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02:02<krishna>This site can’t be reached
02:02<krishna>what can i do
02:02<krishna>please help
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02:57<linbot>New news from community: mySql Root password <>
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03:54<Peng>Anyone notice something different in kernel 5.3.11's scheduling? Symptom: When I'm maxing out the CPU for whatever reason, SSH gets slow.
03:55<dwfreed>clearly the solution is to stop maxing out the CPU
03:56<chesty>hmmm. i haven't noticed but it would be an interesting thing to research if I was experiencing it
03:57<Peng>I just upgraded a program on a Linode and a $competitornode using a different kernel. On the Linode, vmstat reported that the run queue got as high as 18 while it was running. On the competitornode, it was 1.
03:58<Peng>I think I saw something about this on Google yesterday, but I ignored it 'cause how likely would that be to happen to me!?
03:59<Peng>Very different, but maybe the same:
04:07<chesty>i think that problem was video driver related not cpu load related.
04:08<Peng_>Yeah, likely
04:08<chesty>on a different topic, zram has been removed from the kernel. weird. maybe it was replaced with something better
04:18<chesty>nevermind. it's in inux-modules-extra
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04:31<Peng_>There were some scheduler changes in 5.3.9, but they supposedly made things better and not worse. ;-)
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04:38<Peng_>Surely CPU schedulers are easy to design to work perfectly for all use cases. ;-)
04:40<dwfreed>Peng_: ask conman about that
04:40<linbot>New news from community: How to redirect a subdomain to the main server address along with a port? <>
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05:05<Peng_>I suppose 1.) I'm imagining this, or 2.) maybe the issue is that normal-priority root processes can starve normal-priority user processes now.
05:06<Peng_>"I'm having a problem, the kernel must be wrong" isn't a good philosophy, but honestly this seems really bad
05:08<chesty>there are some awesome tools now to examining what the kernel is doing. I think bpf related
05:09<chesty>that was almost english
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05:14<chesty>a quick google and this page looks interesting
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06:06<Aniventure>Hi all
06:06<Aniventure>I am looking to get some services from linode
06:07<Aniventure>and wanted to ask - I cannot see in the pricing page - are there some HDD offerings for data storage? I will not need SSD for all my data so I wanted to know are there HDDs and what is the pricing for those peg GB
06:09<chonk>there's also
06:10<chonk>if you prefer obéjects over blocks
06:10<chonk>err, objects
06:11<JamesTK>Aniventure: this will let you choose a smaller linode and get more storage at a cheaper per GB price
06:11<JamesTK>Aniventure: Block storage will work natively just like the hard drive or ssd in your computer
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08:04<CEWS>Kernels can cause all fruity bugs
08:20<chonk>is that a mnemonic for something?
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08:38<Peng_>Wow, I SSHed in, thought the connection was dead -- maybe because of the scheduler issue! -- hit ^C and managed to start a shell that didn't read ~/.profile.
08:40<JamesTK>mmm sydney linodes
08:41<JamesTK>really wanting block storage though
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08:41<Peng_><Peng> Anyone notice something different in kernel 5.3.11's scheduling? Symptom: When I'm maxing out the CPU for whatever reason, SSH gets slow.
08:42<Peng_>I'm being tongue-in-cheek saying "the scheduler issue". Kind of.
08:42<JamesTK>I'm on whatever ubuntu came with. 5.3.0
08:45<Peng_>Maybe they'll backport it. ;-)
08:46<CEWS>Peng_: I've noticed this!
08:50<JamesTK>It's CEWS' fault
08:50<JamesTK>Peng_: get a sydney linode
08:51<JamesTK>AMD EPYC 7601 32-Core Processor
08:51<CEWS>JamesTK: How are you finding those AMDs?
08:52<JamesTK>My Tokyo linode is AMD too
08:52<CEWS>I did some tests, comparing them to Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz
08:52<JamesTK>Sydney would be 100% AMD afaik
08:53<Peng_>I had a Sydney node briefly, it was an AMD
08:54<JamesTK>why briefly :p
08:54<JamesTK>too far?
