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03:36<JamesTK>linode has niiiiice routes on sydney
03:36<JamesTK>right to nsw ix for google <3
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07:23<linbot>New news from community: Can I mining pools ethereum on VPS <>
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07:37<doc7281>Hello fellows, anyone here from Linode sales/support?
07:40<doc7281>I see from Linode's website that a standard VPS with 2GB of RAM is priced at $10/month. Would you please confirm that's the price for a Linux based VPS, and what the price would be for Windows OS with similar specs? (or does Linode not offer Windows VPS?)
07:41<JamesTK>Linode does not offer Windows VPS but some users have been able to install it since it's just KVM
07:42<JamesTK>If you wanted to install it then licensing would be at your cost though :
07:42<doc7281>Thank you James. Ok, I understand, up to the user if they want to put it on...
07:42<doc7281>Right :)
07:44<doc7281>James, how do you like Linode? Do they let you run init scripts for installs?
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07:49<JamesTK>I love it, it's unmanaged, they have some scripts you can run at boot time or can make your own
07:53<doc7281>Nice, ok, I think I'll check them out.
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08:44<linbot>Thanks, JamesTK! Om nom nom
08:47<FluffyFoxeh>!lick JamesTK
08:47<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to jamestk. (3)
08:47<JamesTK>I've got sub 20ms latency to my linode now
08:48<JamesTK>It's nice
08:49<JamesTK><3 sydney linode
08:49<JamesTK>also seems to have better peering from day 1 than some of the other providers (ovh, vultr)
08:51<FluffyFoxeh>Just had the strangest thing happen
08:51<FluffyFoxeh>I was on the phone on the VOIP service I use
08:52<FluffyFoxeh>And I heard this voice. Some kind of IVR system. "Please press 3 for..."
08:54<JamesTK>did you press 3?
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13:08<its-me>whois Cajs
13:08<millisa>he'd say, and smile in that special way
13:11<its-me>thanks for that
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20:49<DogAlmighty>I set up my domain 2 days ago, but I still can't reliably connect to it.
20:50<DogAlmighty>Most of m browsers can *usually* connect, but some can't. And if I try to ping my domain from my linux shell, I get nothing.
20:51<DogAlmighty>Like I say, it's been around 48 hours already. Should I start fault finding this problem? If so, how?
20:52<DogAlmighty>interestingly, my browsers have better luck connecting if I use, instead of just
21:02<DogAlmighty>hello my friends
21:05<Peng_>What is your domain? What error messages do you get?
21:06<DogAlmighty>Peng_ msg sent
21:07<Peng_>I'm set to block messages. :X
21:07<millisa>did you set an A record for just the domain without a www?
21:08<millisa>you'd have one for www, one for that 'sound' hostname, and you'd have one with no hostname
21:08<millisa>(i don't see an A record for just the domain)
21:10<millisa> you are missing that one
21:10<DogAlmighty>millisa in the domain manager I have an a/aaa record for www, but not for just the domain
21:11<millisa>you'll want the additional one with no hostname for when people type https://yourdomain.tld
21:11<DogAlmighty>oh I see
21:19<DogAlmighty>thanks. I had a feeling I'd done something wrong.
21:19<DogAlmighty>now it's pinging properly.
21:57<millisa>this was interesting -
21:57<millisa>some of those use linode at least for their marketing/www site
22:00<nate>Wonder if linode will end up getting any legal challenges for user info for them, though really if you get a VPS/hosting/etc from any service that literally doesn't even put a business address on their site, you probably got what was coming to you
22:19<millisa>13 of the 20 they list have their primary www site on linode
22:20<nate>Same IP by chance? :P
22:20<millisa>none of 'em
22:21<nate>Ah, someone on LET said there was apparently some domain relations by IP for a some of them, implying there were other hosting companies as well
22:21<millisa>i mean, where they have their marketing site probably doesn't matter.
22:22<millisa>if I put on my tinfoil hat, I note that there's no DO in there
22:22<dwfreed>the people on LET barely have 2 brain cells to rub together, so trusting them to determine which VPS providers are really the same people underneath is a bit of a stretch
22:22<millisa>i've seen some suggestions that there's a tie in to colo crossing.. but that's probably just because they advertised for a number of them
22:23<nate>Interesting, if you do a historical check of the IP's most of them appear to have the VPS hosting domain and a DNS hosting looking domain
22:35<FluffyFoxeh>dwfreed: haha
22:39<FluffyFoxeh>nate: but muh cheap servers
22:39<FluffyFoxeh>great deals, very trustworthy
22:41<FluffyFoxeh>I have a friend who regularly found "good" lowendbox deals. I've heard no end of problems from him in his hosting endeavours. Unresponsive support this, data loss that.
22:44<FluffyFoxeh>Sometimes you get lucky but I think usually you just get what you pay for.
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