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01:58<kharlan>millisa: the network speed issue was resolved when they moved it ;/
01:58<kharlan>went from about 1 MB/s to 33 MB/s, very strange.
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06:47<nate>dwfreed: I feel like support is gonna get way more swamped for unblocks on that than they're prepared for lol
06:48<nate>I feel like blocking port 25 alone would probably have been a decent model, 465 and 587 are almost I would expect to be 'legit' SMTP outbound connections and far less likely spam of any sort
07:29<CEWS>Wow, I can't believe they're blocking ports by default
08:07<CEWS>Could be cache - but it's not listed on here -
08:08<Zr40>that's where I found it
08:08<Zr40>second row, third column
08:09<CEWS>Reading it wrong, my bad! Thanks
08:09<CEWS>!point Zr40
08:09<linbot>CEWS: Point given to zr40. (5)
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08:39<Wence>hello. is this right place to ask about the feature of linode hosting?
08:41<chesty>Wence, i reckon. but you first have to ask. then you have to stick around for an answer
08:44<Wence>Thanks Chesty. 1. Is VM for this package ($5 / mo) shared; can one restart web-server applications deployed on it? 2. Does it support Apache Tomcat web-server?
08:52<chesty>Wence, it's a little server you have root on, you can do what you want with it assuming what you want to do fits with the amount of memory and disk space it comes with
08:52<@pwoods>Wence: Yes, Nanodes are part of the shared hosting
08:52<@pwoods>Wait, not shared, I meant are part of our standard hosting.
08:58<Wence>I am looking at a package that allows: INSTALLING AND RE-STARTING APPS/SERVICES; specifically my application uses APACHE TOMCAT and MYSQL SERVER
09:08<@pwoods>Wence: I'd recommend checking the specs for the services you'll looking to install and run to make sure the plan has the resources for it.
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13:16<dwfreed>nate: those are 1) easy to handle, and 2) not as common as you'd think, tbh
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13:30<stephenplatz>I'm trying to put a large archive in object storage, getting Error: RequestTimeTooSkewed after it's 100% done.
13:30<stephenplatz>I'm not sure what that means.
13:30<stephenplatz>But my bucket is apparently empty afterwards.
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13:35<@mcintosh>stephenplatz: is it possible time on your local machine is slightly off?
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14:37<v0lksman>i have a node that I install ubuntu 16.04 on. When I run uname -i I get x86_64 but when I try to install a certain package for amd64 I get an error saying I'm i386
14:37<v0lksman>anyone come across this before?
14:37<dwfreed>kernel being 64 bit doesn't mean you have 64 bit userland
14:37<dwfreed>dpkg --print-architecture
14:38<v0lksman>well damn
14:38<@pwoods>v0lksman: you can also run `cat /proc/cpuinfo`
14:38<dwfreed>that would point out that the host CPU is 64 bit
14:38<dwfreed>which all Linode hosts are 64 bit
14:39<v0lksman>but only within the last couple years did they switch to using 64bit guests right?
14:40<dwfreed>only in the last couple years did Linode switch to mandating 64 bit kernels
14:40<v0lksman>that's different
14:40<v0lksman>well damn!
14:40<dwfreed>though with the switch to KVM, that mandate is no longer required
14:40<v0lksman>why is this install 32!?!
14:41<dwfreed>probably because it's from forever ago, back when 32 bit would save you a good chunk of RAM usage
14:41<v0lksman>yeah I think this may have actually been a 14.04 install upgraded
14:41<dwfreed>and Linode plans started out at 1 GB for $20, instead of 1 GB for $5
14:42<v0lksman>safe to do this? sudo dpkg --add-architecture amd64
14:42<v0lksman>the app I'm trying to install is just a cli tool
14:42<dwfreed>yes, that in itself is safe, since you're running a 64 bit kernel
14:46<v0lksman>awesome...thanks for the help..that worked!
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15:06<user8>hi, as a new and satisfied Linode customer, I want to commit to a longer subscription; is there any discount for paying like 2 years? in the control panel, there's only a simple "make payment" form and the "promotions" tab just says there are no promotions
15:07<dwfreed>There isn't, no
15:08<user8>hmm, ok well thanks anyway
15:08<@jyoo>user8: dwfreed is correct, there are no discounts for paying for longer amounts of time. You're welcome to load your account with funds by making a payment, though.
15:08<kenyon>there used to be, but they stopped that when they went to hourly billing
15:08<user8>I see. Thanks
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19:48<dwfreed>linbot: errno 2
19:48<linbot>dwfreed: ENOENT (#2): No such file or directory
19:48<Unit193>linbot: errno 193
19:48<linbot>Unit193: (unknown) (#193): Unknown error 193
19:56<@mcintosh>linbot: errno 420
19:56<linbot>mcintosh: (unknown) (#420): Unknown error 420
19:56<@mcintosh>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
19:59<dwfreed> never thought of using the classic iMac shell as a cat bed
20:00<@mcintosh>horris sleeps next to me :3
20:00<@mcintosh>and sometimes on my desk
20:00<@mcintosh>and sometimes in the closet
20:00<@mcintosh>and sometimes in the sink
20:01<@mcintosh>and sometimes under the TV
20:01<@mcintosh>he sleeps a lot ...
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23:26<linbot>New news from community: My Site's www is working, but non-www is not. <>
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