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00:13<nate>millisa: I remember the promo code box but a $50 credit sounds pretty immense lol
00:13<millisa>i know they've mentioned giving them out at their in person booths at tradeshows
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00:31<dwfreed>^ that, and Linode has sponsored some podcasts and given special promo codes for the podcast listeners to use
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00:33<dwfreed>which is where the $50 code on the referenced site came from
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01:38<Woet>all those sites do is make sure you order through your affiliate link
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01:38<Woet>they add a bunch of fake coupons or ones that expired 10 years ago
01:38<Woet>I've seen "FREE SHIPPING WITH LINODE" coupons before
01:38<dwfreed>and yes, that site did link to with a referral code
01:39<Woet>look guys, Linode is having a sale:
01:40<Woet>look at all these sales
01:40<Woet>I love the "get a server running in seconds" sale
01:40<@mcintosh>Woet: that's such a good deal, though!
01:41<Woet>mcintosh: can you get me a $50 credit pls
01:41<Woet>I'm always here helping people for free
01:43<Woet>> The Classic Linode Manager has reached end-of-life and will be unavailable after January 31, 2020.
01:43<Woet>so, will referrals be added to the new panel any time soon?
01:43<dwfreed>already there?
01:43<Woet>you sure?
01:43<dwfreed> ?
01:43<Woet>I couldn't find it
01:44<dwfreed>click your username in the upper right, click my profile in the drop down, then there's the referrals tab
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02:16<linbot>New news from community: Heads up - Linux 5.2+ Hit By AVX Register Corruption Bug <>
02:26<linbot>New news from community: Linode Debian Mirrors Stop Sending Data... <>
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03:16<linbot>New news from community: APT hangs Debian 9 with update. <>
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04:17<gijs>Hi there, I want to use the DNS manager, what's the pricing for this if that's the only tool I'm using for now?
04:20<chesty>gijs, I guess it's $5/month and you get a linode thrown in for free
04:21<gijs>ok thanks
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04:58<Zr40>anything going on with the DNS servers?
04:59<Zr40>they seem to be very slow currently
04:59<Zr40>I know that's a terrible report, but it's working fine here, yet I'm getting reports of failures
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05:03<nate>Better context to 'slow' and 'failures'? Slow to update? That's intended. Failures? What specific error types?
05:03<Zr40>slow to resolve addresses
05:04<nate>Could be a geolocational thing, did you test against all of the resolvers?
05:04<Zr40>yes, ns[1-5] all work fine from my connection
05:06<nate>maybe get the person/people reporting to do a dig against them all and see
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05:10<Zr40>okay, more info. `dig +trace` works fine against the linode servers but as resolver returns SERVFAIL
05:10<Zr40>and Linode's resolvers on our Linodes also return SERVFAIL
05:20<Zr40>opened a ticket: 13075347
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06:48<chesty>so and linode's servers returns SERVFAIL? doesn't sound likely a problem with both the servers. could be something on your linode
06:49<Zr40>I'm not running DNS
06:50<Zr40>this is for domains configured in the manager
06:53<chesty>ah. I was thinking resolvers for some reason. systemd complicates those a little
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07:13<Zr40>the observed slowness seems to occur when a failure would have occurred, but one of the configured resolvers still had a valid cache
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07:14<chesty>so for example if you looked up a domain not hosted on a linode dns server and a domain not in your resolvers cache, maybe, does it work?
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07:57<Zr40>curiously, is able to resolve the domain
07:58<Zr40>but and are not
08:06<Zr40>... looks like DNSSEC is involved here. It looks like the registrar has enabled that without notice
08:08<hawk>Zr40: is a helpful tool
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12:00<dwfreed>Zr40: it would have been helpful to have given the domain name(s) you were having issues with; would likely have saved time
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12:37<Zr40>dwfreed: noted
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12:55<millisa>This doesn't look right to me.
12:56<millisa>based on the uninvoiced balance, I'm pretty sure the object storage should be counting even though I don't have any buckets (haven't hit the 'cancel button' for it as a whole, yet)
12:57<millisa>so i *think* the new manager is wrong?
13:03<millisa>api says '3001':
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13:12<@rgerke>millisa: I'll look into this for you in just a second.
13:12<millisa>not critical.
13:12<millisa>havent found a github issue on it yet either (still digging though)
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13:43<@rgerke>millisa: We were abe to reproduce this inour own Managers, so I escalated this to the team that handles it. Probably won't get a response on it til after te holidays.
13:48<millisa>cool. it wasn't critical. poking at things to keep out of the kitchen. and in the way.
13:52<@rgerke>I understand. :)
13:52<millisa>you misunderstand 'spray the bottom of the pan' *one* time . .just one. and you get banned for life apparently. how was i supposed to know it wasn't some old-school cooking trick.
13:52<millisa>the fire didn't spread *that* far.
14:43<@rdaniels>millisa: :D LOL
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14:43<@scrane>Wait. Now I need to know. What was your ratiionale behind spraying the underside of the pan?
14:44<millisa>Someone was in a rush and said those words. When I held up the pan in one hand, the cooking spray in the other, confused, and asked "really? the bottom?" I was told "Stop being difficult and do what I say."
14:44<millisa>so... I did.
14:45<@scrane>That... is amazing.
14:45<@scrane>Though to be fair my dad did once set fire to the stove because he was trying to deglaze an un-rimmed baking sheet with white wine while there was a hot fire underneath.
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14:52<@rgerke>I've had my share of kitchen disasters. I've relegated myself to frozen dinners and sandwiches to prevent tragedy.
14:53<millisa>I still believe I was technically right even though spiritually wrong. Bottom implies there is a top. And what I did wasn't to the top.
14:53<@rgerke>I agree. You should have been instructed to spray the interior of the pan.
14:54<millisa>I would have also accepted 'inner side'
14:55<millisa>i really thought I was being show some cool new way for conducting heat or something...
14:56<millisa>now i'm barely trusted with peeling duties.
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15:35<LouWestin>For the past several years I haven’t had to cook. I just enjoy the end results of everyone’s hard work. lol But I am thankful for the food.
16:02<FluffyFoxeh>Yeah "Bottom" is a bit ambiguous there. I mean, there's the bottom of the barrel, but then there's the *bottom* of the barrel
16:03<FluffyFoxeh>stupid concave objects
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16:19<chesty>reminds me of this
16:31<@mcintosh>reminds me of this
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17:29<LouWestin>It’s kind of like this too.
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23:01<Ferns>Hi there
23:01<Ferns>Need some help with not being able to send SMTP from our website which is hosted on a linode using Plesk
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23:24<dwfreed>Ferns: new policy by Linode; see
23:25<dwfreed>so if you signed up for Linode on or after the 5th, then outbound mail is blocked by default to prevent spam
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