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05:39<linbot>New news from community: How to create k8s cluster with multiple master nodes? <> || Securing k8s cluster <>
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07:10<linbot>New news from community: IPv6 Privacy Extensions <>
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12:39<linlin>Who else is here besides me?
12:39<millisa>me and a couple hundred of my closest friends
12:39<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:39<linlin> Does linode support domain fronting technology?
12:39<Peng>millisa: and Zoidberg
12:40<Peng>linlin: Linode doesn't run a CDN.
12:41<linlin>Oh ~ peng Thanks so much but do you know any other company that supports domain front technology?
12:41<millisa>it is interesting that two people have asked this same question in a week
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12:41<Peng>linlin: What feature do you actually want, and why?
12:42<millisa>this stuff -
12:42<linlin>My client's site has been blocked by the sni field. To bypass the block, you need to change your domain fronting technique and cdn. Therefore, find a hosting company that supports these technologies.
12:43<linlin>millisa good article Thank you Do you know any company that supports this technology?
12:44<nate>"the sni field" o.O
12:44<millisa>nope. i know it was possible with some of the google cloud stuff but they decided it was a byproduct that wasn't intentional and disabled being able to do it a year or so ago
12:45<linlin> I heard about it too. asw and gcp supported that technology but not at the moment. TT
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13:25<millisa>(atlanta post mortem went up an hour or so ago)
13:27<Peng>That's short but ok
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13:32<type0>hey all.. how long does the verification process take?
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13:34<millisa>not long. most of them are minutes. if they are doing manual review, usually not more than a couple hours
13:34<millisa>watch you email, if they need more info, they'll mail you
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13:43<linbot>New news from community: How do I deploy Django with Apache2 on Ubuntu 19.10? <>
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14:04<FluffyFoxeh>I'm puzzled by the image size limit. The cloud manager says the limit is 2048MB per image. The docs say "2GB per Image and 3 Images per account". The error message given by the job list in Lish says "exceeds the limit of 4096MB".
14:05<FluffyFoxeh>An image of my 1.9GB-used disk turns out to be 3123MB, but luckily it seems to be allowed. And I have 4 images in my account, which seems to be fine too.
14:06<FluffyFoxeh>So I'm going to guess that the real limits are 4096MB (per the error message, and what seems to be permitted in practice), and as many images as you want up to 10240MB total (per the images page in the old manager)
14:11<@scrane>Hey FluffyFoxeh It depends! If you've reached out to us ever about increasing your image limit, it's likely we were able to increase it on our back end so your limit will be above what's in the documentation.
14:11<@scrane>The default limit is the one mentioned in the documentation.
14:11<FluffyFoxeh>Hmm, that is possible. Maybe I did some time ago :)
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14:11<type0>one more quick question.. does linode do custom deployments?
14:12<type0>like if I wanted more ram and cores than is on the list, is that a thing or we are confined to the price list?
14:12<@scrane>Hey type0. You can use your own distribution, but in terms of the hardware available you are locked into the plans in
14:12<type0>damn.. alright
14:12<type0>any idea how much it takes to get verified for the gpu plans?
14:12<FluffyFoxeh>scrane: Oh hey, you're right. Last year I asked for an increase. Thanks :)
14:13<@scrane>NP FluffyFoxeh!
14:13<type0>and it said 4k a month, but thats per hour or I have to commit to the entire month?
14:13<type0>im cool with the 6 bucks an hour
14:13<type0>but when I clicked buy it said 4k/mo
14:14<type0>so if it's shut down at night and when not in use, its not 4 racks a month still right?
14:14<FluffyFoxeh>It's billed per hour that the Linode exists (powered on or not)
14:14<FluffyFoxeh>Up to a monthly cap
14:15<type0>damn alright..
14:15<type0>ill be back.. that isnt an option for me this month
14:15<@scrane>We take it on a case-by-case basis if you're a new customer. You can reach out via a ticket to request access to GPU plans, and we can work with you on that. We would just need to know the technical justification. You don't have to commit to an entire month, but you would have to pay the hourly rate for the time the GPU Linode is available.
14:15<type0>thanks fluffy
14:15<type0>well .. I mean if I spend a grand a month or whatever its legit
14:15<FluffyFoxeh>The resources (IP address, disk space, etc) are still reserved for you while the Linode is off. But if you remove the Linode from your account, it will stop counting
14:15<type0>but 4k a month static would crush me at the moment on my budget
14:16<@scrane>Ah, looks like Fluffy beat me to that answer, but yeah. What you CAN do is spin up the Linode, run it, then when you're done with it download the disk as an image to your local computer and delete the Linode.
14:16<@scrane>that stops the billing at that point and you aren't paying for the full month.
14:16<FluffyFoxeh>^You can use the API to automate that too
14:17<@scrane>When you're ready to use it again, you'd be able to deploy the GPU instance again, SSH the image back onto the Linode and pick up from where you left off.
