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00:23<kharlan>tata is well known for their dedicated fiber lines :P
00:23<kharlan>I wonder if it's the same corporation that makes cars?
00:25<Peng_>If they're so dedicated, why don't they run in sensible directions?
00:29<Peng_>Tata and Telia always set me off. Thanks to them, my traceroute to Atlanta usually goes through Dallas, and my traceroute to Dallas usually goes through Atlanta. It kills me.
00:29<Peng_>Plus one or the other has outages in New York every six months.
00:30<kharlan>I once traced to my neighbors IP and it took me to a router 2 hours away and back ;/
00:31<kharlan>heh it's in the name, tata to efficient routing.
00:37<Peng_>To be fair, right now Tata is being mostly good, and Telia is being bad. :<
00:41<Ikaros>Eh I blame the protocol.
00:41<Ikaros>Though sometimes it's also piss-poor configurations by transit providers that play a part as well.
00:42*Ikaros glares at Telia
00:45<Ikaros>Kinda irritates me sometimes when ISPs do it as well. Back when Verizon was still an ISP here in Dallas, their configuration mucked up and I ended up going from an AS path length of 3 to an AS path length of 10+ on a literal trip around the country. The destination? A server with a physical location literally a 20 minute drive from where I live in Dallas.
00:48<Ikaros>Verizon's all like "Not our problem". My jaw dropped, it was their gateway that made the decision to send my traffic eastward to the eastern US coast. Nor could they explain why suddenly my RTT was 100ms, which is completely unacceptable.
00:49<Ikaros>What I wanna know there though, is why they would decide not to do anything at all on the grounds that the increase "wasn't sufficient enough" to warrant escalation to an engineer upstream.
00:50<Ikaros>You ask me, that's more than sufficient for escalation. Normal latency for me is 2-5ms for a inter-Dallas route.
00:52<Peng_>What if the photons *want* to go on a scenic tour of the United States
01:04<Ikaros>That I doubt.
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01:09<Ikaros>I mean sure it eventually fixed itself right gradually. But imo that should never have been the next 'best route' possible, to me that just tells me you have shoddy infrastructure.
01:10<Ikaros>An ISP should be able to logically have multiple local gateways to the customer markets they serve. Not send my traffic to their gateway on the east coast which of course would have its own routing to follow.
01:13<grawity>lol have you used Tele2 mobile internet
01:13<grawity>they used to literally send everything through a central gateway *two countries away*
01:14<grawity>actually, from Lithuania to Sweden
01:14<grawity>just to ping a server rack that's literally in front of me
01:18<Ikaros>Their likely reasoning: "What do you care, you have internet, what more do you want"
01:30<linbot>New news from community: Best practices for up/down sizing Linodes? <>
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07:38<soporteidf>Hello, I have an issue with my Linode account. Someone could help me please?
07:38<@pwoods>soporteidf: I can help. Have you opened a Support ticket yet?
07:42<soporteidf>Thanks. No I can´t open a ticket because I can´t enter to my account. I have forgot my password, so I have done click on "Forgot your password" but the Linode system didn´t send an e-mail to me.
07:43<soporteidf>I have sent an e-mail to the support too, but I haven´t an answer yet
07:44<@pwoods>ok, I'll look to see if I can locate it.
07:44<soporteidf>Thank you very much :)
07:47<soporteidf>I have received an e-mail on 2019/11/20 with this message: " linode7745834 - (180439096) System Shutdown - Completed Wed, 20 Nov 2019 15:46:34 GMT"
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08:00<soporteidf>Do you need my e-mail address?
08:00<@pwoods>soporteidf: OH, ok. I thought you just sent it in. There was no response at all on 28/11?
08:01<@pwoods>soporteidf: I'll follow up in a private message.
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10:31*wblew waves
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10:50<CEWS>Did tests - CPU's on Linode 2x faster than DO.
10:52<Strykar>post methodology, conditions and tests used?
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11:07<CEWS>Strykar: stress-ng, stress, sysbench, dd, random intervals.
11:19<chesty>1 vps on DO vs 1 vs on linode? it doesn't mean much. I love linode, but before I believe linode is in general 2x faster than DO, I'd want the experiment repeated a thousands times on a thousand different hosts.
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11:20<CEWS>Those AMDs are insanely fast.
11:21<chesty>I love AMD too. I love all underdogs.
11:22<Strykar>AMD is set to be leader now for the forseeable future, and who doesn't love Spectre
11:25<CEWS>I understand where you're coming from, just shouting _my_ findings, so far.