08:54<Peng_>I just wanted to run one command. I forget what it was. :D
08:54<CEWS>I've kept mine, for now - 300+ms ping though
08:54<JamesTK>I get 20ms to my Linode
08:55<JamesTK>my internet is crappy tho
08:55<JamesTK>CEWS: 300+ was the norm for me!
08:55<JamesTK>sub 30ms is a dream
08:55<JamesTK>brb though I resized my linode but forgot to make disk bigger
08:55<CEWS>To London - 7 hops, 11ms
08:56<Peng_>I've seen modern Xeon in Mumbai and Toronto; if Linode is ditching Intel, it was a recent decision
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08:57<CEWS>I don't think they're ditching
09:00<CEWS> - August 8th 2019
09:00<CEWS> - August 8th 2019
09:01<chesty>I guess linode is probably buying more of which ever one works out more profitable.
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09:02<Peng_>Or whichever one has fewer critical security bugs
09:03<nate>unfortunately not sure that's a thing anymore for any brand :P
09:03<chesty>works into the equation of profits
09:04<Peng_>Why does Twitter get dibs on new CPU models, anyway?
09:04<chesty>I didn't know that. twitter gets them before anyone else?
09:05<nate>cause AMD is desperate for money and twitter takes advantage of it? >.>
09:05<Peng_>chesty: Well, that press release was Google and Twitter
09:05<Peng_>sorry, TechCrunch journalism article
09:05<Peng_>nate: :D
09:06<Peng_>Google makes sense. But Twitter? Does no one else big or cool want cutting-edge EPYCs?
09:07<Peng_>JamesTK is taking a while
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09:07<Peng_>Holy crap
09:07<Peng_>I mean, wb :)
09:07<JamesTK>my network interface changed
09:07<JamesTK>from enp0s3 to enp0s4
09:07<JamesTK>had to remember my password XD
09:08<dwfreed>2019-12-06 14:07:03 < Peng_> JamesTK is taking a while
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09:08<chesty>I take it you can't buy them off the shelf? I guess amd are still ramping up production and made a deal with a couple of companies. probably suits amd to deal with 2 companies initially rather than 1000s.
09:08<dwfreed>you literally summoned him
09:09<chesty>JamesTK net.ifnames=0 and it will never change from eth0 ;)
09:09<JamesTK>might be god
09:11<Peng_>I'm sad because my 7601 Linode got migratedt(?) to a 7501
09:12<CEWS>Peng_: I was cheeky, and raised a ticket to be placed on AMD
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09:21<chesty>mmm, my sydney ones are AMD EPYC 7702P 32-Core Processor
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09:25<chesty>is that good?
09:25<Peng_>It's what the TechCrunch article was about
09:26<chesty>oh wow. I didn't realise. hey, I've got this bridge for sale if you're interested. it's shaped like a coat hanger
09:26<Peng_>I'll take it, but only if you lend me $5000 first
09:27<chesty>yikes. in stock but costs more than a nice second hand car that would last another 10 years
09:30<CEWS>I'm impressed with the live migration feature - first time I've come across this with Linode
09:31<CEWS>Hardware will always be playing catch up, nature of the game
09:31<chesty>this looks like the most expensive rome
09:32<chesty>at least the most expensive on newegg
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09:44<JamesTK>Peng: cool. when will you be coming to collect the harbour bridge?
09:47<Peng_>Wait, I thought *you* would arrange mailing it
09:47<JamesTK>Oh ok.
09:49<JamesTK>wonder if an epyc would make a good basis for a gaming pc :p
09:49<JamesTK>maybe they would rather you chose threadripper
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09:54<JamesTK>seriously tempted to go amd for my next desktop cpu though
09:54<csnxs>for a gaming pc? you want normal ryzen, not tr or epyc
09:54<JamesTK>yeah ryzen
09:55<JamesTK>tr is bigger chips meant for workstations right?