14:18<type0>thats a good idea
14:19<type0>is there a service you guys sell that I can stage that image?
14:19<type0>reason being, these guys are all over the place .. contractors etc
14:19<type0>my whole idea here is load up ubuntu and install some 3d tools and let some pro's rip
14:19<@scrane>Not really. BUT. you can follow this guide to copy the disk image back and forth.
14:20<FluffyFoxeh>Well, there's block storage. Basically a floating "disk" that you can keep around and mount to any Linode
14:20<type0>can you mount and boot from it?
14:20<FluffyFoxeh>and it's definitely much cheaper to keep that around than a whole GPU instance
14:20<@scrane>Another thing I've done is modified that guide to copy the disk to a block storage volume, and used that volume to hold onto the disk image for cheap.
14:20<@scrane>Hahahaha looks like Fluffy is beating me to all the answers today
14:20<type0>nice.. I'll do that then
14:21<type0>good looking out
14:21<FluffyFoxeh>lol stealing all scrane's thunder. sorry mate :p
14:21<type0>any chance of bigger boxes in the future?
14:21<type0>i was thinking a dual chip epyc from amd with 2tb of ram
14:22<@scrane>We haven't announced anything about it, but if we do it'd be on our Twitter ( or on our blog
14:22<type0>generally I'd use google or azure but they wont let me spin up machines of large size
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14:22<@scrane>I can definitely pass along your want for larger Linodes, though.
14:22<type0>and we're super big microsoft users/license holders
14:22<@scrane>Aaah. As a heads up, it IS possible to run Windows on a Linode, though it's not really supported.
14:22<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
14:23<FluffyFoxeh>I've done it. It does work
14:24<type0>still fast though?
14:24<FluffyFoxeh>(I just installed one of the images MS used to provide for testing older versions of Internet Explorer since I didn't have Windows at home to test my website)
14:24<type0>I guess I don't really mind using linux in a way
14:24<type0>but these contractors all have lame ass machines
14:24<type0>so i figure if I just give them an xwindows login they can rip a big machine apart until I buy some hardware
14:25<FluffyFoxeh>You're free to experiment
14:25<FluffyFoxeh>Well, not quite for free, but yeah ;)
14:26<@scrane>When I say it's not Supported, what I mean by that is Support wouldn't really be able to answer questions or troubleshoot any problems that come up. Plenty of our users do run Windows.
14:26<type0>I wish you had more hardware I could buy :(
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14:33<FluffyFoxeh>scrane: In fact, it looks like the reason I requested the image size limit increase was because my 1866MB of data was being made into a 2993MB disk image. I wonder where that overhead comes from. Is it counting any touched block as part of the image?
14:34<type0>Thanks again all!
14:34<type0>I'll be back im sure
14:34<FluffyFoxeh>Okay ^^
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14:35<FluffyFoxeh>This most recent time I ran `fstrim /` before making the image but it still ended up larger than it should have
14:39<FluffyFoxeh>(not that I had a very good reason to expect that to help, it was just a hunch)
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14:56<Ali>Hi , I m new here so i need help
14:57<Ali>What is the Most necessary thing to get Linode Hosting for website holding a record of 1million data and Daily New 10k data adding in DB ?
14:57<Ali>1st:Ram Memory.? 2nd: CPU Core.? 3rd: Storage.? which plan you recommend ?
15:00<@pwoods>Ali: depends on what you're doing with that database, is it being written to often?
15:03<Ali>for example i have records of registered domains , now adding daily new domains also in db
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15:08<@pwoods>Ali: when I mean often, I'm thinking a couple hundred records an hour.
15:09<@pwoods>The person who's most familiar with your set up and workflow would be the best person to decide on a plan, ultimately. We have a guide that may help you narrow it down:
15:09<Ali>per day 3k to 4k only
15:10<@pwoods>That said, changing plans is fairly easy if you realize you need more or less resources than the plan you choose
15:12<Ali>I only need that website working smoothly and fast without any problem like slow response ..
15:14<@pwoods>Then it sounds like you'll want something with a lot of RAM to handle the database, enough storage to handle the size of the database, and probably a data center closest to your users.
15:15<Ali>ok understand , then what your recommendation should i buy 4gb ram plan or 8gb ram or more ?
15:21<kharlan>1 million records but how much data is in each record? :p
15:22<kharlan>and how much data per record are you inserting?
15:24<Ali>like its alexa rank ,whois detail , dns detail for exmaple :
15:27<kharlan>That doesn't really help, you'd need to use numbers to determine an estimate. How many MB/GB would it be if your database put everything into memory? and if it's a crazy amount what's a reasonable buffer size that will allow for the frequently used records to put into the cache?
15:29<kharlan>You can get all this information from your current hosts usage ( if it's not some managed system ), and then determine the appropriate resources you need.