11:28<hawk>Strykar: Tbf, Spectre v1/v2 were vulnerabilities that AMD also had.
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11:30<CEWS>And various others; fxsave_leak sysret_ss_attrs null_seg spectre_v1 spectre_v2 spe c_store_bypass
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11:58<LouWestin>I haven’t read anything from Linode regarding AMD patches. I could’ve missed it. Just curious if there was?
12:00<hawk>LouWestin: Just from the boot log on an EPYC Linode, it looks like whatever is needed for Spectre is in place, at least:
12:01<LouWestin>Ok thanks Hawk
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12:18<CEWS>hawk: do you find these to be faster?
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13:15<linbot>New news from community: Volume not resizing <>
13:15<hawk>CEWS: I don't know. For my usage I haven't really noticed any particular difference
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14:01<linbot>New news from blog: Linode Expands Global Infrastructure with Sydney Data Center <>
14:08<warewolf> /win 14
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14:15<@pwoods> /win 15
14:15<@pwoods>I win!
14:15<Zafeer>knock knock
14:15<@pwoods>Hi Zafeer
14:15<Zafeer>Hy pwood!
14:15<Zafeer>What s going on>
14:15*CEWS waves
14:16<@pwoods>Feeling rather Wednesdayish. You, Zafeer?
14:16<Zafeer>i was looking up the tutorial of irssi on
14:16*CEWS just deployed a VPS in Sydney.
14:16<@pwoods>Fun fact: Sydney Linodes funnel traffic in the opposite direction.
14:17<CEWS>It's named, downunder
14:21<CEWS>Nice work, guys!
14:25<Ikaros>I might be tempted to fire up an instance there...
14:25<linbot>New news from community: How do I configure Apache Tomcat to support more connections in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS <>
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14:50<CEWS>Might want to update - and add in :)
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15:04<millisa>also - $20 promo in that announcement
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15:33<Alex_>will linode assign you an ipv6 block on request or just additional single IPv6 addresses
15:36<nuevu>Alex_: Block
15:37<grawity>you get either a routed /56, or a routed /64, or an on-link /116 depending on what you ask for
15:37<Alex_>routed 64 would do amazing
15:38<grawity>then open a ticket for that
15:38<Alex_>sounds good thanks!
15:38<CEWS>20 for new customers only
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16:01<potential_user>hello, is there customer support here?
16:01<potential_user>Im not receiving the confirmation email to complete signup
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16:03<dwfreed>potential_user: your account is probably in manual review; you should get something within the next few hours
16:04<potential_user>ok its been about three hours
16:04<dwfreed>shouldn't be too much longer
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16:33<grawity>hmm I'm really wondering what exactly means by "IPv6 Forwarding" not being available
16:33<grawity>any staff around who could translate that?
16:35<dwfreed>grawity: you can't use a Linode as a router without tunneling for your clients
16:36<dwfreed>the doc does a terrible job of explaining it
16:36<grawity>um, as in?
16:36<grawity>other linodes can't use your linode as a local gateway?
16:36<dwfreed>grawity: all packets originating from a Linode must have an IP assigned to that Linodes as source address
16:37<dwfreed>also all packets destined for a Linode must have an IP assigned to that Linode as destination address
16:37<grawity>makes sense
16:37<dwfreed>so yes, under normal circumstances, you can't use another Linode as a gateway
16:37<dwfreed>but you can if you wrap in a tunnel
16:38<grawity>yeah I do use a linode as a gateway between several tunnels
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17:34<packetcat>congrats on the Sydney launch!
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22:03<LubeAlloy>Hi, is there anyone from Linode that can answer a couple questions for me?
22:03<LubeAlloy>Without having to pay for an international call to your support line
22:04<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
22:05<dwfreed>LubeAlloy: you can use Skype to make calls to US toll free numbers for free
22:06<LubeAlloy>Thanks. I was unaware, but that sounds like the best solution for me.
22:07<dwfreed>LubeAlloy: you can also ask those questions here; chances are we can answer them
22:09<LubeAlloy>Well, if you want to take a crack. I'm general manager of an Australian company. Been trying to consolidate all our hosted webservices (email, sites etc.) to a single local hosting service (gohosting). I just found out that apparently the web hosting that was previously with an Australian company called westnet expired and was transferred to Linode back in 2013. Neither myself (although I have only been working here for a year) my boss,
22:10<Woet>your message got cut off
22:10<LubeAlloy>has ever heard of Linode before, does the head of finance recognise ever seeing the name on an invoice.