09:55<chesty>from memory nvidia gpus are preferred by gamers and amd gpus are preferred by computer scientists. there might be something similar with intel cpus vs amd cpus where one is better at certain tasks than the other
09:56<JamesTK>the opencl on amd is much more open compared to cuda programming on an nvidia gpu
09:57<JamesTK>i'd be going nvidia gpu + amd cpu personally
09:57<csnxs>nvidia for performance, amd for value
09:57<dwfreed>I build gaming machines that are all AMD; intel and nvidia can SaBoD
09:58<csnxs>also nvidia if you like getting fucked over by crappy proprietary software
09:58<Peng_>Wait, they gave something a name as ridiculous as "ThreadRipper", and it's *not* aimed at gamers?
09:58<chesty>sing a beautiful ode dedication?
09:58<dwfreed>Peng_: gaming does not parallelize well
09:58<JamesTK>it's in the name. good for highly threaded loads, not single threaded
09:59<Peng_>Makes sense.
09:59<csnxs>epyc is for servers, threadripper is for workstations, ryzen is for desktops
09:59<JamesTK>dwfreed: i've been out of the loop on amd gpus
09:59<dwfreed>that said, there is some parallelism in most modern games, it just doesn't scale to threadripper levels
09:59<JamesTK>dwfreed: "the adaptive framerate monitors are cheaper" argument doesn't really stand up anymore though now nvidia caved in...
09:59<dwfreed>desktop ryzen is sufficient for all games available today
10:00<csnxs>I think the rx 5700 [xt] are one of the best value mid[to-high] range cards
10:02<millisa>the rx5700 plays well in osx86
10:03<csnxs>well yeah, newer macs use the navi architecture
10:03<csnxs>for their gps
10:04<csnxs>newest macbook pro uses mobile navi 14 i think
10:08<csnxs>there's also an rx 5700 xt that's a hot waifu, because china
10:08<millisa>aw man. i need to send this one back, now.
10:09<csnxs>the hot waifu card will keep you warm while you play games
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11:59<DogAlmighty>I'm having difficulty setting a web site on my linode
11:59<DogAlmighty>I followed the howto here
11:59<DogAlmighty>but it says nothing about setting permissions for public_html directory, or the files there in
11:59<DogAlmighty>or file ownership
12:00<DogAlmighty>I think that's why, when I direct the browser to my servers address, and I get a 403 Forbidden error.
12:01<millisa>what do the logs say?
12:01<DogAlmighty>hmmm ... I can't seem to access /var/log/apache2
12:02<millisa>why not?
12:02<DogAlmighty>I just tried "sudo cd /var/log/apache2/" and I got "command not found" error
12:02<DogAlmighty>ubuntu 19.10
12:04<Peng_>You can't run "sudo cd"
12:04<DogAlmighty>apparently not
12:05<Peng_>"sudo" executes programs, and "cd" isn't a real program -- it's part of your shell
12:08<DogAlmighty>just discovered I can sudo ls the directory anyway
12:09<DogAlmighty>millisa interesting. There was one access, about an hour ago. Don't appear to be any interesting errors in error.log, apart from "core:notice] [pid 11321] AH00094: Command line: '/usr/sbin/apache2'"
12:10<millisa>are you looking in the right log? that how to takes you through setting up a vhost that has its own logs in /var/www/html/
12:10<DogAlmighty>millisa oh of course. 1 min
12:11<DogAlmighty>millisa it says "Permission denied:" blah blah blah and "because search permissions are missing on a component of the path"
12:12<millisa>alright, check out the path. i like using namei -mov /path/you/want/to/look/at
12:13<DogAlmighty>millisa so type namei -mov /path/to/index.html ?
12:13<millisa>sure. paste it in a pastebin if you want us to look at it.
12:14*DogAlmighty has set up a server and website before, and remembers there was some chmod and chown chicanery he had to do last time, but not exactlty what
12:14<millisa>it should show you each piece of the path with the ownership and permissions at that level
12:14<millisa>it should hopefully show you were you need to do your chicanery
12:14<kenyon>it always fascinates me how people new to linux want to change directories all the time rather than just specify the path
12:15<DogAlmighty>millisa did you get my msg ?
