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02:56<Peng_>Huh. I think going from kernel 5.3.7 to 5.3.11 dropped my CPU usage 11%. Kernels are magic.
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03:07<Peng_>old kernel -> 5.3.7 -> 5.3.11 went from about 38% -> 45% -> 40% CPU usage.
03:08<Peng_>I feel guilty about running a nanode at 45% CPU usage, but less guilty than I would I were a CPU engineer ;D
03:09<dwfreed>what are you doing that uses 45% of one core
03:11<dwfreed>oh, right
03:11<Peng_>It's mostly not ntpd.
03:11<Peng_>It's like 5% ntpd, 10% the kernel and 30% the host.
03:15<Peng_>If I had more CPU cores, at least there would be fewer context switches
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05:31<chesty>has there been any news on the au dc?
05:31<Zr40>you mean other than ?
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06:18<linbot>New news from community: Linode account getting cancelled <>
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06:38<CEWS>Oh why is netplan such a pain
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09:11<linbot>New news from community: Problems configuring email on cPanel <>
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09:22<JamesTK>gotta get me some AU
09:23<chesty>JamesTK, aussie aussie aussie?
09:23<JamesTK>chesty: I've had an AU linode for the last 22 days
09:23<CEWS>Is it bad I gotta find more to do with my servers
09:23<JamesTK>CEWS: is netplan that new network config that isn't as good as systemd-networkd
09:24<CEWS>JamesTK: Indeed
09:24<JamesTK>I just run Tor on my servers
09:24<JamesTK>no exits though
09:24<CEWS>JamesTK: Native now to Ubuntu
09:24<JamesTK>I debootstrapped ubuntu so it didn't come with netplan
09:24<CEWS>JamesTK: Do you want to block ads, when surfing? Pihole is good
09:25<CEWS>Make sure you VPN / Block your open resolver though
09:25<JamesTK>Used to run a 50TB+/mo Tor relay before the host decided to meter traffic XD
09:26<CEWS>Tors useful
09:26<CEWS>Becoming more mainstream lately, BBC are now on tor
09:27<CEWS>I struggle to fill the capacity of even a Nanode at the mo (have servers elsewhere)
09:28<chesty>JamesTK, ah. I didn't know it was available
09:28<JamesTK>chesty: i got an email that i was on a closed beta
09:28<JamesTK>i think it went out to people with au addresses on accounts
09:28<JamesTK>today is hard launch by the looks
09:29<chesty>yeah, I clicked create linode and sydney was an option
09:30<CEWS>Come on then - what yours favourite browser, as an alternative to Tor?
09:30<CEWS>Brave, Chrome, Firefox..
09:30<JamesTK>I've been using the new Edge at work
09:30<JamesTK>Chrome otherwise
09:30<chesty>hmmm, I'm going to migrate. going offline for a few hours. see you in sydney
09:34<CEWS>Brave has intregrated Tor; pretty neat browser.
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09:57<LouWestin>I haven’t heard of brave. I’ll make a note for that one.
10:07<dzho>cryptocurrency and Brendan Eich, what's not to like?
10:07*dzho invokes Poe's Law
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10:18<chesty>aussie aussie aussie
10:19<CEWS>Triggered linbot
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10:20<chesty>22ms pings
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10:21<chesty>amd cpu
10:21<CEWS>AMD CPU <3
10:26<CEWS>Don't tell Woet
10:29<linbot>New news from community: Resizing Linode down time? <>
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11:42<linbot>New news from community: Should I run one server with multiple nameservers? <>
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12:09<CEWS>I take it, HoppyCat is no longer around?
12:18<linbot>New news from community: Reset my WordPress password so I can renew my SSL certificate? <>
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15:38<linbot>New news from community: Plesk to Plesk migrations changing the default 2GB upload limit. <>
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15:53<Rosen>Hi does anyone know how to set up a PTR
15:53<millisa>lots of us
15:53<millisa>beat me to it
15:54<Rosen>I came all the way from an Office 365 error message and now I'm here
15:54<nuevu>It's pretty painless to setup if you have access to the Manager.
15:54<Rosen>the issue is that my hosting is inmotion and they told me to go here but i dont have an account for linode
15:55<millisa>why'd they send you here?
15:55<Rosen>thanks for the help!
15:55<Rosen>on whatsmydns it says linode
15:55<Rosen>so im pretty confused lol
15:55<nuevu>Can you share the domain?
15:56<nuevu>Looks like the DNS is managed on a Linode account, but it's a Wix website? That's probably not a combination that's going to be resolved with the link I sent.
15:57<Rosen>Yeah I have Wix
15:57<grawity>well, someone has configured the "nameservers" in InMotion's control panel to point at Linode
15:57<grawity>and someone *has* added the domain to their Linode account
15:58<grawity>although that's a bit weird considering that the website itself is hosted on Google Cloud
15:58<Rosen>this is a hot mess
15:58<nuevu>Pft. I totally have sites with the DNS on Linode and hosting ... elsewhere.
