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00:02<linbot>New news from community: How do I create a test copy of my website? <>
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01:18<Anil>Hey there
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09:32<cews>Wonder when the cloud firewall will happen in Linode Manager
09:33<@bbigger>cews: no ETA to announce, but it's one of our top-requested features and on our roadmap for 2020
09:33<cews>Neat! Thank you
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10:25<kharlan>the classic manager is like an ex I can't move on from.
10:25<kharlan>or more of a soon-to-be ex *sigh*
10:25<cews>I don't like how slow the new cloud platform is though
10:26<cews>You can queue jobs with the old manager, the new just refuses to do anything until the 1-2actions have completed
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10:50<@bbigger>Hey cews, just fyi I passed your comments on to our team. We're putting a lot of work into improving Cloud Manager based on feedback. Also always welcome to send thoughts to
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10:58<cews>bbigger: I'll draft some up and send across, brill! Thanks again
11:01<chesty>I haven't seen o7 before, I don't know what it means but it's pleasing to the eye
11:01<@bbigger>it's a salute
11:02<chesty>ah, I see it now
11:02<@bbigger>the seven is supposed to be like an arm
11:02<@bbigger>i can sense your internet lvl rising chesty
11:03<chesty>I was using the internet before you were born ;)
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15:54<cews>Should the IP Swap feature work without a reboot? Or did I just hit a bug there
15:54<cews>IP 'Transfer'
15:55<millisa> says to reboot
15:55<millisa>(step 8)
15:56<cews>Yeah, I guess 'floating' IP situation is a little different
15:56<dwfreed>it should work without reboot, but you have to gratuitous ARP
15:56<dwfreed>it's easier to tell people to reboot
15:57<cews>Would / could the above me automated in future?
15:58<millisa>are you talking about a floating IP or swapping two linode's IP's? you can use keepalived on the first
15:58<dwfreed>it is technically feasible; however, it requires a Linode-controlled machine to forge traffic, which they usually try to avoid
15:59<dwfreed>(basically there'd be a Linode-controlled machine in the datacenter that does the gratuitous ARP for you)
15:59<cews>Swapping.. yeah, hmm.
16:00<cews>Probably be easier to implement a floating IP?
16:00<dwfreed>if you plan to move it often, yes
16:01<dwfreed>you still have to do gratuitous arp when you move it, but you don't have to interact with the manager to do the move after the initial setup
16:01<cews>This is true yeah, good point
16:02<cews>Wait.. I could use this?
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16:04<dwfreed>cews: you can use that to do the IP swap programmatically; doesn't solve the gratuitous arp problem, though
16:15<linbot>New news from community: I want to redirect a domain in DNS to aother linode <>
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17:17<cews>Linode Events email still includes the Toronto and Mumbai DC's +/- include Sydney? \o/
17:35<nate>Huh, updated my DKIM keys to 2048-bit and now things are complaining signatures can't be verified
17:35*nate double checks if he forgot anything
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17:53<dwfreed>nate: make sure your DKIM key TXT record is valid
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18:28<nate>dwfreed: As far as I can tell it is, and I restarted everything to take the new keys. I'm trying to debug it a bit further
18:28<nate>opendkim is being a pain though
18:30<dwfreed>nate: what's your selector and domain?
18:34<nate>Actually not sure why I messaged you that, the domain isn't really all that private considering I use it for a BNC domain on 3/4 of my IRC connections lol
18:34<dwfreed>default and, respectively, then
18:35<nate>Yeah, some verify well, some don't, it's odd
18:36<nate>I thought it was maybe a DNS issue w/ old DKIM records being pulled but they shoulda been flushed by now, opendkim and postfix aren't showing any issues but at least some, like sparkpost say it can'
18:36<nate>*can't verify the signature
18:38<dwfreed>TTL on the current record is just short of 11 hours
18:39<nate>Ah motherfuck, when I built my new master nameserver I must not have adjusted my default TTL setting
18:39<nate>okay then I guess I shall test tomorrow lol
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19:07<@rgerke>x: Hi!
19:08<x>this is literally my first time connecting into an irc chat
19:09<x>just figured id pop in and say hi
19:09<Peng_>Hello :D
19:09<@rgerke>x: Welcome!
19:10<x>thank you :)
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19:36<jkwood>Peng_: A likely story
19:46<linbot>New news from community: Kubernetes Engine Datacentre availability <>
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20:37<rsdehart>a wild jkwood appears!
20:37<jkwood>It's how I roll
20:37<jkwood>Until the next host reboot
20:38<rsdehart>uh huh
20:38<rsdehart>good to see you still live
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