12:16<millisa>yeah, you could drop it in public
12:16<DogAlmighty>millisa couldn't see anything about it in the official linode howto
12:16<millisa>line 6 and 7 are the o nes that are interesting
12:16<DogAlmighty>millisa they are aren't they
12:16<DogAlmighty>what permissions should they be?
12:16<millisa>the apache user isn't going to be able to look in that public_html dir if it is 750 and owned by root:root
12:18<DogAlmighty>millisa there doesn't appear to be an apache user, according to cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd
12:18<millisa>probably 755 for the dir and 644 for the files. probably don't want them owned by root:root either.
12:20<DogAlmighty>millisa I have a spare user called spud. Can I just give the files to spud?
12:20<DogAlmighty>Like I say, there's no user called apache
12:21<millisa>whichever user is going to be used for regular updating of files on the website would be a good choice. if that's 'spud', then it is 'spud'
12:21<DogAlmighty>millisa thanks.
12:22<DogAlmighty>millisa great thanks. It works.
12:22<DogAlmighty>not meaning to whinge, but yeah, nothing about that in the howto.
12:24<millisa>whinge away - it's the sorta thing that you'd put in the comments. as it turns out, it is the first comment :)
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12:33<DogAlmighty>millisa is there good guide on setting up subdomains?
12:33<millisa>that howto kinda covers it. the bit where it's setting up the sites-enabled/available you'd repeat for other sites
12:34<DogAlmighty>millisa oh ok. So I just create a conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-available/, then a2ensite it?
12:35<millisa>pretty much. along with its associated directories and usually a different user
12:36<millisa>most any guide on apache virtual hosts on ubuntu would probably be similar. there's not anything linode-specific about that sort of setup
12:45<millisa>got it working?
12:45<DogAlmighty>I just need to get the nameservers to redirect
12:45<DogAlmighty>working on the dns now
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12:48<blarvis>quick question, how much is each additional ipv4 address on a linode? Also is there a limit?
12:49<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
12:50<DogAlmighty>ok so which guide to I read to get the dns working? Anyone?
12:50<DogAlmighty>Reverse DNS?
12:50<millisa>reverse you'd do after setting up the forward record pointed at your linode
12:51<CEWS>As millisa pointed out - you would need to configure domain first
12:51<millisa>as for how to use the dns manager -
12:52<millisa>you dont *have* to switch to the linode dns manager to get your domain and reverse working though. you can do your dns changes at your current provider and then do the reverse at linode when they are in place
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12:54<DogAlmighty>millisa well I've already inserted ns1-5.linode in all those boxes at
12:54<DogAlmighty>so that's the forward dns sorted?
12:55<millisa>you'll need to create the zone in the linode dns manager, setup your A records for domain.tld, www.domain.tld. if you had mail, you'd do your MX's, spf records, that sorta thing
12:56<millisa>the linode dns servers update around every 15 minutes, so after you make the additions there, they can take time to show up. the ns1-5 change at your registrar could take a day for everyone to pickup
13:02<DogAlmighty>millisa thanks.
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13:46-!-bbigger changed the topic of #linode to: Linode Community Q&A - | NEW Sydney, AU Data Center - | Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) Beta -
13:46<@bbigger>Object Storage -
13:46<bruno>Hi there, someone here?
13:46<millisa>just me and a couple hundred of my closest friends
13:46-!-bbigger changed the topic of #linode to: Linode Community Q&A - | NEW Sydney, AU Data Center - | Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) Beta - | Object Storage -
13:49<bruno>nice hahah
13:49<bruno>can u guys help me with a few questions about vps plans?
13:50<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:51<bruno>Does anyone here knows how much can i storage in my vps server?
