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00:22<DogAlmighty>ok. Possibly OT, but I've set up my domain. And now postfix isn't doing anything.
00:27<DogAlmighty>The emails I send to the fwd address aren't bouncing back either, so I've got no idea what's happening
00:32<chesty>Not OT. Where are you sending the email from?
00:34<DogAlmighty>I sent from yandex mail, to a forwarder at my new domain, and it's supposed to forward it to gmail
00:34<DogAlmighty>thing is, there's nothing /var/log/mail.log. Except things like restart events.
00:34<DogAlmighty>the test emails aren't bouncing back either.
00:40<chesty>I'm not familiar with yandex, can you open a sent mail and see any headers?
00:40<chesty>do you wind sharing the domain name? I'll double check the dns records
00:42<DogAlmighty>chesty sending you a message
00:45<chesty>you don't have an mx record. it should fall back to using the A record, but it's better for a number of reasons to have an mx. The website works on right?
00:45*DogAlmighty can't figure out how to view headers in yandex web mail
00:45<DogAlmighty>chesty yeah it is working.
00:45<DogAlmighty>how do I get an mx record?
00:46<chesty>add an MX record, then check it in
00:46<chesty>add it using the linode dashboard
00:46<DogAlmighty>I don't know what to add
00:46<DogAlmighty>numbers? letters? pics?
00:46<chesty>let me check what the dashboard looks like
00:46<wraeth>The DNS manager has a section for MX records, IIRC.
00:47<wraeth>Just like it does for A/AAAA, TXT, and similar.
00:48<DogAlmighty>oh right. I just have to add a mail server address? I didn't think I needed one with postfix.
00:48<chesty>not ip address but domain name
00:49<chesty>exactly what you messaged me
00:49<DogAlmighty>oh ok. thanks. I'll try.
00:49<DogAlmighty>chesty anything for the box marked "subdomain" ?
00:49<chesty>no, empty
00:50<chesty>you'll have to wait 15 minutes (top of the hour, so 10 minutes now) for the record to appear
00:51<chesty>I think that's still the case. the dns only updated at 00, 15, 30 and 45 minutes of the hour
00:52<DogAlmighty>yes, I've been told that. Cheers.
00:52<chesty>also postfix isn't answering on port 25
00:52<chesty>I think you have a firewall
00:53<chesty>iptables -nvL
00:53<chesty>It's not saying connection refused, it's just waiting for a response which could happen if the port was filtered
00:54<DogAlmighty>chesty ah
00:55<chesty>happy to help
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07:36<@pwoods>raysamadi: hi
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07:38<andreasrezki>hi bro
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15:46<Cajs>Lol why did some random person whois me then leave...
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17:40<DogAlmighty>This may not be the best forum for this: but google seems convinced that messages from my new site's web form are spam, and will not forward them to my email. Is there anything I can do about this?
17:42<DogAlmighty>I get this msg in the logs. Our system has detected that 550-5.7.1 this message is likely suspicious due to the very low reputation of 550-5.7.1 the sending IP address. To best protect our users from spam, the 550-5.7.1 message has been blocked. Please visit 550 5.7.1 for more information. c11si1088134pfi.235
17:43<nuevu>DogAlmighty: Relay through a proper trusted mailserver / service. Sending directly from the webserver is rarely a good idea.
17:43<millisa>make sure what your system sends in the helo/ehlo string matches a valid A record, and that A record points back to your IP. then make sure you have an SPF record that includes your sending server
17:43<millisa>or do what nuevu said + making sure you have an spf record that includes them
17:46<DogAlmighty>neuvu ?
17:46<nuevu>Yes? :)
17:47<DogAlmighty>what did you say?
17:47<millisa>you didn't see their response? just above mine?
17:47<nuevu>"Relay through a proper trusted mailserver / service. Sending directly from the webserver is rarely a good idea."
17:48<DogAlmighty>nuevu oh sorry. THanks.
17:48<nuevu>Any of the big transactional email providers would work pretty well. They typically do the legwork to fight bad IP reputation.
17:48<DogAlmighty>neuvu can you recommend one?
17:49<nuevu>As long as your messages aren't actually spammy, you should fair pretty well. SendGrid, ElasticEmail, Amazon SES, etc.
17:50<DogAlmighty>well I'm using the web form service kontactr
17:50<DogAlmighty>they just made me up a form
17:50<DogAlmighty>with a spam captchr thingy
17:54<nuevu>Is that not sending the form contents back to Kontactr? It sounds like they collect the form submission and then forward that on to you. If that's the case, they are the ones with the bad sending reputation, and you won't have any real control over it.
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18:19<millisa>ooh, new login on it makes me want to not use classic because of those rounded corners
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19:51<chesty>DogAlmighty, if you good something like "how to get gmail to accept my mail servers email" you should get some tutorials, it requires things like setting your rdns, spf records and dkim records, but there's some things like reputation that you can't fix. I don't know how to improve your reputation, I'm sure there's a guide somewhere
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21:25<TeaLord>All my css/js files are resolving to an IPV6 address and resulting in Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, anyone had this issue before?
21:26<dwfreed>make sure you're putting them in your site as relative references
21:30<TeaLord>all my paths are relative, i ~think~ this might be related to a config setting somewhere
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21:31<TeaLord>my SSL cert is valid too
21:31<dwfreed>what's your site?
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21:35<Dragon>what's your framework?
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21:38<TeaLord>framework is codeigniter php
21:39<dwfreed>the page that's generated is sending absolute URLs for your js and css, and using IP address (in my case, IPv4)
21:40<dwfreed>the response for the page itself has eg this: <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" />
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21:46<TeaLord>I see thanks going to check my server configs
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22:19<DogAlmighty>chesty thanks
22:20<DogAlmighty>I switched form providers, from kontactr to 123formbuilder. It's all working now. I think google had a problem with kontactr.
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