22:10<Woet>ah, there we go
22:10<LubeAlloy>Nor does*
22:10<Woet>doesn't sound like anything related to Linode
22:10<LubeAlloy>Yeah... so given thats the situation, probably easier to have me call the toll free number.
22:11<Woet>since Linode doesn't do domain registration or shared hosting
22:11<LubeAlloy>I wouldn't have thought so, but the Australian webhosting/internet provider insists that website is currently hosted by Linode
22:11<millisa>it might be
22:11<millisa>what's the site?
22:12<Woet>not hosted by Linode
22:12<millisa>first one doesn't look like a linode ip
22:12<Woet>hosted by iiNet
22:12<Woet>and email going through Westnet
22:12<LubeAlloy>figures, the goddamn internet company has sent me on a wild goosechase.
22:12<millisa>second one does
22:12<Woet>yes, second one with "Chirp"
22:12<Woet>who uses Linode
22:13<LubeAlloy>Yeah, they are still the email hosts, but spent 15 minutes on the phone telling me they no longer had the website
22:13<LubeAlloy>So is showing you that its hosted by iinet not chirp?
22:13<Woet>the site is hosted on iiNet, the email with Westnet (who also use iiNet)
22:13<Woet>the second is hosted on Chirp (who use Linode)
22:13<LubeAlloy>It would be nice if the providers hired more people like you... well I guess I have to go make angry calls.
22:14<LubeAlloy>yeah, no idea why the fuck they told me that the lubealloy site was also not hosted by them, but at least we've managed to track down the hocl oils one :/
22:14<Woet>to be honest, I'd just take control of the domains and manage everything yourself
22:14<Woet>as long as you have control of the domains, everything else is in your hands
22:15<LubeAlloy>thats why i want this company down the road to do it, they manage a lot of the marketing companies assets and the marketing company will manage all our new online presence and assets
22:15<Woet>just keep control of the domains yourself by managing it yourself with a registrar
22:15<Woet>then those companies can't hold you hostage or vanish without a trace
22:16<LubeAlloy>Fair enough, probably worth it
22:17<millisa>worth mentioning - even though that oils site has a linode IP, it doesn't mean you are a direct linode customer (whoever you got to setup/manage that site could be the linode customer).
22:18<millisa>which might be why none of your people know who linode is
22:19<millisa>(i'd be surprised if you aren't a customer of those 'chirp' people though)
22:20<millisa>(in the source of the page, there's "<meta name="author" content="Chirp Internet">" )
22:23<Peng_>Well. Chirp should be excited when they find out about the new Sydney location
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22:35<LubeAlloy>Thanks for all the help guys! Hopefully will be able to sort everything out.
22:42<Woet>good luck
22:43<Woet>just put the domains directly with a registrar:
22:43<Woet>and then put your hosting somewhere else
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23:40<Guest10995>hey, I'm looking for some advice
23:40<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:42<Guest10995>It has to do with whether or not I should double-text some woman
23:42<Guest10995>Anyone care to weigh in?
23:42<millisa>Do they use linode?
23:43<FluffyFoxeh>I advise you to /quit
23:43<Guest10995>I somehow doubt that, though anything is a possibility
23:45<dwfreed>why did you ask this channel
23:45<Guest10995>Ykno, I'm starting to realize I'm on the wrong channel. I've never used IRC before except for when I used to use bitlbee to gchat and AIM
23:46<millisa>we mostly talk about linode and linode based accessories
23:47<wraeth>!point millisa
23:47<linbot>wraeth: Point given to millisa. (114)
23:47<Guest10995>I had to Google what linode even is
23:47<Guest10995>I'm an ex sys-admin and web dev, but I've never heard of linode until now
23:48<Guest10995>I've used Bluehost and BuyVM for Linux boxes
23:48<millisa> linode > bluehost
23:48<Guest10995>bluehost is great for a beginner
23:48-!-Guest10995 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
23:49<FluffyFoxeh>Maybe he was a bluehost shill :O
23:50<FluffyFoxeh>With an elaborate cover story of coming in here by accident, wanting to know if he should double-text some woman
23:52<millisa>he was from bluehost. she was from linode. in a world fraught with peril. and a group set to read only.
23:53-!-Mike_ [] has joined #linode
23:53-!-Mike_ is "U-DESKTOP-HHISMSN\Mike" on #linode @#date-room @#relationshipanxiety
23:58<Mike_>Anyone know how I can find a proper channel for my inquiry (general advice)?
23:58<Mike_>I can't seem to find anywhere but linode with any chat activity whatsoever
23:59<dwfreed>try ##chat on freenode, maybe
23:59<dwfreed>OFTC is mostly open source projects
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