13:52<millisa>The storage is linked to the plan: (there's a storage column)
13:52<grawity>shows right there in the plan list
13:52<millisa>there's also object storage and block storage if you want to use those with any plan
13:52<grawity>but you can order extra storage via "Block Storage"
13:53<millisa>linodes can be resized, too. so if you find you need more space, you can go up to the next plan size
13:54<bruno>thank u guys for answere
13:54<bruno>a quickly last question before i go
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13:55<SURA>Locked out of linode
13:55<bruno>does this vps server do dayly backups or have some security configuration by default? e.g: firewall to avoid ddos
13:56<SURA>2 factor
13:56<millisa>bruno: you are responsible for setting up firewalls and other security. ddos you could use cloudflare for. backups - they have a backup addon that is reasonably priced and worth doing.
13:56<millisa>SURA: use your scratch code
13:57<SURA>lost it
13:57<millisa>SURA: looks like you are mailing support then -
13:57<bruno>thank u guys
13:57<bruno>all requestions answered
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14:11<elliot>hello boddy. Does anyone here knows which virtualizer is used on vps server?
14:13<elliot>there is some ipv6 included?
14:13<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
14:15<elliot>there is some bandwidth limit?
14:15<elliot>or traffic network
14:16<millisa>Well, each linode has a throughput limit, and has a pretty generous transfer amount allowed:
14:16<millisa>This doc goes into detail on how the transfer pool works:
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16:16<Jacob__>@Linode - I'm looking to move to you guys from Knownhost to you guys... I use WHM + Cpanel and host 5 sites
16:16<Jacob__>what do you recommend?
16:17<@bbigger>you can see storage on plans here:
16:20<Jacob__>I'm seeing linode offers a few free migrations, does that apply to WHM accounts or sites only?
16:23<CEWS>I believe that only for their managed services?
16:25<@bbigger>answers re: free site migrations in the FAQ here:
16:26<Jacob__>Thank you!
16:28<Jacob__>This shit is complicated. Is there a pay to get this setup service?
16:28<millisa>they have a professional services group that quote out just about anything
16:28<@bbigger>yup, pro services can take care of this kind of work
16:30<@bbigger>that photo is actually a pro services guy that i work with btw
16:30<CEWS>Looks a happy chap
16:31<millisa>who has strong feelings about layering
16:31<CEWS>I'm against, although always run warm
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17:20<DogAlmighty>hi. Question about this section of the DNS Manager tutorial
17:20<DogAlmighty>when it says "3. Enter a hostname", does it mean the server's $HOSTNAME value? Or does it mean the domain name?
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17:30<millisa>it means the $foo in $foo.yourdomain.tld
17:31<millisa>it'd be blank for a record that's just for 'yourdomain.tld'. it'd be 'www' for the 'www.yourdomain.tld'
17:32<DogAlmighty>millisa thanks. So just put in www ?
17:33<millisa>you'll probably want one for www, blank, and whatever your hostname is.
17:33<millisa>they could all point to eh same IP
17:33<millisa>er, to the same IP
17:50<DogAlmighty>millisa my domain seeems to be working now. Do I still need to add a DNS record? Not sure what that is.
17:50<millisa>an 'ns' record?
17:51<millisa>if you created the zone with the linode manager, i think it puts those in for you
17:51<millisa>post the domain if you want people to poke at it
18:19-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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19:14<DogAlmighty>I just added my subdomain. Do I have to wait for the dns to propogated too?
19:14<millisa>linode dns updates every quarter hour, roughly
19:15<DogAlmighty>thanks again millisa
19:16<millisa>something like 'dig +short -t a' would tell you when it shows up on the first linode name server
19:18<DogAlmighty>in the ssh terminal ?
19:18<millisa>yeah; or a mac or linux system with dig
19:19<millisa>if you are in ubuntu, I think it's in the dnsutils package?
19:21<DogAlmighty>millisa yes I'm am on ubuntu
19:21<millisa>apt install dnsutils <---should give you the dig command
19:25<DogAlmighty>millisa seems to be installed on my linode
19:25<DogAlmighty>I try the command dig +short -t a
19:25<DogAlmighty>but doesn't show anything, at all
19:27<millisa>that means it's not published yet. it'll change when linode's dns updates run
19:27<millisa>(if you leave off the '+short' you'll get more verbose output)
19:27-!-moonkyang [] has joined #linode
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19:44<DogAlmighty>millisa been about half an hour now. Time to start fault finding?