15:58<millisa>(wix uses gcloud)
15:58<Rosen>i most definitely got the most info here though you guys are great :')
15:58<linbot>New news from community: telnet auth step in Troubleshooting Email guide failing <>
15:59<Rosen>where do I start?
15:59<nuevu>Are the emails that Offce 365 is complaining about originating from the website?
15:59<Rosen>one at the moment
15:59<Rosen>it was bounced back from another person's hosting
16:00<Rosen>I'll paste the message
16:00<nuevu>You may be able to make everything happy with an appropriate SPF record.
16:00<Rosen>It appears that the recipient's email server at performed a reverse DNS (rDNS) lookup security check to verify that the IP address the message is coming from is associated with the sending domain, and the lookup failed. It appears that the pointer (PTR) record for isn't set up correctly
16:01<grawity>well, reverse DNS is configured on the IP address, not the domain name
16:01<Rosen>"Set up or fix your domain's PTR record - If you're the admin for, work with your DNS hosting provider (your domain registrar, Web hosting provider, or ISP) to correctly set up a PTR record for your domain. If you're using Office 365 to manage your DNS records note that PTR record creation and management isn't supported in Office 365, so you'll have to change your DNS management to a DNS host outside Office 365. Refe
16:01<millisa>that summary sounds like the person who wrote it up doesn't get how it works
16:01<grawity>so if the messages are being *directly* sent from the webserver – which is at GCP – then that server's rDNS is only changeable through GCP
16:01<Rosen>"Unfortunately, Office 365 Support can't help you fix these kinds of externally reported errors because Office 365 doesn't support PTR record management."
16:02<grawity>though, I don't think sending the messages directly from the webserver is a good idea; they should be relayed through... uh, there is "" which is a server at Acenet?
16:03<Rosen>yeah i see that on the MX records I just don't know what I'm supposed to do
16:03<millisa>(that mail.wongandmak system *is* in their spf)
16:04<millisa>where did the mail originate that sent you down this path?
16:04<millisa>did it come from your web site (a form, or something?), some marketing service, or was it you directly sending mail with your mail client?
16:05<Rosen>direct mail from outlook
16:05<Rosen>which is connected to office 365
16:05<millisa>and it was you sending mail from a wongandmak address to some other address? or some other address sending to your wongandmak address?
16:06<Rosen>the former
16:07<millisa>so just to be clear. rosen@wongandmak was sending mail with their outlook client via o365 to and the MS support person said "its your ptr record"?
16:08<millisa>The mail was to someone @ that you mentioned earlier?
16:08<grawity>well, if it really went through o365 SMTP servers – and not your own SMTP servers – then your website's rDNS should be completely irrelevant...
16:08<millisa>This is what is likely then: The people running the have something fouled up on their reverse lookup. Your mail would have originated from an O365 server, which you *do* have in your spf record, and generally MS is good about keeping their reverses proper.
16:09<millisa>Less likely: MS fouled up their PTR record setup on one of their outgoing servers.
16:09<Rosen>what does it mean to have something fouled up?
16:09<millisa>Your microsoft support person was a dud. They knew *something* about how mail worked . .they should have known more since it's their product.. But it happens
16:09<grawity>did the rejection message include any more details?
16:10<Rosen>yeah this is like a whole tangle of 3rd parties
16:10<Rosen>Reported error: 550 5.7.363 Remote server returned sender verification failed -> 550 Verification failed for <>;No Such User Here;Sender verify failed DSN generated by: Remote server:
16:10<Rosen>1 12/4/2019 11:22:05 PM mapi * 2 12/4/2019 11:22:05 PM Microsoft SMTP Server (version=TLS1_2, cipher=TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384) *
16:10<Rosen>Message Hops ^
16:11<Rosen>this all looks like a foreign language to me
16:11<grawity>well, 1) that doesn't look like it was sent directly through o365
16:12<Rosen>It's all good, I'm tapping out mentally
16:12<Rosen>thanks for your help guys I'll be back on here if I have anymore questions!
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16:13<grawity>hmm, the supposed recipient is in fact hosted on InMotion
16:13*millisa nods
16:14<millisa>which, the mx for may just be wrong
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20:11<linbot>New news from community: Redirect to SorryApp if Linode goes down <>
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21:47<chesty>hi staff, the modules in the rescue image don't match the rescue kernel, makes it harder to compile the zfs module :(
21:58<millisa>if you are looking for an alternative - spinup a 2nd linode, get it setup with the modules you'd use for rescue, then convert that linode to boot off a storage volume. then, get rid of the 2nd linode, keep the storage volume.
21:59<millisa>boot original node needing rescue off that storage volume and do your rescue
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22:21<chesty>I created a 3 gig image and deployed ubuntu on and I'm using it to set up my zpool and install ubuntu onto the remaining space
22:22<chesty>this guide is so much better today than what it was the last time I used it
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22:56<linbot>New news from community: Decreased email bandwidth <>
23:01<dwfreed>somebody's abusing email for file transfers
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