Store has 1TB, if I get to the point I'm blowing through the 4TB I'm probably also blowing through the 1TB. While, with DO, I'd have 5TB and still have some headroom.
11:51<millisa>and you don't have that issue with the same 1tb transfer DO's spaces gives? is the $0.01/additional gig compared to the $0.02 additional gb for transfer?
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12:03<rando-guy>Yeah its internal transfer.
12:03<rando-guy>So you don't get charged for it
12:03<millisa>Ok, I think I follow
12:05<millisa>The sentence in that says "At this time, all outbound data, including data transfer to a Linode in the same data center, is billable" confirms your belief
12:06<rando-guy>Yeah. Its unfortunate.
12:06<millisa>compared to DO would be a better deal in a use case that goes beyond your pool
12:06<rando-guy>Thanks for all your help
12:06<millisa>send them a mail about it that it's important to you. they are responsive and do take feedback
12:07<millisa>the product is still very new for them
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12:14<primitiv>hi guys
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