19:44<DogAlmighty>All my browsers on computer and phone say they can't find the server.
19:45<millisa>what's the name?
19:47<millisa>(public channel should be just fine for that)
19:48<DogAlmighty>nevertheless, you got the msg?
19:48<DogAlmighty>Hang on, just reading this
19:48<millisa>I see a www record pointed at a linode ip. i dont see an a record for the other one or for the domain with no hostname
19:48<millisa>did you make an A record for the 'sound' name like the 'www' record?
19:48<DogAlmighty>I think I put the wrong thing in AAAA record. I should have put "sound", but instead I put www
19:49<DogAlmighty>millisa yes!
19:49<millisa>an A record for ipv4
19:49-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:50<DogAlmighty>millisa don't recall an option to select the protocol (ipv4, ipv6)
19:50-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has joined #linode
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19:51<kharlan>A records are for ipv4
19:51<kharlan>AAAA are for ipv6
19:51<millisa>i guess the new manager shows them in the same place and must figure out which one you mean by the ip you put in
19:52<DogAlmighty>oh, well this says "A/AAAA Record" in the domain manager
19:52-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:52<DogAlmighty>ok. I actually created a new domain in the domain manager, for my subdomain.
19:53<DogAlmighty>SHould have added an A/AAAA record in the non-sub domain's entry?
19:54<DogAlmighty>ok I'll try that instead.
19:54<DogAlmighty>in ssh, I did sudo a2ensite . Should I have done that?
19:54<millisa>it would look something like this in your dns manager:
19:56<DogAlmighty>millisa yep. That's what I've got now.
19:56<millisa>a2ensite = apache2, enable site. it's creating a symlink to your sites-available/whatever.conf in sites-enabled/. things in sites-enabled are included in apache's config
19:56<DogAlmighty>So that's it. Just wait 15 minutes?
19:57<millisa>pretty much. could be less
20:18<DogAlmighty>millisa ok, it's working on my phone, but not on my pc.
20:18<DogAlmighty>which I guess means it will work in time.
20:18<millisa>pc probably has cached an old record or nxrecord
20:18<millisa>if it's a windows system, restart the dns client service (or reboot).
20:19<DogAlmighty>nah it's ubuntu
20:20<millisa>www address gives a 'wait 5 seconds' and dumps me over to facebook. the sound record redirs me to soundcloud
20:20<millisa>your desktop is ubuntu?
20:20<DogAlmighty>yep yep
20:20<millisa>could be your local name server has something cached
20:20<DogAlmighty>millisa so I guess it's working
20:20<millisa>this soundcloud stuff your group?
20:20<DogAlmighty>yep yep
20:21<DogAlmighty>I'm the old fiddler
20:21<DogAlmighty>feel free to subscribe on facebook
20:21<millisa>i'd have to signup for friendface
20:21<millisa>have had dubliners and seamus kennedy up nearly all day. t his will fit right in
20:22<DogAlmighty>you like folk music?
20:22<DogAlmighty>our singer's a real Dubliners fan, even though he's from Derry.
20:23<DogAlmighty>My mum was a real Dubliners fan too.
20:23<millisa>to be fair, everyone is a dubliners fan; it just depends how much they need to drink to get there
20:23<DogAlmighty>yeah there's nothing like the sound of Ronnie Drew
20:24<DogAlmighty>he was the original Tom Waits
20:24<DogAlmighty>next I'll create a web page for the band
20:24<DogAlmighty>atm the domain just re directs to the facebook page
20:25<DogAlmighty>which worked for me, except I've discovered some clients hate facebook.
20:42<DogAlmighty>millisa anyway, thanks for your help. I have web page to design now.
20:43-!-moonkyang [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
20:53<millisa>sure thing
21:03-!-DogAlmighty [] has quit [Quit: DogAlmighty]
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