15:31<Ali>ok understand
15:35<Ali>thanks for help
15:39<millisa>!thunder FloxxyFufeh
15:39<millisa>!point FluffyFoxeh
15:39<linbot>millisa: Point given to fluffyfoxeh. (5)
15:40<millisa>but mostly the thunder
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16:28<Sean>I need help trying to restore my account from an automatic backup
16:29<Sean>My website needs to be rolled back to one of the available dates
16:29<@rgerke>Sean: Your best course of action is to open up a Support ticket so we can look at it directly. Once you do that, drop the ticket number in here and we'll take a look.
16:29<millisa>but generally, the steps are 'get a linode with the space, then goto the backup and choose 'restore to existing linode', and then pick that one'
16:30<@rgerke>Or follow the guide that millisa linked. But if you run into issues, a ticket is the best way to go.
16:30<Sean>OK sure, one sec
16:30<Sean>Maybe i might be mistaken
16:30<millisa>it lets you keep the existing linode around, just in case you need it, and restores to a new linode. you can swap the ipv4 addresses around
16:31<Sean>is this site hosted with you through cpanel?
16:31<millisa>looks like a linode IP to me
16:32<Sean>OK thanks!
16:33<millisa>looks like that system has cpanel on it too. (it redirs to which also appears to point to that same ip)
16:33<Sean>Thank you
16:33<millisa>(cpanel could have its own backups; that'd be up to whoever setup and is running that cpanel instance)
16:35<Sean>you guys are so helpful
16:37<Sean>I have my cpanel credentials
16:37<Sean>they do have their own backups but not a full account restore
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16:45<arby>What are linux-ing Linode-ites doing these days for firewall management?
16:45<arby>I've been using shorewall for ages to centrally manage, and deploy on-host firewalls across multiple Linodes. Has worked a charm!
16:45<arby>but, SW's slowly dying away (sole author retiring), sad to say.
16:45<arby>looking at alternatives -- central mgmt is 'rare', at best. one _could_ have yet-another-linode as a standalone FW in the same DC, as local-LAN front-end to other linodes; that seems like a nightmare as well.
16:45<arby>just looking for ideas/comments/rants/reasons to retire early ...
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16:48<nate>I literally still use iptables lol
16:49<nate>First thing I do on RHEL based stuff is gut out firewalld and restore straight iptables, just always felt more comfortable with that plus I like webmin's interface with it
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16:52<millisa>i've been drinking the firewalld koolaid. it wasn't so awful once I got my head wrapped around the zone stuff they do. no good suggestions for central management. most cases I do the rollout with ansible and never have to change it other than possibly adding an IP to one of the zones
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17:12<arby>nate: 'straight' iptables make this ol' head ache! particularly when it gets a bit more complex ... i've been managing to avoid the mess for many years now :-) first with fwbuilder, then with shorewall. haven't peeked at the webmin interface ... will take a gander.
17:12<arby>millisa: i _do_ end up changing/adding not infrequently. central mgmt has been a sanity-saver for me; ansible (or salt, or somesuch) is doable atm, but not so much when stuff changes.
17:12<arby>from just my personal desktop, I've got ~40 machines' firewalls under control. shared rules/logic/etc. global changes are trivial. adding remote scripts (ipset assembly etc) are also central, shared, nice to haves.
17:12<arby>( yes, I lean towards lazy. or as lazy as is practical! )
17:12<arby>i'm *sure* "all of this" will be MUCH better/easier AnyDayNow(tm) when eBPF goes production-ready/user-friendly ...
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19:24<linbot>New news from community: Is it possible to assign private ips statically? <>
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20:04<linbot>New news from community: How do I increase my max PHP variables? <>
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23:37<NewUser>Interested in signing up, but clicking on a $50 coupon credit doesn't show anywhere on the signup page I'll receive it
23:41<nate>Where did you see a $50 coupon credit from?
23:42<NewUser>A number of places including this:
23:44<millisa>there used to be a promo code box near the end of the signup process. you didn't see it?
23:45<millisa>(I haven't done a signup in a long time, so I don't remember what it looked like; it's probably changed with the new UI)
23:46<millisa>i'm assuming the box is still there somewhere since the top of the docs pages all have the 'Use promo code $foo for $10 credit on a new account'
23:46<millisa>I want to say it was either the same page where it asks for the credit card info or right after it
23:46<NewUser>I didn't go any further than the signup page. Wanted to take advantage of the $50 credit and not risk not receiving the credit which I'd like to tryout the service for a month.
23:51<dwfreed>the link does not convey the coupon code; a quick search of the code mentioned on the site before it redirects to Linode's homepage suggests that it's expired
23:53<dwfreed>NewUser: fwiw, Linode does offer a 7 day money back guarantee, so you can always use that
23:56<NewUser>Thanks. I've reached out to sales with an email. Will see what they say.
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